What Does ‘Where’s Lightfoot’ Mean? See All the Best Memes

Where's Lightfoot meme


The “Where’s Lightfoot” meme is quickly making the rounds on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. This new meme gained a lot of traction today after Gov. J.B. Pritzker referenced the meme during a coronavirus press conference on March 31. Here’s a look at how the meme got started and some of the best “Where’s Lightfoot” memes out there.

The “Where’s Lightfoot” memes show Mayor Lori Lightfoot looking over the City of Chicago in many funny locations as a “Where’s Waldo” spinoff of sorts. Sometimes she shows up in people’s homes, warning them to stay inside. Other times, she’ll appear in front of barricades to encourage people to follow social distancing rules.

Lightfoot told NBC Chicago about the memes: “I think that this is a really difficult time and people are afraid, stress levels are high and like in any difficult time I think we’ve gotta have a sense of balance and humor is a big part of it. So I’ve actually enjoyed them.”

The memes date back to Thursday, March 26, when Lightfoot shut down the 606 Trail, the Chicago Riverwalk, and Chicago’s lakefront to help slow the virus’s spread, NBC Chicago shared. She called out people who violated Illinois’ order to stay home and who were gathering in groups.

WGN believes the meme started when Danny Martinez of Chicago posted a series of photos of Lightfoot after her announcement on March 26. He wrote: “Man y’all made us lose our lakefront privileges. Got da Lightfoot OUT HERE out here enforcing??MORE TO COME! Follow instagram @whereslightfoot”

Some of these are really funny and it can actually be tough to find where she is in some of the photos, which adds to the fun.

And yes, there’s an account dedicated to the meme at @WheresLightfoot. And there’s a Facebook page dedicated to the memes too.

Martinez told WGN that creating and posting the images helps him pass the time while he’s staying at home. “It’s been keeping me busy, and I think it’s been keeping me busy for all the right reasons.”

Lightfoot joined the fun by posting her own entertaining PSA video on Monday.

Here are some of the best memes.

In this one, she’s appearing in Pokemon Go.

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I think #pokemongo is on a lockdown too?

A post shared by ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ (@whereslightfoot) on Mar 30, 2020 at 9:02am PDT

And here someone’s calling to her for help.

Here she is as Batman again.

Or just manning roadblocks.

Can you see her?>

Official Instagram pages are getting in on the fun. Here’s one by Cudahy Library.

This Last Supper version is also making the rounds.


Can you see her in this one?

Here are some that were shared on Twitter.

These memes might be around for a long time.

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