Melinda Meza: California TV Reporter Accidentally Broadcasts Naked Husband in Shower

Melinda Meza

Getty Melinda Meza

Melinda Meza, a news reporter for Sacramento’s KCRA 3 accidentally filmed her husband naked in the shower while broadcasting from home. The journalist has been working from home due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, and she was in her bathroom doing a live story about some hair stylists wanting to get back to work.

However, in the reflection of the mirror, a man can be seen in the shower naked. The person in the background is presumed to be her husband, Mike de Lambert, according to the Daily Mail. The two have been married since 2004.

Since the broadcast, the video and images of the report have gone viral online. Neither Meza nor KCRA 3 have yet to comment on the incident.

Social Media Reacted to the News Report & Meza’s Husband in the Shower

The video of the interview went viral on Twitter, garnering a lot of comments from users. One user commented, “‘Is now a good time for a video interview?’ ‘My husband is in the shower but should be fine.'”

Another said, “Yeah…might wanna do the telecast in the living room or private office. No one wants to see your man showering, boo.” One Twitter user said, “Who takes an interview in their private bathroom, anyway?

One individual said, “Oh dear. Someone is gonna [be] embarrassed at work,” and someone replied, “I don’t think he should be anything but proud!”

A user said, “Why would you do this in the bathroom knowing someone is in the shower?”

Meza Has Been in Television Reporting For Over 15 Years & She Has 7 Siblings

Meza, who is based out of Stockton, is the San Joaquin County Bureau Chief and she has over 15 years of experience in television news. She graduated from San Diego State University and attended the Poynter Institute.

She studied journalism and liberal arts in university, and at one point Meza considered becoming a teacher. However, after working as a news intern, she knew that was the path for her. In high school, she gained experience as a reporter when she worked for the school newspaper.

She is the youngest of seven children, and the reporter said, “My parents, Tom and Helen Meza, taught me so much such as honesty, integrity, perseverance and family values. They are in heaven now. I hope I make them proud.” The reporter has a son named Thomas, and two stepsons, James and Austin.

Meza taught aerobics for nine years while she was in college and when she worked as an associate producer and writer for San Diego’s KGTV. She is also a certified massage therapist.

In her career within the news industry, Meza has worked in many different roles. She has been an anchor, reporter, photographer, writer and producer. She is also a member of the California Chicano News Media Association.

According to her public bio on KCRA’s website, Meza enjoys working out, boating, dancing, hiking, watching television and spending time with family.

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