KB Balla: Minneapolis Sports Bar Scores Destroyed in Riots

KB Balla

Instagram/KB Balla KB Balla pictured on his Instagram page in May 2019.

KB Balla is the Minnesota firefighter and entrepreneur whose sports bar, Scores, was destroyed and burned down during the riots in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

On a GoFundMe page that has been set up to help Balla’s family during this time, Balla offered his condolences to Floyd’s family. At the time of writing, the page has raised just over $200,000. The original goal of the page was $100,000.

Balla initially described his bar as being “looted, vandalized and destroyed” on May 27. Scores Sports Bar was due to open during Spring 2020 but was prevented from doing so due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Balla Is a Firefighter With the Brooklyn Center Fire Department

KB Balla wife Twyana

GoFundMe/KB BallaKB Balla and his wife, Twyana, pictured together.

Balla is a firefighter with the Brooklyn Center Fire Department. His wife, Twyana, was a former member of the St. Paul, Minnesota, choir, The Sounds of Blackness. The couple has four children together. The GoFundMe page describes Balla as being a “community entrepreneur for decades and coaches and contributes to the community in which they live.” The family lives in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

According to his Facebook page, Balla is originally from Monrovia, Liberia. The last publicly viewable post on that page shows the death of George Floyd. Balla commented on the video saying, “Just speechless!!! 😡😡.” The post was published on May 26. On May 29, Twyana Balla posted a video to her Facebook page showing the remains of Scores Sports Bar.

When Balla Was Recording a Segment for CNN, Looters Returned to His Bar in an Attempt to Steal His Safe

In the update section of his GoFundMe page, Balla wrote that while he was filming a segment with CNN, looters returned to the scene of the crime to try and steal the bar’s safe. Balla writes:

While filming for CNN, people came in trying to steal the safe and I wondered what next? My community, that’s what. Strangers showed up with brooms, cleaning supplies, trash bags, and food. They helped me and my family clean up in 20minutes what would have took days.

On May 29, Balla wrote on his page that his business had been burned down. Balla wrote, “The building and my business was completely burned down last night. I am devastated but I know something positive will come out of all this.” In another section of his page, Balla described opening a sports bar as his “area.” Balla said that he was doing a fire shift when he got the call that Scores had been burned down. Balla concludes by saying:

Right now is a tough time for my family and I, but also the community and the whole state. I know it will take some time, but we will rebuild and come back even stronger than ever.

Scores Sports Bar’s is described on their official website as a “full bar that will serve everyone.” The page said that Scores would have the longest happy hour in Minneapolis, lasting for 13 hours as well as being the earliest bar open in the city.

Balla Also Operates an Electronic Installation Business in Brooklyn Center

According to his LinkedIn page, Balla is also the owner and CEO of Balla Technology LLC. The company is described as offering installations of various different electronics including security systems and entertainment centers. On their official website, Balla Technology is described as a “family owned and operated business.”

Balla founded the company in 2011. Prior to that, Balla worked as a manager at a Circuit City store. Balla attended North Hennepin Community College, graduating in 2002, and is a graduate of Robbinsdale Armstrong High School, class of 1999. Balla has been a volunteer firefighter in Brooklyn Center since 2015.

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