WATCH: Video Shows Looters Fleeing in Rolls-Royce SUV in New York City

Souvenir store looted

Getty A shop owner surveys the damage following the looting of a souvenir store in Times Square, New York, during the George Floyd protests.

A video showing looters in New York pulling up in SUVs and cleaning out stores in Soho as nationwide George Floyd protests continue is going viral.

NBC Producer Keith Feldman posted the video shortly after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his evening curfew for the city:

It was announced today that the mayor will extend the curfew for the entire week following citywide vandalism and looting.

Looting has been occurring across New York City despite the 11 p.m. curfew imposed by de Blasio. This week, roving groups of looters breached the doors of New York’s famous Macy NYC store on Herald Square before they were finally arrested.

The mayor, whose daughter Chiara was arrested while taking part in riots in New York on Saturday, initially introduced the curfew for one night only, from 11 a.m. Monday June 1 until 5 a.m. Tuesday June 2, in an attempt to curb looting in the city.

However, the recent video displays a disregard for de Blasio’s ruling. A luxury Rolls-Royce SUV and other expensive cars are seen parked outside a building. The nighttime looters rush inside before they return again with armfuls of items and casually drive away from the scene.

Videos of looters running down the streets of Soho quickly emerged across social media:

Looting and vandalism was captured on camera at Duane Reade and Urban Outfitters in Herald Square and Chase Bank in the Bronx:

Before Imposing Curfew, De Blasio Took to Twitter to Denounce an NYPD Cop Who Waved His Gun at Protesters

Gothamist reporter Jake Offenhartz shared a video on Twitter yesterday that shows a police officer pointing a gun at protesters outside New York’s Strand bookstore near 12th and Broadway:

There were further reports from journalist Adam Epstein of fires being lit at the scene.

De Blasio called for the NYPD officer to have his badge taken away following the actions, which he claimed were “absolutely unacceptable,” according to the New York Post.

The footage came after video emerged of a woman being beaten with batons by NYPD at a Black Lives Matter protest on June 1 outside Barclays Center:

Meanwhile, Florida Senator Marco Rubio Has Taken to Twitter to Denounce the Actions of Protesters

Florida Senator Marco Rubio called the actions of “terrorists” who attacked a police officer in the Bronx, and the men who filmed them, “cowardly,” in a Twitter video post today.

The video shows a group descending on an NYPD officer and beating him to the ground with an object:

A police sergeant called out to investigate reports of break-ins in the Bronx this morning was also the victim of a hit and run while on duty, according to NBC New York:

Fox News National Correspondent Bryan Llenas reported that an NYPD officer was injured at an incident on Madison Avenue overnight, posting a video showing the officer lying on the ground.

President Donald Trump also responded to the unfolding events, calling on New York to mobilize the National Guard.

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