Two Children, Romy and Norah Carpentier, Found Dead in Quebec


Amber Alerte Québec Romy (left) and Norah (rifht) Carpenter.

Two children, 6-year-old Romy Carpentier and 11-year-old Norah Carpentier, were found dead July 11 in a wooded area in Saint-Apollinaire, Quebec, according to what Quebec provincial police told The Star.

The two girls were last seen with their father, Martin Carpentier, at 8:30 p.m. July 8 at a convenience store in the girls’ neighborhood of Lévis, Radio-Canada reported.

An amber alert was issued for them, as well as their father, at around 3 p.m. Thursday, the Star reported.

The Girls Were Found Dead After An Amber Alert Was Issued

Anik Lamirande, the Provincial police spokesperson, said they have reason to believe that the three were in a car accident roughly an hour after they were seen in the convenience store, according to The Star. She said a car crash was reported on a highway near Saint-Apollinare where Quebec emergency personnel were called. “The car was heading east and for unknown reasons, skidded into the median, flipped over and landed on the shoulder of the westbound portion of the highway,” the Star reported.

However, no one was in the car when emergency crews arrived, prompting the amber alert to be issued.

“We aren’t talking about a kidnapping at the moment,” she told The Star then. “Right now, we are looking for these people who are missing … The car is very damaged and that’s why we are looking for them, to see what condition they are in.”

According to the Montreal Gazette, police and rescue personnel searched more than 90 miles and also used a Canadian military helicopter to comb the area. The children’s’ mother pleaded for the girls to be returned, telling the media, “We have to find my daughters,” Radio-Canada reported.

Global News reported that the police are unwilling to provide more details about the girls’ deaths, such as the condition of their bodies, how long they had been there or what the cause of death appears to have been.

On July 11, however, the situation had changed.

Another spokesperson for Canadian police, Sgt. Louis-Philippe Bibeau, said that information compiled from interviews with witnesses and the child’s mother has given investigators, “reason to believe the girls were abducted by their father,” Radio Canada reported.

Martin Carpentier Is Still Missing


Amber Alerte QuébecMartin Carpentier.

Martin Carpentier, 44, was a scout leader and his daughter Norah was a cub, the Montreal Gazette reported.

The Star reported that he “was last seen wearing a grey T-shirt and jeans, and police say he may be wearing glasses. He is listed as being five-foot-10 and weighing 130 pounds.” Police have asked residents of the towns of Saint Apollinaire and Saint-Agapit to be alert.

Cathy Gingras, Carpentier’s girlfriend made a tearful plea for Carpentier to return home on video, the Montreal Gazette reported:

Martin, we’re worried. We haven’t heard from you since the accident. We’re wondering if you’re OK, the girls, Romy, Norah. Give us some news, give us a sign, call your parents, anything. What’s important is that you’re okay, we don’t care about anything else. We just want to know you’re OK.

The 128th de Charnay Scouts Canada group Norah and her father belonged to have said they are setting up a memorial for the two girls, Global News reported.

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