Terry Crews: Actor Wants to Defund Pornhub

Terry Crews

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Terry Crews, actor and host of America’s Got Talent and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? has denounced the website Pornhub and said he wants it defunded.

The actor posted the Tweet “DEFUND PORNHUB,” attracting a range of responses and over 14,000 retweets.

Some pointed out that Crews was calling to defund the site when he should be calling to boycott it instead.

Crews included Fight The New Drug in his Tweet, an organization established to help people overcome their addiction to pornography. Their Twitter profile describes them as a “non-religious, non-legislative, research-based nonprofit raising awareness on the harmful effects of porn & exploitation.”

Some users online cited The Atlantic and Daily Beast articles which denounced Fight the New Drug’s use of “pseudoscience” to justify their approach.

Others responded with counter-arguments noting it was difficult to trust “scientists” who they deemed to be in the pocket of a million-dollar industry.

Crews’ calls to defund Pornhub echo the catchcry of the ‘Defund the Police’ movement which has been escalating since the death of George Floyd in police custody.

Dawn Hawkins, senior vice president and executive director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, came out with a statement supporting Crews’ views on pornography.
“It takes courage to publicly state that there are major problems with the largest pornography website’s existence, and we commend Terry Crews for using his influence to call on Pornhub to be defunded,” she said.

Here’s what you need to know:

Crews Posted a Video in 2016 Detailing His Porn Addiction

Crews came out in 2016 and publicly acknowledged his addiction to pornography nearly ended his marriage to wife Rebecca King-Crews.

In a video entitled ‘Dirty Little Secret,’ Crews said pornography “messed up” his life in myriad ways.

“For years, my dirty little secret was I was addicted to pornography … this thing has become … a worldwide problem.

“It really messed up my life in a lot of ways … it was my secret, nobody knew, and that allowed it to grow. And it got bad… some people deny, they say, hey man, you can’t really be addicted to pornography, there’s no way … if day turns into night, and you are still watching, you’ve probably got a problem. And that was me.”

Crews said he ended up in rehab, and said porn changed the way he thought and made him see people as “body parts” to be used.

“My wife was literally like, ‘I don’t know you anymore. I’m outta here.’ And that changed me. I had to change, because I realized … this thing was a major problem.

“By not telling people, it becomes more powerful. But when you tell, and you put it out there in the open to the whole world, it loses its power.”

Celebrities including Jada Pinkett Smith and Chris Rock have also publicly discussed how pornography has negatively impacted their relationships.

Speaking in her Facebook series ‘Red Table Talk,’ Pinkett-Smith said feelings of emptiness had led her to seek porn out, while comedian Chris Rock said in 2017 his porn addiction had contributed to the end of his 16-year marriage with Malaak Compton.

Crews has Come Under Fire for Previous Comments on Social Media

Crews faced a backlash after making comments about “black supremacy” on Twitter in June.

Crews wrote on June 8, “Defeating White supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy. Equality is the truth. Like it or not, we are all in this together.”

Various activists and comedians called Crews out for the tweet. Actor and comedian Orlando Jones wrote: “Black supremacy? We represent 13% of US population, hold no institutional power & gaslight our coworkers. We got 99 problems and your math isn’t the only 1. #StrongerTogether.”

In response, Crews wrote, “I was not saying Black supremacy exists, because it doesn’t. I am saying if both Black and Whites don’t continue to work together– bad attitudes and resentments can create a dangerous self-righteousness. That’s all.”

Crews was criticized in 2019 for displaying a perceived lack of support for America’s Got Talent judge Gabrielle Union when she was cut from the show.

An Online Petition is Calling for Pornhub to be Shut Down

Laila Mickelwait, director of anti-trafficking organization Exodus Cry, has started a petition ‘Shut Down Pornhub and Hold Its Executives Accountable for Aiding Trafficking,’ which has garnered more than 1.5 million signatures.

In February this year, the BBC reported videos of the rape of Rose Kalemba at age 14 ended up on Pornhub. A 15-year-old Florida girl was located after going missing for nearly a year when her mother found explicit videos and photos of her on Pornhub, according to the NY Post.

Earlier this year, Senator Ben Sasse called on the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into Pornhub and its parent company, MindGeek Holding SARL regarding “their involvement in this disturbing pipeline of exploiting children and other victims and survivors of sex trafficking.”

In 2019, Montana became the 13th state to pass a resolution calling pornography a public health crisis and outlining the detrimental effects of porn on brain development.
Dawn Hawkins, executive director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, compared the harmful impacts of the porn industry to the Tobacco industry in an interview with LifeSite News.

A 2018 poll by U.S. analytics company ‘Gallup’ found 43% of Americans now find pornography morally acceptable, a seven-point increase since 2011.

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