WATCH: L.A. Bar Owner Calls Out Garcetti, Newsom Over Movie Set in Viral Video

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Twitter Angela Marsden and a scene from the video,

Angela Marsden, the owner of the Pineapple Hill Grill & Saloon in Los Angeles’ Sherman Oaks neighborhood, has gone viral after she posted a video calling out Mayor Eric Garcetti and California Governor Gavin Newsom for shutting down her bar’s outdoor patio area while allowing a Hollywood movie set’s outside dining tents nearby.

In the video, Marsden shows people the tents being set up for the movie set.

Garcetti has issued a stay-at-home order due to skyrocketing COVID-19 cases. There’s also a county ban on outdoor dining. But Marsden expressed upset it didn’t appear to extend to the movie set’s dining areas.

“So this is my place, the Pineapple Hill Grill & Saloon. If you go to my [Facebook] page you can see all the work I did for outdoor dining, for tables being seven feet apart,” Marsden says. She then showed viewers how close her shut-down outdoor area is to the movie set tents and tables.

Donald Trump Jr. shared the video, writing, “It’s like these politicians are trying to destroy all small businesses. Ridiculous!!!”

According to ABC7, Garcetti recently revised the city’s stay-at-home order, saying, “Subject only to the exceptions outlined in this Order, all persons living within the City of Los Angeles are hereby ordered to remain in their homes.” There are some exceptions and, noted ABC7, “Other businesses like film production and fitness centers that operate outdoors are allowed to remain in operation.” That’s the double standard Marsden’s video highlights.

You can watch the video below. It has been widely shared on social media.

The Video has Been Viewed Millions of Times on Twitter

Jake Coco, a musician and producer, shared the video on Twitter, writing, “Bar owner in Los Angeles CA is livid to see that mayor Garcetti has approved an outdoor dining area for a movie company directly across from her outdoor dining area (which was shut down).” It’s had 5.9 million views.

“They have not given us money and they have shut us down,” Marsden says in the video. “I’ve had enough.”

She added, “We can not survive. Our staff can not survive.” She pointed to her outdoor patio area, with picnic tables under a tent, and said, “Tell me this is dangerous.” Then, she pointed to the movie set tents a short distance away and declared, “That’s a slap in my face.”

She concluded, “Mayor Garcetti and Gavin Newsom is responsible.”

There Is a Fundraiser to Help the Small Business

A photo on the GoFundMe page

There is a fundraiser called “Help The Pineapple Hill Saloon.” It had raised more than $58,000 to help the small business as of December 5.

“We are a small business in Sherman Oaks California and we need your help! The governor and mayor are trying to ruin everything we’ve worked so hard for! Our restaurants and bars are not the reason why the Covid numbers are high! Please help us!” the GoFundMe page reads.

Marsden then posted a follow up, writing, “We’re deeply touched by the outpouring of love and support. Thank you to all of the donors and supporters!”

Marsden has weighed in on the topic on her Facebook page. “This was a BAR Owner who was arrested for staying Open! When right across from him in a different county they were allowed to stay OPEN,” she said, of another story involving a bar that was shut down in Staten Island. “This is why we need you to come PROTEST. Please join us Please help. Looters can Protest and destroy our Businesses and EVERYONE cheers them on ‘its for a righteous cause.’ Isn’t keeping people employed and from going hungry or being homeless a RIGHTEOUS CAUSE?”

She also wrote, “Please understand no one wants anyone to die from COVID. And we can’t ignore the deaths due to the total Shutdown from poverty, despair, and isolation.”

Marsden’s Facebook page says she studied at Indiana University (Bloomington) and is from Fort Wayne, Indiana, but lives in Los Angeles, California.

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