Comedian Reveals to Joe Rogan How She Lost 40 Pounds

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Comedian Lara Beitz recently opened up about her 40-pound weight loss transformation during a conversation on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. “I feel lighter, that’s exactly how I feel,” she told Rogan.

Beitz told Rogan she lost the equivalent of “eight bags of potatoes. I think of what it would be like to carry that around in a backpack, like through an airport and then get to set it down. … My ankle weights and my hand weights together are 20 pounds. And if I think about carrying that around times two, even across a room, I would be tired. … I feel so much better, I had had back pain since the time I was a teenager. I had joint pain, and I thought that I was just going to have it for my whole life because I didn’t think that I was heavy enough that it was affecting my joints. And that pain is all gone. It makes sense to me.”

Beitz lost the weight amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beitz, a 36-year-old Milwaukee, Wisconsin, native, has been performing as a stand-up comic for several years, most recently in the Los Angeles area. She made her first appearance on Rogan’s podcast on April 3, 2021, on episode #1629.

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Beitz Told Rogan She Lost Weight Doing Zoom Workouts Led by a Fellow Standup Comic

Lara Beitz' 40lb Weight Loss TransformationTaken from JRE #1629 w/Lara Beitz:

Beitz told Rogan the improvement in how she feels physically has helped her keep the. weight off. She said, “If I carry around a heavy bag around an airport my back will hurt at the end of the day, if I do that right now. And to have to carry that weight around everywhere I go, everything I do, even just sitting, having that extra weight, I just don’t want it back.”

Beitz added, “I stopped eating flour and sugar, which I’ve heard are inflammatory as well, so I think that might be part of that. But the other thing is just getting to set down the weight. I feel awesome.” Rogan added, “I think both are factors, for sure. It’s just logical the weight is a factor, but for sure sugar and flour and any processed foods like that cause inflammation.”

Beitz told Rogan for exercise she plays tennis and swims, and does workouts created by fellow comedian Stasia Patwell. “She’s a trainer and she started doing these classes on Zoom for female comics,” Beitz told Rogan. “And a bunch of us had before and after transformations, where a bunch of fat comics have gotten hot because of her workouts. She’s on to something, dude. She’s so f****** funny and she can work you out for an hour where I’m just laughing, I feel like I’m hanging out with a friend and she has this specific brand of tough love where she’ll call me a p**** right before I’m about to drop out of a plank.”

Beitz Also Opened Up About Her Sobriety Journey & the Question of Whether Alcoholism Is Genetic

Is Alcoholism Genetic? Lara Beitz' Sobriety JourneyTaken from JRE #1629 w/Lara Beitz:

Beitz also opened up to Rogan about her journey to sobriety. Rogan said to Beitz, “You used to party hard. … What made you,”do you think it’s a genetic thing?” Beitz replied, “I think it’s a genetic thing and I think there also can be an environmental component. I know that somethings that I liked about it were that it made me fell comfortable talking to people. Crowds have always been kind of draining for me, especially if it’s people I don’t know, and I felt like I could talk to guys for the first time when I started drinking.”

Beitz said, “But then I couldn’t stop drinking once I started drinking. So I would be like laid out on the bathroom floor with the guys I liked stepping over me to pee. … It was always just real rough. And there was a period of time for years where I woke up and starting drinking all day and was a blackout drinker all night. And then I actually had a boyfriend and I quit drinking for him. And then I started again and it always went back to the same place. I tried quitting every year since I started, I started drinking pretty much daily when I was 17 and then got sober when I was 29 and haven’t had a drink or drug since. But my bottom wasn’t when I stopped. When I stopped when I was just done.”

Beitz told Rogan, “My last drink was actually just a couple sips of a friend’s beer and something clicked … and I was willing to accept help and I was willing to do anything, I was willing to do whatever it took. And I did. I got help.”

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