WATCH: Phoenix Police Release Body Cam Video in Morris Jones Shooting

phoenix police body cam

Phoenix PD A screenshot from the Phoenix police body cam video

The Phoenix Police Department released a body camera video of the shooting of a Phoenix police officer that shows a suspect, named as Morris Jones, firing at an officer who approaches a home.

You can watch the video below, but be aware that it includes footage of the actual shooting. The video was part of an even more extensive incident in which nine officers were injured overall, with five being shot, according to Phoenix police. No officers died.

Jones, who was identified by police as the shooter, was a Crips gang member known as “Petey Gun” who was also accused in the February 11, 2022, shooting of his ex-girlfriend, Shatifa Lobley, 29, the call that led the officers to the residence, police said. She later died.

The Phoenix Police Department released the video on February 18, 2022.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Police Department Warned That the Body Cam Video Is Graphic & Revealed That the Officer Was Shot in the Arm

“WARNING: GRAPHIC,” Phoenix police wrote on their Facebook page, sharing the video.

“Feb 11: The moment a suspect ambushed one of our officers responding to a call of a woman shot. He lured the officer to help the woman, then opened fire. The officer was hit several times and could not return fire due to severe gunshot injuries to his right arm,” the department wrote.

The department also posted a longer version of the video.

“Come on, come on. She’s choking on her own blood. Come on bro. Come on,” the suspect says in the video.

“Who’s all in the house?” the officer asks.

“Huh?” says the suspect.

“Who’s all the house?” the officer repeats.

“Me,” says the suspect, opening fire at close range.

The officer runs. You hear more gunshots. “999. 999. I’ve been shot. 999,” the officer says.

Police Say the Officer Was Ambushed & Shot Several Times

The first officer was “ambushed” after responding to a call about a woman who had been shot, Sergeant Andy Williams of the Phoenix Police Department said in a news conference.

“When the first officer arrived on scene, he approached the home to help. He was actually invited inside by the suspect, an adult male,” Williams said. “As [the officer] approached the doorway, the suspect ambushed him with a gun and shot him several times. That officer was able to get back and get away to safety.”

Williams said an “adult male” — not the suspect — later came to the door holding an infant.

“He placed that infant on the ground in front of the door, walked toward officers — he was detained,” Williams said.

When officers approached the baby, the suspect again opened fire from the home, striking four of the officers with gunshots, Williams said. Four other officers were injured “indirectly with ricochet or shrapnel,” and two officers returned fire, he added.

Williams said the department’s SWAT team attempted negotiations with the suspect until they eventually entered the home, where they found the suspect “deceased inside” and an adult woman with critical injuries. According to ABC15, the woman — believed to be Jones’ ex-girlfriend — later died of her injuries. The outlet also said it was unclear whether Jones’ wounds were self-inflicted.

Jones, Who Once Told Police He Has ‘Always Liked & Had Guns,’ Had a Lengthy Criminal History

According to ABC15, Jones, 36 — whose full name is Morris Richard Jones III — has been in trouble with the law since age 18 and “spent much of his adult life in the criminal court system.”

ABC15 reported that Jones’ criminal history includes a stolen car case, federal gun case and more.

He was affiliated with the Crips gang, used the nickname “Petey Gun” and went back to prison for violating probation for using drugs, according to the station.

He was accused in Arizona of “conspiracy to transport illegal aliens for profit” and given three years probation in the 2020 case but was accused of using drugs in 2021 and went back to jail, the outlet reported.

He was accused in a domestic case in 2021, according to the outlet.

One federal complaint obtained by Heavy says that in 2006 Jones led Tulsa police officers on a high-speed pursuit that resulted in a helicopter joining the chase. He was accused of discarding a loaded firearm, resisted officers and was sprayed with pepper spray, the document says.

“He was subsequently arrested for Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon, numerous traffic and obstruction violations, as well as five … misdemeanor warrants,” the court document says.

Authorities conducted a search warrant and confiscated a gun and several rounds of ammunition, according to the court record.

The complaint says he told authorities he got his nickname Petey Gun “from his grandfather when he was young” and he has “always liked and had guns.” He said he acquired the guns by trading “crack heads” for “rocks,” the document says.

This court record said he had a large “107” tattoo on his forearm, representing “the set of the Hoover Crips gang of which [Jones] is documented through the Tulsa Police Department as being a member.”

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