Dr. Rachel Oliver, Idaho OB-GYN: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Kristina Akkazakova/TikTok Dr. Rachel Oliver is an Idaho OB-GYN under fire over a video that went viral on TikTok.

Dr. Rachel Oliver is an Idaho OB-GYN who is under fire after a video of her ranting at a bar about her patients went viral on TikTok and social media on February 10, 2023. Oliver has been suspended, her employer said in a statement. The video has since been removed.

Her practice, OGA Women’s Health, wrote on Facebook, “We are aware of the video circulating of Dr. Oliver behaving in a manner that does not align with, or reflect, our values. We have taken immediate action and suspended Dr. Oliver while we continue to investigate this incident.”

The statement from OGA added, “We do not condone, or agree with, any of these hurtful and inappropriate statements and apologize to our patients and community for any suffering this has caused.”

Heavy could not immediately reach Oliver for comment and she has not issued a public statement about the video. Heavy has also reached out to Kristina Akkazakova, the woman who posted the video on TikTok, for further information.

Here’s what you need to know about Dr. Rachel Kolbinsky Oliver:

1. Dr. Rachel Oliver Can Be Heard Saying in the Video ‘They’re F***** Stupid & Fat & I Take Care of Them’

Oliver can be seen in an argument with another woman, who appears to have confronted her over statements she made prior to the recording starting. The other woman can be heard saying, “You should lose your f***** practice. She just said she delivers fat b***** babies in Nampa because it’s f***** trashy.”

Oliver can be heard responding, “I do. In Nampa. I’ve been there. I’ve been there every f***** day. Every f***** day. They’re f***** fat. … They’re f***** stupid and fat and I take care of them.” Oliver then says while pointing to the other woman, “I’m going to punch her in the f***** face,” as someone off camera says, “Not today, Rachel.”


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In the second part of the video (which is still available to view), Oliver can be heard saying, “I do it everyday. I’ve been there for a long time. I take care of them. They say, ‘Help me,’ and I do that, I help them.” The video ends with Oliver being escorted out of the bar.

The video was amplified by the popular TikTok activist and investigator @rx0rcist, who said on TikTok, “Our pregnant and Hispanic patients deserve better. Idaho deserves better.”

She said in the video, “Meet Dr. Rachel Oliver, an OB-GYN in Idaho who delivers at St. Luke’s but primarily practices out of OGA in Nampa. I’m personally invested in this story as a former resident of Boise, but I’m also emotionally invested because I delivered at St. Luke’s in 2019 and I was charted as overweight for the entirety of my pregnancy. I want to add some perspective on how damaging someone like this is.”

rx0rcist, a pharmacist whose real name is Savannah Sparks, according to NBC News, added, “The Hispanic community makes up 25% of Nampa’s population. Many in this community are non-English speaking or know English as a second language. Many of them are low-income and many of them do not have consistent access to health care, if at all. Science demonstrates that these factors severely impact the quality of someone’s care. Having worked in Nampa, I can tell you from experience that bias plays a huge role in patient outcomes.”

2. Oliver Has Worked in Obstetrics & as a Gynecologist at OGA Since 2017 & Also ‘Delivers Babies St. Luke’s Meridian & St. Luke’s Nampa,’ the Hospital’s Website Says

According to her biography on the OGA website, Oliver has been part of the practice since 2017. Her bio states, “Until recently, Dr. Oliver has been practicing outside Salt Lake City, Utah but joined the OGA team in January 2017.”

Oliver also had a page on the St. Luke’s Medical Center website, but it was taken down. St. Luke’s has not commented about the incident. The now-deleted biography said, “Rachel Oliver, MD enjoys all aspects of obstetrics and gynecology. She delivers babies at St. Luke’s Meridian and St. Luke’s Nampa.”

In a video posted to OGA’s YouTube page in 2017, Oliver said, “I came here from Salt Lake City, Utah. … I was intrigued by the practice and the practice model at OGA. We are one of the, I think, few remaining physician-owned practices. We liked the small-town feel of Boise. … It’s a nice mix of cosmopolitan and a little bit of rural.”

3. Oliver, Who Was Born in Mexico as the Daughter of Missionaries, Attended Mt. Sinai School of Medicine & Completed Her Residency in Virginia

According to the OGA website, “Dr. Oliver grew up the daughter of missionaries, living in Mexico as well as various parts of the United States. She became fluent in Spanish at a young age and so decided to attend medical school in Mexico. In 2007, she transitioned back to the United States to complete her training at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.”

The OGA website says Oliver attended the University of North Carolina, graduating in 2000 with a degree in political science with a minor in chemistry. She studied at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Mexico, before graduating from Mt. Sinai in 2008, according to the OGA website. She then completed her OB-GYN residency at the Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News, Virginia, in 2013.

On TikTok, @rx0rcist added, “On paper, Rachel ticks all the boxes to seem trusting. She grew up the daughter of missionaries, she lived in Mexico, she’s fluent in Spanish and even went to medical school in Mexico. Hispanic patients should feel safe with her. But she’s on camera calling a largely Hispanic population stupid and fat and threatening to punch people in the face. Bigotry in health care is dangerous in any regard. But it’s especially egregious when hidden under the guise of advocacy.”

4. Oliver Received Negative Online Reviews Prior to the Viral Video, & OGA Says It Is Investigating Those Complaints

Oliver had received negative reviews prior to the viral incident. One patient wrote on HealthGrades.com on January 24, 2023, “Dr. Oliver was the doc on call for an emergency I had over the weekend. I was bleeding very heavy from a previous procedure. I was passing large clots and soaking through pads every 15 minutes. After waiting 2.5 hours in the ER for her to show up, she was condescending, rude and zero empathy. She seemed bothered I had called her in on a Sunday.”

The review added, “She muttered comments throughout treating me such as ‘this never happens,’ ‘should’ve had a hysterectomy’ and when I told her how painful things were she sarcastically said ‘what? You want morphine’ ?? WHAT?! No, I hadn’t asked for any painkiller, especially a STRONG narcotic! She didn’t even stay long enough after the procedure to make sure I wasn’t bleeding and the ER doc had no idea what to do when I tracked someone down to discharge me. Overall she was a nightmare in an already stressful and painful situation. I would never recommend her to anyone.”

A patient wrote in a September 2021 review, “I have had over 8 OBGYNS over my 3 pregnancies and have NEVER had such a condescending, rude, unprofessional dr. I would never in a million years recommend her to anyone. In fact if I happen to go into labor while she is on call I plan on refusing care from her and letting anyone else deliver me. She didn’t answer the one question I had and had an extreme attitude and condescending tone anytime I talked. She continued to cut me off mid sentence to where I couldn’t even get my thoughts out. Just an absolute nightmare”

In an April 2017 review, a patient wrote, “This review is specifically for Dr. Rachel Oliver. I am a medical professional myself and I was shocked my her condescending attitude. I am an RN in Women’s health, so I am not ignorant of this area of study. She doesn’t explain procedures, doesn’t obtain informed consent and is very flip in her attitude towards patients. She is new to the practice and is much more available than the others, however, I would NOT see her again, I would rather change offices!”

Another wrote in 2017, “I would not recommend going to Dr.Oliver. She had done a simple procedure that didn’t go as planned. It ended up costing me a lot of money and it put me out of work for 3 month. I had to get additional surgeries because of what she did. I am now dealing with more doctor appointments. She was not pleasent to my family or my self. All it has been is a big nightmare that I wouldn’t want anyone to go through. She was in professional overall.”

OGA wrote in response to a Facebook comment about the negative reviews, “We are continuing to investigate this incident. Thank you.” The practice added in another comment, “We understand that serious pain has been caused by the comments Dr. Oliver made. We have turned off commenting for this post but remain open to your concerns, comments, and feelings. Please email us at feedback@ogaidaho.com if you have a concern you’d like to discuss with us. We ask for patience as we work through this incident.”

Oliver did have some positive reviews and at least one former patient wrote on the OGA post about the suspension, “This makes me very sad. I’ve always held Dr. Oliver in high regard. She saved my life and my fallopian tube, making it possible to go on to have 2 babies, one of which she delivered. I’m larger, so I’m sure I’m one of those that she was talking about. I did see the video and it stings, but I’m also a realist and will give grace, as she is clearly intoxicated. We all do dumb things and I wish more people would give grace instead of an instant lynch mob.”

Another wrote, “I’m shocked. This is my ob and she’s always been so caring . Makes me wonder how she really felt about me.” And another commenter said on the OGA post, “Wow. 2020 my friend had guaze left in her from Oliver and OGA threatened to sue her for slander! Messed up”

5. Dr. Rachel Kolbinsky Oliver Is Married & Has 2 Sons, According to Her Biography on the OGA Website

According to the bio on the OGA website, “She and her husband have two small boys and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as skiing and hiking. Dr. Oliver enjoys all aspects of obstetrics and gynecology and will be working primarily in the Nampa office.”

On Instagram, she goes by Rachel Kolbinsky Oliver. According to public records, Oliver, 45, lives in Star, Idaho, with her husband. Oliver’s medical license is scheduled to expire in June 2023, according to public records. She does not have any prior board actions against her, according to the Idaho Board of Medicine’s website.

She also uses the name Rachel Kolbinsky Oliver on LinkedIn. Prior to working at OGA and the St. Luke’s Health System in Idaho, Oliver worked at the Mountain West Medical Center from 2013 to 2014 in Utah.