Viral Video of Man ‘Destroying’ Trump Ballots Was TikTok User BigChoppaDoe

Destroying Trump Ballots

YouTube A video of someone destroying Trump ballots was a joke filmed on TikTok.

A video has gone viral on social media showing a “poll worker” allegedly destroying a ballot for President Donald Trump. The video was originally recorded and shared by TikTok user Big Choppa (BigChoppaDoe), who later said in a public Facebook post that he only made the video as a joke while wearing a uniform from Amazon.

Here’s what you need to know:

He Said on Facebook That He Was Wearing His Amazon Uniform & It Was All a Joke

You can see a YouTube recording of the original TikTok video below, which is tagged as being from @BigChoppaDoe’s TikTok account. The video has the message “Send Viral” on it with a laughing emoji.

VideoVideo related to viral video of man ‘destroying’ trump ballots was tiktok user bigchoppadoe2020-11-09T20:23:53-05:00

In the video, he talks about receiving votes and separating them. He shares one ballot and says it was for “Donald J. Dumb Trump” and then tears it up on the video.

The video did go viral, and people tracked down the TikTok user’s Facebook page as belonging to Dale Harrison. Harrison wrote on Facebook that he was wearing an Amazon outfit and the whole thing was a joke. He said, “Sooo I did this video in my Amazon outfit cause y’all know I’m always joking! And it’s getting crazyyyy views! They A** finding me on every app!!!! So when do I move to Hollywood??? Hahahah.”


He Said He Doesn’t Hate Trump

The now-viral TikTok creator went into more detail in another public Facebook conversation when someone asked him about the video.


In the conversation, he said in a series of replies: “It’s a joke. I’ve never worked for them… that’s my Amazon outfit! But it’s getting me views! … I really don’t hate Trump! He actually gave me a check!!! But yea I’m just letting them eatttttt it up!!!!”

He makes fun of Trump sometimes on his TikTok channel, such as in one video in which he mimics Trump in a location that looks like it may be the same place where he recorded the “ballot tearing” video from above. His TikTok account has since been made private.

Others also thought that the videos were recorded in the same room.

The ballot video was later deleted from TikTok, but many people saved it and it went viral.

Even people on the Trump-supporting website doubted the authenticity of the video. One person wrote: “hes a tik tok prankster. not a poll worker. his names bigchoppadoe. its fake.” Another person wrote: “I think it’s fake. So if someone tries to use this as evidence, all other accusations will be discredited.”

According to his own admission on another site, it was all a joke. He hasn’t yet said the same on his TikTok site.

This was one of many later-discredited videos that have popped up on social media since Election Day. For example, rumors were spreading on Election Day itself that pallets of bricks were appearing in cities. The photos of the bricks were later debunked, as they were either old photos or had belonged to construction sites.

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