Hillary Clinton’s Coconut Creek, Florida Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren Manchester Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton held a rally with Elizabeth Warren in Manchester, New Hampshire on Monday. See photos and stories from the rally here.

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  1. Lol!! The OLD Lib Dem HAG LYIN BENGHAZI CROOKILARY gets a few thousand.vs; TRUMPS TENS OF THOUSANDS!!! Some r Finally waking up to this Socialist LYIN WITCH!

    • You are absolutely right and I hope it’s not too late. These ignorant low information voters believing all this crap from the dems. God forbid she is elected to finish the job of ruining the country like our mooselum president started.

      • Yeah, when are Trump voters gonna get out of their bubble, and read something other than Trumpbot propaganda about their candidate?

        • Donald wants to take ours away too, but he just doesn’t know it, ‘cuz he doesn’t know his country’s constitiution.

          • “‘We should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump,” said Donald Trump today. What, we’re now supposed to do away with another constitutional right, the right to vote, and just hold a coronation for Donald?

    • If Hillary is an OLD Lib Dem HAG, then it ONLY stands to reason, that since Donnie was born before Hillary, Donnie must be the OLD LYIN’ DIRTY OLD BASTARD . . . so pathetic to see and old geezer chase skirts at his age and think it’s all about his personality and looks . . . never mind the way he switches sides . . . good think Daddy was rich!

      • Hillary has done SO MUCH WORSE to women. She destroyed and paid off many of bills women. Trumps supposed assaults – one made out with him for 15 minutes and never complained. Another said she was assaulted but afterword she stayed for dinner before she left. Does that sound like assault? no ! Any woman that has been assaulted knows that you wouldn’t have stayed for dinner afterward. The woman on the plane made out with Trump for 15 minutes and if assaulted would have tried to get help from anybody on that plane. This is the only thing Hillary is bashing him on. She is such a corrupt lying (should be in prison) person and you want her to lead your country. into the ground is what she will do. Would you hire her to work for your business. Her list of lies failures and payoffs and terrible things she has done is so long. don’t listen or read the news? If you have you would knowthe crooked things she has done. She and obama are ISIS. You are crazy if you still vote for her.

      • what a pathetic stupid numbskull you are ..Hillary is getting so panicked that she is becoming the clown of the Democrat party (NOT DEMOCRATIC) Democrat She is resorting to inane Yelling and screaming not at all acting like someone in control Even I am embarrassed for her The October surprise has done to her what it intended to do

    • If Hillary Clinton wins she declare martial law !!

      She will go after all the people that spoke against her !!

      She will, use the corrupt FBI !!

      She will, use the corrupt Department of Justice !!

      She will, use the Internal Revenue Service to financially destroy all those who have oppose her !!

      If you don’t believe she will go after all those who oppose her, look at all the women Bill Clinton sexually attacked !!

      Look what Hillary did !!

      She went after those women !!

      Yes ! she will , use the corrupt government to go after all of those that have sad that she is corrupt .

  2. What a joke! The story said 2,000 people inside yet the photos only show maybe 200 at the most. “Click through the gallery” lol. I did and don’t see many people as usual with the HilLIARy rallys. More bs from the Clintons and their paid media.

  3. The Omni venue where Hillary held her rally only holds 1900 max. Trump’s rallies in St. Augustine has about 12000 voters in attendance. His rally in Tampa last night was attended by 20,000 plus voters. If you notice the unconvicted criminal holds her rallies at college campuses like Ohio State, St. Anselm in NH, and Broward College today in south Florida. Can you imagine if Trump held a rally on a college campus…..HUGE!!!!!!! I love I’m Florida and voted for Trump with a smile on my face yesterday!!!!!!!!!!! MAGA!!!!!!!!

    • Are Trump supporters that desperate, i.e., my rally’s bigger than yours … next thing you’ll be telling me is that your hands are bigger than mine! LMAO

      • “are Trump supporters that desperate…”
        There’s no logical reason to be desperate at this point as the numbers don’t lie. However, the media lies every minute they’re on n air and the desperation comes from lowball tactics and fixed polls, you slack jawed knuckle dragger.

        • BTW, ” slack jawed” is hyphenated . . .it’s a compound adjective. if you’re going to resort to schoolyard bullying tactics, at least get your punctuation right!!!

      • You are so right (pun intended) ) about reading each other on the 9th of November. Will you shut your face after the vote is done or whine like you did for the entire eight years of the Bush admin? Just asking as you really should be moving out of your parent’s basement by ow don’t you think?

        • If you’re gonna’ step outside of your echo chamber, then ya’ have to be prepared for opposing views . . . otherwise, better get back to the safety of your chamber!

        • No, more like Donnie, that I can’t wine because everything is rigged and unfair??? Where’s this great deal maker he writes and talks about? Looks to just about everyone that he’s not gonna’ close it. Of course, when he doesn’t, I certainly expect Trump supporters to behave in the gracious manner they are known for!!

        • Another classy remark from the Trump camp . . .d_ck size, really . . . pathetic . . .total lack of imagination and moronic . . . and like Donnie, your remark speaks volumes about your total lack of priorities and total ignorance of the the issues that this country faces . . . no wonder Hillary’s winning . . . no wonder Trump property bookings are down 40% . . . no wonder the new chain of Trump properties isn’t going to bear the Trump name . . . or, are the hotel booking sites rigged too?

    • “Wake up people,” you say? Trump has several major bankruptcies running casinos . . . I mean, how the hell do you go bankrupt multiple times running casinos . . . I tell ya, with a track record like that, I wouldn’t hire him to run my company, much less my country!!!

      • That is a big I F you were ever to have a ‘company’!? I DOUBT THAT! Your – “I tell ‘ya “, brother/sista, with writings like yours [and othas] you would be lucky to own an outhouse??? IF you are so smart do research to back up some of the statements you make before getting yourself in trouble – you, an ‘othas’ don’t know ‘diddly’ about Trumps [or ANYON elses] private business so you had best be careful in what you say!? Nor do others on this thread – real careless, uneducated minds leads to further discorse in this election – whether you are a ‘lefty’ or a ‘righty’!?


  4. Other people are going to jail for the same things she has done, if she gets elected there will be no change just the same old corruption. I think Trump is the only one out of these 2 that will actually make a change and his idea taxing business that leave America, giving mothers paid leave after having a baby, changing the government to help keep the corruption out are great ideas.

    Yeah Hillary is a better smooth talker then Trump but the smooth talkers are the ones you have to worry about…. Hillary has proven time and time again she will always take the low road if it benefits her better

    • ” giving mothers paid leave after having a baby . . . ” Wonder why his own company doesn’t do so already–after all, it’s such a prosperous, successful company, other companies already do so, and he claims to believe in it so strongly . . . Ivanka’s clothing line company has no such maternity leave policy in place either. As far as “taxing business that leave America,” that legislation has already been proposed, and passed to some degree, but agree with you, that more needs to be done . . . but what I can’t understand, why would a man who wants to tax businesses that leave America, have his and his daughter’s clothing line manufactured OUTSIDE of America, buy steel from China, and hire illegal Polish construction workers? Hmmm, seems to be some major hypocrisy here . . .

            • Sorry, Patricia, Paula Jones, whom Donnie proclaimed a “loser” at the time, took Bubba’s money, but with no admission of guilt from Bubba. She then proceeded to dump her husband (thought marriage is so sacred Evangelical Christians) and used it to paid for a new a set of boobs, and then a nose job for herself. Donnie, on the other hand, is a self-admitted sexual predator. Furthermore, your analogy represents a false equivalency– Bubba isn’t on the ticket; Donnie is. Lastly, I don’t blame Hillary for Bubba’s proclivities anymore than I blame Melania for Donnie’s assaults.

              As far as impeachment, the Congress found Bubba NOT GUILTY. Seems to me, Patricia, if there’s ignorance, it has your name all over it!

        • Bubba was charged with nine rapes, but the cases never went to trial? Hmm, please give me a link to the arrest records. Thanks!

        • Like Bubba, lots of accusations, no convictions for Donnie (or Bubba) yet . . .and like Bubba, Donnie will probably settle out of court, although it is well documented on the Access Hollywood tape, and on Howard Stern radio, that Trump bragged and self-proclaimed himself to be a sexual predator . . . Bubba was smart enough not to be recorded making such a submission.

          • Bubba not on the ticket, so it’s not relevant what he may or may not have done, , anymore that Melania’s nude photos for men’s magazines.

  5. Hillary is like a parrot ,she only speaks what they told her to do so. She was acting on through all those debates and rallies. Trump is a man who speak his mind and truth . never controlled by Donners and special interests .

    • “‘We should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump,” said Donald Trump, as he continues to obliterate the U.S. Constitution. Wait, I have an even better idea, why don’t we just crown him King for life, and pay our directly taxes to him personal bank account?

  6. And Trump had over three times as many people at his rally on the same day. No news here except people are not interested in her…

    • That’s it, keep on focusing on the number of attendees, instead of the issues … and then on November 9th you’ll find it unfathomable that Trump lost … oh that’s right, he’s gonna sue everyone who voted against him … geesh, if you want him to win, try TALKING (not preaching) to the uncoverted … your obsessions over the number of attendees would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic …

  7. I don’t want to hear how she hates Trump. I want a Justice Department that supports justice. I want a State Department that is not playing catch-up to terrorist gangs and foreign governments. Having a military that is above the 1932 level would be nice. I want a government that is transparent and open to the public. I want a real border and border patrol. And last, I want a government that does not pick economic winners and losers (damn solar power initiative and the war on coal). If she has nothing new to bring to the job, PACK UP AND GO AWAY!

  8. All you hillary supporters must be retarded. You do not see what she has planned for our country? I’m one of millions of deplorables that will own you hillary supporters come Nov. 9. Looking forward to the country going in the right direction and not into a war with Russia because hillary needs to show how butch she is.

    • “All you hillary supporters must be retarded.” Just another Trump supporter with the inability to discuss issues, so all he can do is make vacuous, asinine comments. Too many of you think this election schoolyard playground and you can bully people into submission. Sorry, but it just ain’t gonna’ work. You can self-masturbate all you want while fantasizing about Trump presidency, but as long as your best comments are vacuous at best,and sound as if they were said six year old, Trump, nor his followers will ever stand a chance. And when he looses, you’ll continue to rant all over these blogs this time claiming the election was rigged, and continue your obstructionist beliefs, and only be satisfied when you’ve destroyed what remains decent and good in this country.. Some people just never learn.

  9. I googled this site to find out how hillary Clinton could be winning in the polls, when there, are pictures and videos of Trumps rallies being so much bigger than hillary’s what the hell are all you liberal democrats trying to find out on this site, your asses are worried, aren’t you? Ahhaa!!!!! they are worried people, I bet not one will admit it.

    • Sorry, Jimmy, but the folks showing up at Trump rallies are the same ole groupies that have been showing up forever . . .plus, those who feel compelled to stop when they see a train wreck . . . do yourself a favor and stop fixating on size and staer paying attention to the issues . . . perhaps you might be able to convince an Undecided voter or two to come your way!