ISIS Announces New Second-in-Command With Speech by Abul-Hasan al-Muhajir

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(Previous ISIS spokesman, Mohammad al-Adnani, killed in Syria in August.)

The Islamic State has purportedly announced the successor to the deceased Mohammad al-Adnani. Today, al-Furan media released a speech titled “And You Will Remember What I [Now] Say to You” announcing al-Muhajir’s ascendancy. Listen to it below.

We are currently waiting on a full English transcript of the Arabic audio, but terrorism watchdog group SITE Intel has translated portions of the audio so far.

According to an ISIS terrorist channel translation, al-Muhajir says:

And remember that if all the people gather to benefit you, they will not be able to benefit you except that which Allah had foreordained (for you); and if all of them gather to do harm to you, they will not be able to afflict you with anything other than that which Allah had predestined against you, remember that the Help of Allah is obtained with patience, and relief emerges after distress, prosperity follows adversity, and hardship is followed by ease. A campaign the history have never seen like it before, for here you see the crusading America and Europe and the communist Russia, and the Majoosi Iran with the Secular Turkey, and the atheists Kurds and the Rafidha and the Nusayris, with the Sahwat and the militias, and the Arab Tawagheet and their proxies, all of them in the same row (in the war against the Khilafah).

al-Muhajir fills the vacancy of al-Adnani, who was ISIS’ second-in-command. NBC reports that al-Adnani was killed by an airstrike on August 30 in al-Bab, Aleppo Governorate, Syria.

The announcement comes after new reports that Islamic State “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed and that “political leaders” have been called to the “capital” of Raqqa, Syria to choose his successor.

However, this is unconfirmed.

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I guess they have to get a new one since Obama is leaving office and can’t continue in that role


Why do they need a media spokesperson? They already got the left media on their side

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