PHOTOS: ISIS Executes ‘Gay Man’ by Throwing Him Off Roof in Mosul

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at


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Yes oh god how can these animals have intimacy with the same gender! May God give same punishment for all homosexuals…


Don’t forget, sir, inspite of gender, looks, appearance etc we have to respect anybody. Nobody deserve his fate. Imagine his position could consume anybody: your friend, son, brother and so on. Are you sure that you would like to wish each of them his fate due to his life looks only?


Yeah yeah blaw blaw woof woof………**IF** my auntie had balls she’d be my uncley………


@Frawstee–The only balls you have are in your eyes. Keyboard punk. Sick a u.


Oh yeah, Gee I wish I was as “tough” as you w/ your anonymous posting. Need I say more? Truth hurts ya too much huh tough guy? Read the Bible if you have the backbone to.


……….but it wasn’t…………dat’s da fact Jack……that’s why I always look to the brighter side of these “tragedies” and say to myself “It didn’t happen to me”. Shoulder Shrug.


If God forbid my son did this despicable act I would want the same punishment on him. This gay man knew under islamic state you will get killed but he still did it. If I break a law in your country then I will be punished. It’s fair and equal…


This article is islamophobic. Islam is peace. Prophet muhammad was a non-violent, peace-loving pacifist. He was like the Gandhi.

Donna Lynn Kennedy

iuh??? ISIS has nothing to do with peace. Saying this true article is islamophobic?? Nah, I would say the truth here is as a reader/human. I am ISISphobic.


Iuh: Islam is a silent plague built on conquest and you’re an idiot for not seeing it before it strikes you. Peace…wake up.

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