Shree Chauhan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Sean Spicer and Shree Chauhan.

A 33-year-old woman who works for a non-profit confronted Donald Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer in an Apple store and unleashed a stream of questions at him, asking how it felt to “work for a fascist.”

Shree Chauhan streamed video of the encounter, and now she is criticizing Spicer for telling her “It’s such a great country that allows you to be here.” Chauhan is of Indian heritage.

In an interview with Heavy, Chauhan likened Spicer’s comment to a “dog whistle” and said she was driven to confront him in part by a photo of the Holocaust. On social media, reaction to Chauhan is mixed, with some praising her and others accusing her of harassing Spicer in the store.

Chauhan works as “the Founder and CEO of Parents in Partnership, an education startup organization that empowers parents to lead positive changes in schools and communities.”

She’s a former teacher from Florida who is the child of immigrants. Chauhan told Heavy in an interview, “I’m a former educator. I came to Washington, D.C. to address educational inequities in our nation’s schools.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. In the Video, Chauhan Asked Spicer How It Felt to ‘Work for a Fascist’ & Says a Photo of Auschwitz Motivated Her

Spicer initially responded, “We have a great country” when Chauhan confronted him in the Washington D.C. Apple Store  and asked him how it felt to “work for a fascist.” It appeared like he was trying to ignore Chauhan, even keeping a smile on his face. However, she kept it up. You can watch the video above.

“How does it feel?” Chauhan asked in the video she streamed to Periscope and posted to Twitter. She wrote in the tweet that accompanied the video: “Asking @PressSec questions in Apple Store since he doesn’t like the press.” The confrontation occurred on March 11.

In the video, Chauhan continues:

“We have a great country. Have you helped with the Russia stuff? Are you a criminal as well? Have you committed treason too? Just like the president. Have you committed treason too? What can you tell me about Russia?”

“It’s such a great country that allows you to be here,” responded Spicer in a comment drawing him some criticism on Twitter.

Chauhan continued on. At one point in the video, Spicer talks to another man and again tries to ignore her.

“What can you tell me about Russia, Mr. Secretary? What can you tell me?” she says.

“Thank you very much,” Spicer says to someone in the room.

Chauhan wouldn’t relent. She says, “You know you work for a fascist, right? You work for a fascist. How do you feel about that? How do you feel about destroying our country Sean? How do you feel about that? Do you feel good about the decisions you’re making. About lying to the American people? Do you feel good about lying to the American people?”

Eventually, Spicer walks out of the store.

In a later post on, Chauhan explained, “I realized what an enormous opportunity it was to get answers without the protections normally given to Mr. Spicer. I was honestly quite nervous and wanted to come up with more cogent questions but did not have time to do so.”

She told Heavy in an interview that she decided to confront Spicer and asked the questions she did because it “was reported last week that the transition team headed by Vice President Pence was alerted to the actions of General Flynn. Additionally, General Flynn retroactively registered as a lobbyist for a foreign government. It is my belief that most top Trump administration officials either colluded directly with Russia to undermine our free elections, or knew about the collusion. Mr. Spicer has been part of Mr. Trump’s inner circle. It is hard for me to believe that he knows nothing about Russia.”

She said she was motivated in part by a photo she saw of Auschwitz.

“Part of the spiraling descent into fascism is the normalization of it,” she told Heavy. “I recently saw a picture of folks taking a break from the horrors they were committing at Auschwitz. If we didn’t know any better, it would just look like a black and white photo of people laughing. But it was a picture of people laughing who were also committing genocide. What is interesting about fascism is that life does not stop completely, but things are changing. For me, confronting Mr. Spicer was a way to shake us out of the humdrum of life and acknowledge that the ‘subtle changes’ are in fact abnormal and a descent into fascism.”

She wasn’t sure at first that it was Spicer.

“I was very surprised to see Mr. Spicer in the store. I had to Google him again to make sure it was him in the flesh.”

2. Chauhan Describes Herself as a ‘Patriot’ & ‘Feminist’ & Is a Former 6th Grade English Teacher Who Works on Education Advocacy

Chauhan tweets as @shreec. Her profile describes her as “Education advocate. Eternal optimist. Art lover. Arc bender. Firenzephile. Feminist. Fearless. Patriot. Slayer.” She speaks Italian and says her favorite artist is Michelangelo.

She was first identified as Shree Chauhan by the site ShareBlue.

A bio of Chauhan describes her as an “education thought leader with almost a decade of experience, Shree began her career as a 6th-grade English teacher in Miami-Dade public schools where she collaborated directly with parents and families to improve the academic outcomes and lives of her students. Her time in the classroom guides Shree’s vision for Parents in Partnership, and her current advocacy and policy efforts.”

The site says of Chauhan’s work: “As a senior policy advisor for a national civil rights organization, Shree counsels civil rights principals, community leaders and elected officials throughout the nation on PK-16 education issues. Shree’s areas of expertise include family engagement, Common Core State Standards and accountability.”

3. Chauhan Considers Trump ‘Dangerous for America’ & Once Worked for U.S. Senators

In a column on, Chauhan explains, “From very early on, I knew that Donald J. Trump was dangerous for America and had fascist tendencies. His views on people of color, immigrants and Muslims are abhorrent. His actions against women are despicable. His willful disregard for our Constitutional rights is well, fascist.”

Teach for America reports of Chauhan: “Shree worked for the U.S. Department of Education, in the Office of Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development where she counseled senior leaders, including the Assistant Secretary Martin and Secretary Duncan. She went on to serve in the U.S. Senate for Senators Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Michael Bennet (D-CO) advising on education issues.”

The education bio says she guided policy efforts for the Data Quality Campaign.

Chauhan told Heavy she “grew up going to public schools and got a great education. I think every child in this country deserves a great public education too! Education is a the great equalizer in our society and I hope that I can make a dent in making it more equitable and excellent for kids.”

She added, “As a child of immigrants, my parents instilled the importance of education very early. But my family didn’t necessarily know how to navigate the American system of education. And their struggle is part of the inspiration for my organization, Parents in Partnership (PiP). PiP provides personalized support for low-income families at home, so they can support learning at home, connect better with their children’s teachers and finally lead change from the bottom up.”

4. Some Are Criticizing Spicer’s Comment to Chauhan but Others Say Chauhan Should Have Left Spicer Alone

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. (Getty)

Some on Twitter are criticizing Spicer’s comment to Chauhan (but others are criticizing Chauhan):

She also highlighted Spicer’s comment to her, responding to one critic:

Chauhan has also responded on Twitter to other people criticizing her approach:

She’s faced her share of hate mail.

ShareBlue asked Chauhan, whom the site says is of Indian descent, “how she interpreted Spicer’s remark — whether ‘be here’ was in reference to her being in the Apple Store or being in the United States — she confirmed that she felt he meant allowed her to be in this country.”

She told Heavy she considers it a “dog whistle.”

“In our culture, people use language that is meant to harm a specific group–we refer to that language as dog whistles. The administration is particularly fond of dog whistles like ‘inner city’, ‘thug’, etc. The language Mr. Spicer utilized with me was an example of a dog whistle. I recognize how heavy a charge it is to accuse the Press Secretary of the United States of racism. But I cannot see it any other way. Mr. Spicer deals with folks yelling questions at him for a living. He understands the power of language.”

She said she believes he used the phrase because she is not white.

“We can take his phrase ‘Such a great country that allows you to be here’ and end it with a plethora of phrases that would not be perceived as racist. Some may include ‘exercise your first amendment.’ ‘speak to me’ ‘shop at Apple.’ The list can go on. Conscious or not, had someone of a different skin color done what I did, I think Mr. Spicer would not have used the phrase, ‘Such a great country that allows you to be here.'”

5. Chauhan Was Involved in Organizing the Blocking of Betsy DeVos From a D.C. School & Was Born in Florida

Betsy DeVos senate, Betsy DeVos confirmation hearing, Betsy DeVos hearing

Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to be the next Secretary of Education. (Getty)

Chauhan’s bio says she “earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from the University of Miami and a Master of Public Administration degree from American University. She is a native Floridian and a proud Washingtonian.”

She pinned this tweet at the top of her page:

In an interview, Chauhan told Heavy, “I was not at the Betsy DeVos blockade but I helped organize this action with the support of families and other community organization including the Black Youth Project 100. The families from this school were not informed of Ms. DeVos visit and did not want learning disrupted. The action was specific to that request and keep the chaos away from the learning environment.”

She added, “Like with my encounter with Mr. Spicer, initially some folks were not happy with the optics of confronting Ms. DeVos in this way. It was clear to families and other community members that the purpose of Ms. DeVos’ visit to Jefferson Academy was not to learn, but to use Black children to move policies that will actually harm children. Ms. DeVos did not get her photo op and went on to criticize the teachers from that school. In the weeks following the protest, it has become increasingly clear that Mr. Trump and his administration are seeking photo opportunities to make their terrible policies for children, families and marginalized communities more palatable. That is why they forced a photo with HBCU presidents and then later in a school in Florida to promote vouchers. Ms. DeVos is woefully unqualified for her role and has a dismal track record that has been criticized by some of the most avid supporters of school choice. My organization PiP will continue to hold her accountable.”

Chauhan is also involved in the National Urban League. Its site says of her: “At the Urban League, Ms. Chauhan connects her classroom experience to help lead the movement’s policy work in education and health. She conducts legislative research and analyses, develops policy recommendations.”





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  1. She is exactly the reason why the US immigration program requires a major overhaul. Had her parents been better screened this lunatic would not be waving around the US passport. Period!

  2. Having done her foolish drama she must be waiting now for congratulatory calls from minority leaders and senators. If everyone goes crazy like this God save this country.

  3. Shree Chauhan should be arrested and prosecuted for treason. Her parents should get capital punishment for producing such an ignorant, hateful, sick, twisted piece of crap.

  4. A woman who doesn’t know the definition of words she is using should NEVER be allowed around young impressionable children. Using words like fascist and racist are so cool today, until you realize that not one of these idiots understands what the words means. This racist woman just needs to go away, even though she should be in jail for hate crimes. (Hey it works for all these SJWs doesn’t it?) Btw, Clapper, OBAMA’s CIA head said there is NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION, perhaps ya’ll can find a new topic to clutch your pearls over? At least until the arrests start, then you can actually clutch your pearls with a reason, especially if you’re involved in all the collusion going on in DC, which as an activist, I have to assume is the case.

  5. A fitting reply from White House Press Secretary to this indecent arrogant rascal. I appeal to native Americans to boot out this kind of people from America who misuse the freedom they enjoy there. Imagine what would have happened to her in India if she behaved like this in front of even a municipal councilor. She would have been in hospital with multiple fractures. It is this kind of so called Americans of Indian origin who expose other immigrants to dangers and ridicules. Prosecute her and kick her out of the country

  6. I tell you bitch how it feels to be a co patriot of a ungrateful dirt like you. I feel so ashamed so embarrassed . Your reckless act resulted in humiliation of India and Indians here. Many comments were not only against you but also about us who live in our own country with honor. When you go begging to another country keep all your apertures tightly shut

  7. What is surprising is that… they are still freaking-out people like you in stealing your jobs :) Going to school works!

  8. I’m an American citizen originally from India. I strongly feel this lady needs a psychological evaluation!! She is trying to play victim here when in fact Spicer was the one who was harassed when he was minding his own business on his day off. If she has problem with someone, this is neither the place nor the way to go about it.

  9. Shree Chauhan is absolutely nasty. Her version of being a patriot is equivalent to saying I can say what I want but YOU should only say what I want to hear. Simply a nasty woman.

  10. I am sure I have seen this woman somewhere before… maybe swinging on a pole or peddling favors on the corner (?)

  11. She has no business harassing a public official this way – in public! She was totally out of line and is lucky she did not get arrested. I admire Mr Spicer’s restrained behavior in the face of such provocation. And… no, I do not support Trump or his administration. And I am a US citizen of Indian origin. This behavior of Chauhan is unacceptable. Did you not learn any manners Ms Chauhan? Would you like to be harassed in public this way if someone who disagrees with you confronts you? You need to calm down and take some meds!

  12. He was misquoted. “Such a great country IT allows you to be here.” Harrassing a public official in the face, while accusing the POTUS of treason.

  13. I now feel sorry for all people of Indian descent. The less informed may think her moronic ramblings represents the viewpoints of millions of descent indians. I also feel very bad for her family if she has any. It must be so shameful being associated with such an obnoxious cretin. It is no wonder alot of the world considers many average Americans to be weak and stupid like this women when they see her acting in such a way and being allowed on TV. I would like to apologize if I have caused offense by referring to Ms Chauhan as a women if in fact she/it is part of the lbgtq community. I honestly cannot tell if it is a women or man or something else,but the news refers to it as a female so I followed that lead. And I also apologize if she in fact turns out to be mentally handicapped which I am fairly certain will turn out to be the case judging from her actions. If it is in fact retarded as it seems to be then it should be forgiven for it cannot help it, but whomever is supposed to be in charge of watching over it should be severely reprimanded. But if it turns out to be a legit female that has a high enough IQ to be allowed in public alone then it should be locked up for harassment at the very least. I am certain from watching the way it acted in the video it has prior offenses so maybe it is time to lock it away forever or put it and those around it out of the misery they must endure by her existence and pursue capital punishment as recourse. And more proof of its mental state is the fact that it has willingly showed it’s face several times since it showed it’s ass and never once did it try to seem attractive instead of repulsive. Put on some makeup if you are female or trying to pass for one. It deserves the death penalty simply for its terrifying grotesque ugliness! Damn! She is even more disgusting than Chesley if that’s possible.

  14. And this is why I no longer vote Democrat. The party has been hijacked by fringe lunatics who use tactics straight out of Nazi Germany. Their actions are filled with HATE and INTOLERANCE. The party has become what it once was against. It has become the party of hate, intolerance, and hypocrisy. Thank you Shree for reminding me why I jumped party lines and voted Trump!

  15. @BobL. May be her real country disowned her for nasty behaviour and mental disorder.Now she is ours problem.

  16. Sean praised the USA, not demeaned her. for being a welcoming country. It was in answer to one of her name calling moments against him and the USA. She is a typical brutish, condescending, immature and pathetic liberal Democrat. How is that for name calling. Does it change anything? Please Dems, just keep up the hate, bitterness and absolute insanity, because you are virtually guaranteeing Pres Trump’s reelection is just what we want because your kind has destroyed our country up to an inch of its existence. Thank God Pres Trump will save it and already is giving it back to the people.

  17. If mr. Trump were a facist this rude, intolerable, nasty, fat immigrant banshee would have been shot. Is she here legally? Should ICE check her / her parents out.

  18. Femi Nazi Democrat woman on steroids, still upset Clinton did not win. She is nobody special, they are a dime a dozen and yap their mouths after losing a free election. Her words….”It is my belief that most top Trump administration officials either colluded directly with Russia to undermine our free elections, or knew about the collusion. Mr. Spicer has been part of Mr. Trump’s inner circle. It is hard for me to believe that he knows nothing about Russia.”…….really? Where is your proof you slug?

  19. Shree Chauhan embodies what is wrong with the educational system and what is wrong with America. Arrogance and anarchy in lipstick.

  20. Just another infected liberal feminist sicko. Anyone who thinks she’s a hero has been infected too. You brainwashed idiots lost the election so get over it already and go get jobs.

  21. “Did you help with the Russia stuff?” Hahahahahaha…….wow, she is dumb as dirt. It’s women like this that ruin it for others. She can’t form coherent sentences and she basically ambushes the guy and gets hysterical on him. What a foolish and ugly woman.

  22. Liberals don’t seem to realize that in a truly fascist country, they wouldn’t be allowed to 1. Accost a high ranking member of government without being arrested, and 2. See their incident posted on the internet for all to see.

  23. This woman is absolutely nuts. This woman is an embarrassment and is supposedly educated? How would you like to spend an afternoon with this putz? Just an absolute idiot! I can’t say enough about this weirdo because she is the perfect example of the problem we are having in our political society today. Let’s set up a “go fund” page and send her somewhere far far away.

  24. ILLEGAL? Shree Chauhan posted a video of someone without their permission while they occupy private property, and while they were within a business that has a policy not to video on its property, is now making profit, both directly and indirectly from that video. She required Spencer’s and Apple’s written permission with a contract that pays them for part of the profit.

  25. What a loser. As a child of Indian immigrants myself. I am grateful that this country allows foreigners to immigrate here. As a sovereign nations, the US can and SHOULD control who immigrates here. No person of foreign origin has any right to be in the US unless US laws allows them to be here.

  26. This woman is an obvious subversive. She needs to shut her trap and leave private people alone. Everything in her history indicates liberal teacher with air on the brain. This behavior is becoming the norm for the lunatic left, and their unintelligent followers

  27. The Apple Store Manager or Store Security should have stepped in and asked her to leave or they would have had to call the police for disorderly conduct in public.

  28. Well Im also of a similar background as she is…I dont know how to get in touch with her to give her piece of what we think. She confronts and says “criminal” without elaborating the crime,
    Fascist yeah then how was he elected president people did. She is not the press. What emboldens her… her parents didnt make this country neither did she they ran away from India came here. Democracy works one party wins so we gotta accept the results whether we like it or not. All her questing and accusations are more emotional than facts and if she had gone to DC from Florida and to some how by some strange luck happens to be in the same store as Press Sec…. doesn’t add up. Its a set up well planned and for 2secs of fame.
    If she really wants to ask serious questions why not go to Nikki Haley shes of Indian descent and dozens other Asians in the Trump Admin.

    Its really shameful, The Great Mahatma Gandhi and The Gautama said that hatred does not cease by hatred or violence does not cease by violence. She should know this better or may be she thinks shes more American than the generations that built this country that I myself am enjoying the fruits of their labour.

    GOD BLESS THE USA (no matter whoever is the president )

    • She should be deported…..don’t see any of you coward libs protesting Islam or Sharia law or how Islam treats women? All liberals are cowards

  29. We are ALL lucky to be here in this great country. It is a right and a privilege that should not be taken for granted by any of us — that is what I believe Mr. Spicer was trying to say, and he was actually very gracious in his response to Ms. Chauhan. As for Ms. Chauhan, her zeal is commendable, but misplaced and misdirected. Mr. Spicer had nothing to do with Nazi Germany of the fascist, Joseph Stalin. Neither does President Trump. I think she needs to brush up on her own education before throwing out accusations like these at people that she happens to disagree with. Neither one of these men have earned such labels. Neither has Betsy DeVos, who should have been allowed her American citizen right to travel where she needed to go unimpeded and unharassed. Ms.Chauhan may be an educated woman and experienced in her field, but she did not show it in her encounter with Mr. Spicer or in her efforts in impeding and harassing Betsy Devos. Ms. Chauhan is badly in need of some character education, which would she should take to heart. So should those who work with her in her endeavors.

  30. you want to save more taxpayer dollars….revoke funding from this woman who harassed Sean Spicer. Shree Chauhan, “the Founder and CEO of Parents in Partnership, an education startup organization that empowers parents to lead positive changes in schools and communities.
    She’s only indoctrinating innocent children anyway…pull funding from this rude immigrant

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