Judge William H. Orrick III: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

William H. Orrick, William H. Orrick judge, William H. Orrick III

William H. Orrick is a district court judge from California. (

A United States district court judge has just blocked part of President Donald Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities.

Judge William H. Orrick III on Tuesday granted a nationwide injunction, blocking the Trump administration from following through on its threat to take away federal funds from cities that do not comply with national immigration laws, according to CNN.

William Orrick is 63 years old, and he is from San Francisco, California. According to his Senate confirmation hearing, he is married, and he and his wife Carolina have three daughters: Sarah, Libby, and Catherine.

On Wednesday morning, Trump attacked Orrick on Twitter, calling the ruling ridiculous. He did, however, suggest that this had something to do with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, even though Orrick is a district judge and is not part of 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Here’s everything you need to know about Judge William H. Orrick III.

1. He Was Nominated by President Barack Obama

Obama after presidency, Obama white house, Obama plans after presidency

Obama during his final press conference as President. (Getty)

Judge William Orrick was appointed to his current position by President Barack Obama.

At the time of the appointment, Orrick was working at the law firm Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLP. He has previously served as deputy assistant attorney general for the Civil Division of the United States Department of Justice.

Obama nominated Orrick in June 2012, but Orrick was not approved until February 2013. This was mainly a party line vote, though Republican Jeff Flake broke with his party to vote to confirm Orrick.

During his confirmation hearing, William Orrick was introduced by Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer.

“Mr. Orrick brings a depth of legal experience in both the private and public sectors which will make him a tremendous asset to the Northern District Court,” Boxer said in her statement.

2. He Donated Money to Barack Obama During the 2008 Campaign

President Obama Farewell Address, Obama Farewell Address, Obama Last Speech

President Barack Obama in January 2017. (Getty)

When Barack Obama was running for president, Judge William Orrick reportedly helped raise money for him and donated some of his own money as well.

According to Public Citizen, a consumer rights advocacy group and think tank, Orrick donated approximately $30,000 to committees supporting Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign for president. In addition, he helped raise $200,000 in contributions for the Obama campaign.

This had not been Orrick’s first time raising money for a Democratic politician. During the 2004 election, he helped raise funds for John Kerry, according to Public Citizen.

3. He Worked at the Justice Department While the Obama Administration Was Suing Arizona Over Its Immigration Law

Obama approval rating, Obama approval polls, Obama polls

President Barack Obama in November 2016. (Getty)

In 2010, Arizona passed a controversial immigration law known as SB 1070, a.k.a. the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act.

This was a strict immigration bill which required that police officers attempt to determine a person’s immigration status when they are stopped for unrelated reasons if there is a reasonable suspicion that the person may be undocumented. It also barred state and local officials from restricting the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

The Department of Justice ultimately filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona because of this bill. Orrick, who worked at the Justice Department at the time, was involved in coordinating the Obama administration’s argument against SB 1070, according to the Washington Examiner.

Orrick himself said during his Senate confirmation process, “Regarding Arizona, I attended meetings where the impact of SB 1070 on the operations of DHS and law enforcement was discussed [and] where the preemption analysis of the lawyers working on this issue was discussed.”

4. He Blocked the Release of Undercover Videos on Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood office, Planned Parenthood logo, Planned Parenthood office new york city

A Planned Parenthood office is seen on November 30, 2015 in New York City. (Getty)

In 2015, Judge William Orrick issued a temporary restraining order against a pro-life group that had been releasing undercover videos about Planned Parenthood.

At the time, The Center for Medical Progress had been putting out highly-edited videos that they claimed showed Planned Parenthood had been illegally selling fetal tissue. Orrick issued a restraining order, saying that he reached this decision due to concerns over the safety of the leaders of the National Abortion Federation.

“NAF would be likely to suffer irreparable injury, absent an ex parte temporary restraining order, in the form of harassment, intimidation, violence, invasion of privacy, and injury to reputation, and the requested relief is in the public interest,” Orrick said at the time, according to CNN.

The National Abortion Federation said in their restraining order request that the videos had been illegally recorded.

At the time that this decision was reached, conservative website The Federalist found that Orrick’s wife, Caroline Farrow Orrick, is pro-choice.

5. He Has Said He Will Not Let His Political Views Influence His Rulings

President Donald Trump on March 20, 2017. (Getty)

During his Senate confirmation process, Judge William Orrick promised to never let his political views influence the way he rules on cases.

“My varied legal background is evidence that I will treat all litigants fairly and with respect, and that I will not let my personal views interfere with the administration of justice,” he said. “… I have great respect for every type of client I have represented. I have never let my political beliefs affect my legal judgment, and believe that politics have no place in the courtroom.”

Orrick went on to say that district judges must “bind themselves tightly” to precedent.

When asked what his policy on immigration-related cases would be, Orrick said he would recuse himself “from any case that was pending in OIL [Office of Immigration Litigation] while I was Deputy Assistant Attorney General and from any other case as required by the Code of Conduct for United States Judge as well as other relevant Canons and statutory provisions.”

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        But!… if the Media reports (of whatever LEGITIMATE stripe!) alleging Donald Trump’s involvement in C-H-I-L-D A-B-U-S-E/ C-H-I-L-D R-A-P-E can’t be challenged (i.e., because these reports are “R-E-A-L N-E-W-S”!… WINK, WINK!)!… and the “victim” is compelled to follow-through with her “civic duty” to finalize her EARNEST INVOCATION (by mandating policing protection for her!… and, because the FBI, and she, would be– AND SHOULD BE!– held criminally and tortiously accountable for failing to complete a process that she E-A-R-N-E-S-T-L-Y began!), then the FBI is “D-U-T-Y B-O-U-N-D” to effect the necessary criminal investigation, and any concomitant subsequent C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L A-R-R-E-S-T!
        Please!… no emails!

    • As Margaret Thatcher said…”If they attack you personally, it means they have not a single political argument left” And the left has done NOTHING but personally attack anyone who disagrees with them politically.

      • Well!… you’ve got a point! And not only was Jesus Christ (THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD!) attacked, he was crucified!… though, rose again! And so someone even like you, can have an opportunity to receive eternal life! But!… Trump, is N-O-T Jesus Christ!… and with all due respect to his running mate, Pence, Trump has a number of things to account for! And unlike the God Trump FEIGNS to serve, he is NOT S-I-N F-R-E-E! And whether YOU believe the reports offered up by N-U-M-E-R-O-U-S LEGIT Media outlets or not!… re Trump’s involvement in C-H-I-L-D R-A-P-E!… D-O-E-S-N-‘-T M-A-T-T-E-R! The TRUTH W-I-L-L “win out”! As the Good book states… That which is hidden, will be made manifest! And if O-N-E of these Media reports is LEGIT, then YOU– IN GOOD CONSCIENCE!– should be seeking for a redress for the alleged victim (and regardless of whether she withdrew her matter last November!… out of said fears for her life– stated her counsel)! But!… and as I’ve said!… OH PURSUER OF THE TRUTH!… if these Media outlets have all been proffering F-A-K-E N-E-W-S, then YOU– AND YOUR’S!– should be demanding that the FBI go after these TORTIOUS violaters of Trump’s Constitutional, and other, legal rights! However!… I’ve got a feeling!… a suspicion!… that the only intercession YOU’LL be involved with, is “bad mouthing” those who are critical of your POTUS!… AND, WHETHER HE SEXUALLY ABUSED A CHILD, OR NOT!
        Please!… no emails!

      • Richard, SO TRUE . . . personal attacks are Trump’s calling cards . . . he’s woefully stupid, and too inept to debate and discuss actual issues on their merit.

    • Oh, puhleeze , , , what about the Republican-appointed, Republican Washington state judge that was confirmed by 99% of the Senate that shot down Donnie Boy’s 7-nation Muslim ban? You Trumpphiles are totally bereft of any objectivity, and just like Trump, totally bereft of any understanding of the U.S. Constitution.

      • A ban considered by Obama. Would the judge have ruled the same way if Obama had enacted it? I doubt it. The President has the authority to prohibit people from entering the United States, and Presidents have done it in the past.

        • RMD, Obama never considered a ban on those 7 Muslim countries. Rather, he was considering putting a freeze on new applications for a limited time.
          However, if he enacted the freeze, the citizens of those seven countries who are already approved to come to America would still have been allowed to immigrate during the freeze.

      • You Marxicrats are now arguing the constitution? Where were you the last eight years when Obama was stomping all over it? These judges are activists and need to be impeached. The two slip and fall judges in the travel suspension didn’t cite the law in any of their decisions. They claim evidence couldn’t be found Muslims from these countries were a threat, or a family member from another one of these countries has the right to immigrate. Where is this in the Constitution? They are supposed to judge on the merits of the law, which in this case is the Immigration and Nationality act of 1952. Again if you want to argue law let’s debate. Instead I read talking points from either mentally ill homosexuals (Maddow or Cooper), or psychopaths like Schumer, Obama, Pelosi, and Jones. You’re a joke

        • Busting Loose, the two most active Federal appellate courts whose rulings are most frequently overturned are those located in Trump country. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals comes in 3rd. If you don’t believe me, look it up on the Supreme Court blog.

        • Trumpphiles didn’t support the Washington-based judge that ruled against Trump either. Admit it, Trump minions believe that anybody that disagrees with Trump is biased.

        • You are seriously deluded. Your dictator is burning this country down from the inside out and you want to debate something that you’re too emotionally connected to, to have a rational discussion? Judges on both sides raise funds for and donate to their party candidates, so they are all activists. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Most of the policy you’re pissed off about was put into effect by what party…. oh wait the party that controls Congress? That’s right the GOP. If you really want to debate law, something I am sure you are less than qualified to do, you wouldn’t come out the gate sounding like some alt-right trash talking rag regurgitated in a different forum. Have you even read the McCarran- Walter Act? It doesn’t say people from any country specifically can’t be allowed into the country. It says there should be a quota. It put into place a limit on how many people can come into the US per year based on a percentage of each countries population in the US each year. It also allowed more people into the country not less, so you’re a little sideways on calling that one out. Oh and btw, who wrote that one? McCarran – Dem, NV and Walter – Dem, PA. Regardless, @bustinloose Other than tossing out a slurred derogatorily used word at the start of your post, (but only makes you look less than credible) you didn’t do anything but identify yourself as an under-educated bigot, and a homophobe. So good job! Way to make the party proud!

    • With what?… with female crotches?… or with potential T-E-E-N-A-G-E R-A-P-E V-I-C-T-I-M-S?
      Please!… no emails!

  2. This guy is a fanatical activist judge. HE doesn’t uphold the law. He interprets the law to be whatever socioeconomic views he happens to hold. Orrick is a disgrace to real judicial review.

    • WHAT A JOKE – “Orrick Said He Will Not Let His Political Views Influence His Rulings”
      I agree, he is a disgrace! Why have a President, when a crooked, partisan judge can overrule what the MAJORITY of intelligent, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens are voting for?! Move the Dems and the illegal immigrants into one sanctuary state, and they can live in their free-for-all.

      • Again the Dems want to govern from the courts, not Congress. Each judge who defied Trumps’ EOs was handpicked by the Dems to oppose Trump.

        • Congress didn’t pass this law . . . only Congress can pass laws AND authorize expenditures . . . the Executive branch is to “execute” the laws, NOT MAKE THEM!! Trump doesn’t make laws . . . he can advocate, support or propose them, but he can’t make them; therefore, Trump totally had NO Constitutional authority to do what he did. If he wants it passed, he needs to submit a bill to Congress. Someone needs to tell Donnie that he was ELECTED President’, NOT king; America is NOT a monarchy!

        • Actually, your statement is not quite accurate. The one in Washington State that first ruled against the ban from the 7 Muslim countries was appointed by G. W. Bush. So, my take is that Bush was Obama lite. Sorry that I voted for him twice and his father twice. But every other ruling has come from Obama minions within the judicial system. The judicial system is without a doubt broken.

          • RMD, you make all the washington-based judge anything you still doesn’t change the fact that his report appointed by Republican, and
            confirmed by 99 percent of the Senate.

        • Ah Rich, there are two Federal Appellate Courts whose decisions are overturned more than the Ninth Court of Appeals. They are both located in Trump country. So, if anyone is trying to legislate from the bench, it’s conservatives!

        • Rich, then tell us why conservative appellate courts’ rulings are the most overturned in the nation? Judicial activism on their parts? Also, it’s total bullshit that each judge who opposed Trump’s EOs were handpicked by Dems . . . the Washington-based judge was nominated by Bush, and confirmed by the Senate, so stop lying. Furthermore, the right beat the shit out of Obama for his Executive Orders, but somehow when Trump does them, they’re necessary and brilliant. Tell me, Rich, do you ever choke on your own hypocrisy??

      • FedUp, my question is why have a president that constantly tries overreach the limits of his powers and destroy the Constitution? Why have a president that doesn’t even know his own country’s Constitution? Maybe somebody should have a “come-to-Jesus” meeting with ole Trumpie, and explain the 3 SEPARATE, but equal branches of government, and their functions. But maybe you and Trump favor monarchies . .. if so, America is not the country for you or Trump.

        Besides, I thought red state types were big champions of states’ rights and local control. Or, is that only when you want to deny women and people of color their rights? BTW, better be careful how you treat those Democrats . . . without their money, many failed red Republican states would go hungry.

          • @2:18 … sorry you had such a horrible allergic reaction to the facts dot dot dot but the reality is that states like Arkansas and Mississippi and Kentucky, and all their ilk totally rely on the federal government. States like New York and California Sand and far more money to the federal government then they ever get back. What they don’t get back goes to the failed red states. Kick it out on any non partisan tax website comma and you’ll find the truth.

    • chrismireya, on what do you base your statements. . . or is this just another Trump supporter rant? And BTW, please explain by what you mean by “real judicial review?”

    • freedom, does your comment refer to civil disobedience, or are you just advocating for disobeying the law, but with no accountability for doing so? In other words, are you advocating anarchy?

  3. Not too biased!!!!! He should not have had the opportunity to say anything about this order. He’s a full fledged alt left San Francisco judge so what a surprise that he’s a political hack . Go on Tucker Carlson’s program and take the hard questions. You’re a coward.

    • Well !

      That says it all :

      He was on the Civil Rights division at the Department of Justice !

      Where they do selective enforcement of the Constitution !

      He’s had many years of practice, to violate the constitution ; and the laws of this country.

      The Civil Rights division of the justice department ,does not prosecute corrupt police officers that violate federally protected rights and constitutional rights !

      98% of complaints about civil rights violations sent to the justice department are overlooked and round filed .

      The Civil Rights division of the justice department does not believe in enforcing the whole Constitution only part of it !

      That’s why the Muslim King Obama picked him ,he was dedicated to violating civil rights ,constitutional rights ; and federally protected rights of American citizens .

      So up yours ( judge William H Orrick ! ) .

      • up yours, your citation for your statement, “98% of complains about civil rights violations sent to the justice department are overlooked and round filed?” I’d love to read more! Or does such a vetted, substantiated source even exist?

        • Police avoid federal civil rights charges 20 years – report , publish time :15 Mar 2016. 00:01

          Based on analysis of nearly 3 million records from the US Department of Justice national case load data.
          The Pittsburgh Tribune – review, found that 94 us attorney officers declined 12.703 referrals of potential civil rights violations made by the FBI and other agencies out of a total of 13.233 complaints.

            • ((( police avoid federal civil rights charges in 96% of cases over 20 years report – RT America – )))

              That should work for you !

                • Look !

                  You cant be that lame , or may be you think that iam ?

                  If you don’t understand !

                  why !

                  Parentheses are used .

                  So let me give you an example !

                  So up yours ( Anonymous ! ) .

                  You have to do better than that !

                  Just like a true Democrat ,you show them the proof and they call you a liar.

                  So up yours ( Anonymous ! ) .

                  • OMG, up yours, now it all makes sense!! You are getting all your info from a Russian bogus news site …, the biggest fake news creators in the world, with their ultimate goal of destroying and taking over America without firing a single shot! You’re probably a Russian spy sent to troll American political websites such as … YOU ARE ONE DANGEROUS HOMBRE!!

           (formerly Russia Today) is an international television network funded by the Russian government. It operates cable and satellite television channels directed to audiences outside of Russia, as well as providing Internet content in various languages, including English, Spanish and Russian. In fact, Donnie’s good buddy, ole Vladdy Putin, includes it on his list of core organizations of strategic importance to Russia.

                    If you want to propogate the lies of a country that wants to destroy us, and call yourself an American, then you’re either a traitor or an idiot!! SHAME ON YOU, up yours!!

                    • Your mama is ; and you can blow that shit out your ass ! If you’re a Democrat you are the one trying to destroy the Constitution !

    • How convenient, Vikki, to condemn the decision, but fail to refute it with any facts. Contrary to Sean Hannity, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is NOT the most overturned Appeals Court. It ties for 3rd place. But don’t let those facts bother you,. As far as Tucker Carlson, “take the hard questions,” LMAO–the man is a lightweight, an O’Reilly-wannabee preppy with a room-temperature IQ!

      • And the figures used by Hannity and Trump are laughable.

        80% of decisions are not overturned – 80% of decisions pushed up to the SC are overturned, but they represent only 1.3% of cases.

  4. “He Has Said He Will Not Let His Political Views Influence His Rulings”

    It doesn’t sound like e is being true to that pledge. From the background listed here, it sounds like his politics dictated his decision

  5. All libtard judges should be fired. I hope Trump can do that. We have to stop all these libtards messing up the county further than they have done for the last 8 years.

    • One of Donald Trump’s favorite things to do, now that he is president, is to make up, and then try to impose, unconstitutional executive orders to change something he doesn’t like and doesn’t have the legislative chops to actually fix. Donnie Boy needs to get a pair, and man up; or else get the hell out of office!

  6. So…a Judge…who is supposed to rule by following the law, is basically providing aid to Mayors of cities who are protecting people breaking the law. Anyone…and I mean anyone who thinks that is right is seriously mental. Who the hell do these Mayors and these liberal Judges think they are by ignoring our laws? And why do liberals think that they and they alone decide which laws people must and must not follow?

    • I support conservatives’ calls for states rights and local control . . .therefore, I believe Santa Clara County should be able to direct their police force as it sees fit! States’ rights, YEAH!!!

  7. They are undocumented guests, not “illegals”, and yes – they have a right to be here – the Statue of Liberty says so.

    • Typical liberal response. They are illegal immigrants; stop trying to change the definition to sound more PC friendly. They broke the law coming here. If they want to come here legally, legitimately, then we can discuss a pathway to citizenship.

      • Skywalker, sounds like a good idea in theory, but in reality it doesn’t work. Just ask Eric Cantor, who as Speaker of the House, lost his reelection, while running against the anti-immigration candidate, legal or otherwise. There are too many rabid Republicans who don’t want immigration of any sort or form.

  8. “During his Senate confirmation process, Judge William Orrick promised to never let his political views influence the way he rules on cases.”

    And yet, that’s all we’re really seeing–his political views influencing rulings, from Planned Parenthood all the way to blocking the Presidential order. Let’s also not forget the hundreds of thousands of dollars he contributed to the Obama campaign. Overall, from what I can see, Orrick is pure bias and pushing left agenda with no impartial regard for the law. Disgusting.

    • Skywalker, because judge Orrick opposed the Constitution and the laws of this country, now he’s considered biased?

  9. And nobody sees a conflict with Obama appointing a campaign donor and fund raiser to the bench? One who then clearly carried the banner for the extreme left? One who was clearly Obama’s boy?

    • @11:48 a.m. No more than we see with judges who are campaign donors for Republican donors . . . including those who carry the banner for the extreme and alt-right!

    • Fire the Bush hack judge in Washington too. After all, all they both did was uphold their oaths to administer the Constitution.


    • Orrick’s decision makes no legal sense – he says that Sanctuary cities have a right to break EXISTING LAW because enforcing the EXISTING LAW would cause harm to them.

      Orrick on Section 9(a): “The Counties have demonstrated that they are likely to succeed on the merits of their challenge to Section 9(a) of the Executive Order, that they will suffer irreparable harm absent an injunction, and that the balance of harms and public interest weigh in their favor.”

      But Section 9(a) is about enforcing EXISTING LAW. It states: “In furtherance of this policy, the Attorney General and the Secretary, in their discretion AND TO THE EXTENT CONSISTENT WITH LAW, shall ensure that jurisdictions that willfully refuse to comply with 8 U.S.C. 1373 (sanctuary jurisdictions) are not eligible to receive Federal grants, except as deemed necessary for law enforcement purposes by the Attorney General or the Secretary. The Secretary has the authority to designate, in his discretion AND TO THE EXTENT CONSISTENT WITH LAW, a jurisdiction as a sanctuary jurisdiction. The Attorney General shall take appropriate enforcement action against any entity that violates 8 U.S.C. 1373, or which has in effect a statute, policy, or practice that prevents or hinders the enforcement of Federal law.”

      • You’re right it doesn’t make any sense !

        But to deny American citizens access to the courts ,that makes a lot of sense.

        And that looks like the game here !

        He was sitting on the Justice Department Civil Rights division denying people access to the court constantly . Allowing the police to violate Americans constitutional rights and violating federally protected rights, and still to this day ,the justice department has not changed its practice .

  10. U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick III is a hypocritical, one sided left wing, socialist LIAR who will NEVER rule fairly on both sides of an issue, he will ALWAYS rule in favor of anything that will promote the Democratic( socialist/communist) Party, and destroy the US.

  11. Did he get a kick back from iran too? Just another piece fical matter that doesnt care about the american people…root them all out,get them out of office…

  12. You can take all of that non-american Russians shit and blow it out your ass !

    Because !

    I no one hundred percent the justice department selectively enforces the Constitution.

    Just like this scumbag judge Orrick !

    If anyone’s a threat to and a traitor to the country it’s the Democratic Party .

    Michael Flynn used to being Obama boy.

    Two weeks prior to the Syrian bombing Two Democrats from California met with that terrorists dictator of Syria .

    Who sold uranium to the Russians ?
    ((( Democrats )))

    Who wants to have pedophiles go to the bathroom with your young children ?
    ((( Democrats )))

    Who wants open borders ?
    ((( Democrats )))

    So up yours ( Anonymous ! ) .

    I don’t play that bull shit Mother FUker !!

    You try to slap down my free speech !

    Because !
    You won’t do it to my face, you only pick on people that can’t defend themselves .

    once again !!

    So up yours ( Anonymous ! ) .

    • Tsk, tsk, up yours, how’s my favorite little Russkie . . . you’re the one that loves to cite’s lies as your substantiated source . . . and you do a great job of attacking people that can”t defend themselves with all sorts of outrageous claims . . . as far as your “slapping down your freedom of speech,” please defend your comment . . . please note tho, now that the emperor has been revealed to have no clothes, I LOVE your posts . . . but for your own sake, you might want to remember that from a legal perspective that using words to harass another person is considered conduct, not speech, and can be limited. Though individuals enjoy free speech protections guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, freedom of speech is not limitless. Sometimes speech and expressive conduct must be balanced with other rights, including the right to be free from discrimination and threats.

      • Obama inherited and then fired Mike Flynn from his post. Trump had him as a keynote speaker who chanted “lock her up,” at the Convention (wonder how Flynn feels about prison these days), and in spite on their insanity, publicly went along with son’s beliefs in crackpot Alex Jones’ Pizzagate paranoia; stated that if someone “seeks immunity, they’re probably guilty, appointed him the Chief NSA . . . only then did Trump fire him when the press revealed he had lied to the vice-president. Why Trump didn’t fire him the minute he knew he lied to his VP can only leave one to speculate that they’re all in bed with Vladdy Boy! Poor Pence.

  13. Hmmmm . . . the Cheeto-in-Chief didn’t like the judge in Illinois, Washington, Hawaii, New York and California . . . at this rate with all his bogus Executive Orders he’ll run out of states by the end of the year!