WATCH: Delta Kicks Family With Infant Children Off Flight

Delta Airlines is the latest airline to raise controversy after removing the Schear family of Huntington Beach, California, from flight 2222 from Maui to LAX on April 23. Brian Schear was filmed in his confrontation with a Delta flight attendant by his wife, Brittany Schear.

The ordeal began when the airline asked the Schear family to give up a seat they had purchased for their 2-year-old and carry him on their laps for the flight instead. After arguing with the airline, they were threatened with jail.

“You’re saying you’re gonna give that away to someone else when I paid for that seat? That’s not right,” Brian says to the airline employee in the above video.

Schear originally bought the seat for his 18-year-old son Mason but sent him home on an earlier flight so that he could use the seat for his 2-year-old, Grayson. The airline’s argument is that since the flight is overbooked and the passenger on the original ticket for the seat isn’t using it, that Brian must give it up. Most airlines have policies against name changes on tickets. You can view Delta’s “Name Correction Policy” here.

Another airline employee tells the family that under FAA regulations, 2-year-old children are not allowed to have their own seat.

However, according to the FAA, they encourage parents to buy their own seats for young children and to use a hard-backed child safety seat. The Delta website echoes this sentiment with, “We want you and your children to have the safest, most comfortable flight possible. For kids under the age of two, we recommend you purchase a seat on the aircraft and use an approved child safety seat.”

In the video, Brian says this is exactly why he sent his older son on an earlier flight: so that his younger children would be safe in a car seat because on the flight to Hawaii, he felt that his infant son wasn’t safe in a lap.

After being threatened with jail by the airline employees, the couple decides to voluntarily leave the flight. According to ABC 7 Los Angeles, “That was around midnight, and the couple and their two toddlers were left having to scramble for a hotel room and pay $2,000 for another flight the next day, on United.”

Delta has since released a statement about the incident to New York’s ABC 7, which reads, “We’re sorry for what this family experienced. Our team has reached out and will be talking with them to better understand what happened and come to a resolution.”

The incident occurred when the airline industry has already been under intense scrutiny. Last month, a video of an Asian doctor named David Dao being violently removed from a United plane from Chicago to Louisville before takeoff at O’Hare International Airport went viral. Dao has since settled out-of-court with United.

United Airlines Forcibly Removes Passenger From Flight: All the Memes You Need to See

United Airlines is taking a beating on social media following a disturbing video showing an Asian doctor named David Dao being violently removed from a plane from Chicago to Louisville before takeoff at O’Hare International Airport.

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  1. Delta felt that they were arguing over the money ; and they figured, hey let’s show these people as examples to the whole airplane and throw them all off.
    We’ll show you that we own the cops and you’re nothing but a stooge.
    They were making examples of that family, plain and simple !
    You get outta line we call the cops and throw you off ,even if you’re not causing any trouble.
    It’s a federal offense ,it’s a federal offense, she was saying that loud enough for everyone to hear. You see how they lie to cheat somebody out of money .
    I guess they figured ,well ! if we throw them all off, we could put for more standbys on .hahaha
    But !
    That’s what happens when the justice department selectively enforces the Constitution.

    So up yours ( Delta ! ) .

    • The Justice Department is responsible for the Schears being kicked off—oh, puhleeze!?1? It’s the Department of Transportation, NOT the Dept. of Justice that is approving all these airline company mergers, which has resulted in a near-monopoly, leaving very little, if any competition in the industry. Instead, it gives carte blanche for airlines to force adults into seats built for a child, for leg-room enough for a midget, no meals on 6-hr flights, and nickel-and-dimed at every turn. Add to that the FAA, whose policy the Delta supervisor either misquoted or late out lied about, allows such insane, piss-poor policies. My gawd, the Delta supervisor threatened the parents with having their children put in foster care, and having them arrested for felonies. While I agree Delta, United, etc.’s policies are, on the best day, inhumane, give it a rest–it’s big business screwing the little guy, with the blessing of the Dept. of Transportation and the FAA. Don’t make it or attribute it to something that it is NOT.

      • The present admin is working on possible guidelines to diminish the power airlines have provised to them due the fascist rules written into law over the last decade.

  2. Let’s address thereal issue. The bottom line. No baby, no toddler should ever be allowed on any flight. There is no way to ensure their safety in the event of an accident if they are lap held, and no way to ensure they will be gotten out if they are in a child seat (even if such a seat is adequate restraint for crash forced themselves). All the rest is parental entitlement outrage, company desire to make money, and people who aren’t versed in this reality claiming airlines/other passengers who don’t allow any infant/toddler toting person to do whatever they want is wrong.

    • Art, I’m sorry you may not have had the pleasure of a family with children, but what you’re saying makes little to no sense. My child can’t travel to see his extended family because in case of an accident he’s likely to perish? Very few people make it out of plane crashes period, Art. I think your point about entitlement strikes a little closer to home. Not that I don’ think that has any merit, but it seems closer to your truth.

      • Art is an idiot but, it would be great if parent’s traveling with children would keep them under control and not continually kicking me in the back and yelling.

        • Agreed, Rebecca, Art is an idiot. But also agree, that some, but not all, parents could do a helluva lot better job in supervising their toddlers and children’s on-flight behavior.

    • @ up yours OK, so if you’re all about safety, then elderly people, handicapped, blind, deaf, or anyone with any medical condition should also not be allowed to fly. And let’s not forget short or tall people, those that cannot swim (in case of water landing), those who cannot understand the primary language spoken by the flight crew, etc. If a plane crashes ain’t nobody going to survive anyway. You are a moron!

    • Let’s address the REAL issue: Art Jackson- or whomever writes similarly, ridiculously, stupid posts- should never be allowed on the internet. There is no way to ensure they post reasonable and intelligent comments in the event of a controversial incident, even if they are hand-held, and no way to endure their misuse of the English language, (even if their post is adequate for others forced to read, to understand- which was barely comprehensible).

    • By that same logic elderly or disabled should also not fly. Obese people as well since they can block an aisle.

      People with babies generally don’t stick them in harmful or stressful situations to try and monetize them.

      So lets address the real issue. You really didnt think your comment through…..

    • You must be trolling with a statement like that. If the plane crashes, I don’t usually leave too many survivors…just saying.

    • Guess what ? Take the family vacation in the mini van or station wagon, like the old days. Trapze your car seats, strollers, luggage, milk, toys and all the other s**t you bring on board, including the screaming kids. Why were they dragging a kid to Hawaii anyway ? So they can leave it abandoned in some hotel room while they frolic on the beach. Child enlargement.

    • Over-inclusive and off topic Art: when the airline allows children and guidelines are followed its the totally nutty overbooking rule plays a role. Overbooking should be banished and replaced w stand by. Problem solved.

  3. I have a couple of questions about just blatant lies and inconsistencies in your article.

    You state the the ticket was purchased for the infant, but then you later state the ticket was originally purchased for a different person. If you did any research at all you’d see that tickets are NON-TRANSFERRABLE meaning once you purchase the ticket you can’t give it to someone else to use. Yes, name changes are allowed (misspelled name, person gets married etc), but not changing a name to a different name, a different date of birth and so on.

    Second you’re saying the baby is 2 years old. 2 year old children are not allowed to fly as lap children, anyone UNDER the age of two is allowed to fly as a lap child, over the age of two a baby must have their own seat and is no longer permitted to fly on a lap, therefore the passenger would’ve had to buy a ticket for the child regardless.

    “As long as your infant is over 7 days old and under 2 years old and is traveling with someone who is at least 15 years old, you are not required to purchase a seat for them and can carry them in your lap free of charge. Guidelines. Only one lap child is allowed per customer 15 years of age or older.”

    So many things in this story don’t add up. Everyone is out to make a quick buck when they know they’re wrong and media is the first one to publish articles without doing their research first.

  4. Passenger Bill of Rights.

    Regulate the airlines behavior since they are using fine print in the ticket language to take advantage of consumers.

    • So you’re saying ! Lori Mesenbrink .

      The family lives in Huntington Beach, ca . Whether he owns his home or not, is a different story.

      Huntington Beach is a very influential neighborhood, they have multi million dollar homes there ,they also have people living in the bushes !!

      But you’re complaining about this family setting this whole thing up ?

      To make a dollar or two ,apparently you believe that this family plotted together ,to make the airline’s look bad.

      Because they are the a family, not in the million-dollar home, but the famly living in the bushes ; and are Desperately Seeking a way out of their poverty-stricken lives !

      But wait !

      It did cost him another $2,000 to get his family home, plus the ticket he bought the other day for his son ,to leave before them and another seat you claim he has no right to !

      Plus the other seats they were denied in using because they were kicked off the plane.

      So my estimated loss to this family is in the neighborhood of $4,000 plus ,that’s a lot of money for someone living in the bushes looking to put on a show !

      But !

      Let’s go back to this poor trailer trash family that’s trying to make a buck off the airlines.

      ((((((((( Are you kidding me ! )))))))))

      This is a corporation ; using federally funded employees !

      State officials to do their dirty work !

      So now the Joe Blow taxpayer is paying for his own harassment .

      So up yours ( Lori Mesenbrink ! ) .

      • Living in the bushes, but going to Hawaii … Um yeah, ok… I’ll guarantee you a lawyer was called pronto! Everybody wants something for nothing. It’s out of control, how people are acting and treating others anymore … really pathetic. No one has to listen to rules/laws, not to parents, teachers, police … anyone ! Don’t follow the rules/laws, your special. Then cry foul and sue, sue, sue … very sad and disheartening

        • If the airline employees would have stuck to the fact that the family was using a seat that was purchased for another person as the topic there wouldn’t be a story here.
          The ticket couldn’t be transferred (especially on the fly like the father tried to do).
          But the airline employee for some reason wanted to introduce fear / intimidation into the conversation by mentioning jail time and a foster home for the kids. That was as unprofessional as you could get and it’s something I’d expect on a Jerry Springer episode not coming from the mouth of an airline employee to a customer.

          They then severely misquoted the FAA regulations and even their own web site.

          I don’t remember if the other child was under the age of 2. If she wasn’t then they wouldn’t be able to fly unless the airline would let them pass on the name on the ticket that was purchased. I think this is up to the airline if they want to let this slide. If both children were 2 or older they had to have their own seats.

          The airline could have simply explained to the father that they couldn’t swap tickets like he attempted to do and the father wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on.

      • Living in the bushes, but going to Hawaii … Um yeah, ok… I’ll guarantee you a lawyer was called pronto! Everybody wants something for nothing. It’s out of control, how people are acting and treating others anymore … really pathetic. No one has to listen to rules/laws, not to parents, teachers, police … anyone ! Don’t follow the rules/laws, your special. Then cry foul and sue, sue, sue … very sad and disheartening. Of course your anonymous, lol go figure, up yours !

        • your special your anonymous It’s out of control, how people are acting and treating others anymore …up yours …your …your …your …your Um yeah, ok

  5. Plane tickets cost as little as they do because most airline companies have a policy of overbooking flights due to statistical analysis of cancellations. If they didn’t overbook flights, your ticket(s) would’ve cost double, if not several times more… check the airline policy next time before you delay everyone’s flight, jackass.

  6. Cabin crew members should be kept away from “ruling” on board, unless in case of real emergency or accident. Heavy shifts, lack of family and stable relations. Anyone knows airline personnel that is quite insane and frustrated. That job has become a full stress position and a paying customer can’t be hostage of such weird people. Change FAA rules. Cabin crew should not manage such delicate issues unless authorized by the pilot in command who becomes responsable of any own decision, facing jail in case of abuses.

  7. i hope they get to cash in on Delta’s new $10k per seat policy for offering people to get off the plane. that’s cheaper than the million i’d sue them for.

  8. Wow pay for a seat, have a baby seat which is safer than in you ur lap, they make them leave. On top of this great service airlines are taking space away. Trains are sounding better

  9. Perfect example of an Airline employee “making stuff up” and making a big deal out of a nothing situation. She’s willing to inconvenience ALL the other Passengers on the flight just so she doesn’t have to give an inch. Citing a non-existent FAA regulation is typical of someone given too much authority without having an understanding of what authority she actually has.

  10. Good. Once again, a self-entitled family with “children” think they own the plane. They drag all this crap on the plane, including the kid, car seats, and 50 bags. The kid will cry all the way on the overnight flight. 1. The name on the ticket does NOT match the passenger. But, they are self important and don’t have to follow the rules, nor crew member instructions. Flight Attendants across the country should just stand at the front of the plane and let anarchy rule for a week. But, alas, US Unions have no guts. These people were looking for trouble.
    Sick of Flying.

  11. What bothers me the most, about this story, is that not one other passenger stood up to defend this family. I realize most people in this world just want to keep their mouths shut and their heads down, so the bully doesn’t turn on them. But it makes me sick that there was NO ONE that stood up to these bullies and defended this family! Can you imagine the impact that would have had if everyone on that plane stood up to the injustice?!! It is just a matter of time before something similar happens to the rest of us. Read the famous words of Martin Niemoller. His last line says it all…”then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.”