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  • Lakers and Clippers Among Teams Playing in 13-Game Friday

    The NBA scheduled 26 teams to play tonight for a 13-game Friday and we broke down what to watch for in today's match ups.

  • Clippers Injury Report Ahead of Friday’s Spurs Game

  • Lakers Star LeBron James Becomes 4th Player to Ever Score 33K Career Points

  • Clippers Overcome 10-Point Fourth Quarter Deficit to Earn Victory Over the Grizzlies

  • Available Players for Clippers’ Second Half of Back-to-Back Games [Report]

  • Clippers Lou Williams and Hall of Famer Allen Iverson Reflect on Their Bond

    As reported by NBA TV, Lou Williams and Hall of Famer Allen Iverson reflected on their bond in Philly. "He looked up to me. He knew how much I cared about him," Iverson said about Williams.

  • Clippers Defeat Mavericks to Gain a Six-Game Winning Stretch

  • Lakers Legend Magic Johnson Names LeBron James Among MVP Candidates

  • Clippers’ Dynamic Duo Kawhi Leonard and Paul George Go Undefeated

  • Los Angeles Clippers Improve Franchise-Best Start at Home

  • Los Angeles Clippers Ride a Five Game Winning Streak

    Unfortunately for the Pelicans, The Clippers got their revenge and are now on a five-game winning streak as they earned another dub tonight, 139-104

  • Clippers’ Patrick Beverley Fined For Violating Anti Flopping Rule

  • Clippers’ Patrick Beverley Reveals Thoughts on the NBA Championships

  • Clippers’ Montrezl Harrell & Russell Westbrook’s Brother Get Heated

  • Paul George Reveals Long-Term Outlook With Clippers

  • Just In: Clippers’ Injury Report Against the Rockets

  • Lou Williams Embraces ‘Being the Underdog’ in Clippers-Lakers Rivalry

  • Clippers Patrick Beverley Makes NBA History in Thriller Game Against the Boston Celtics

  • Paul George Makes Bold Claim on Clippers vs. Lakers Debate

  • Clippers Kawhi Leonard Seals Game Against Boston Celtics With Clutch Block

    At an attempt to tie the game again, Celtics star Kemba Walker tried for a three at the corner and was viciously blocked by the Klaw who walked away emotionless as he just sealed the game in overtime 104-107.

  • Clippers’ Dynamic Duo Kawhi Leonard & Paul George Finally Make Season Debut

  • Sports Analyst Says LeBron James Will Never Pass Michael Jordan

  • Lakers’ LeBron James Makes Unreal NBA History

  • LaMelo Ball’s Bold Statement on Debate of His Game vs. Lonzo Ball’s

  • Clippers’ Paul George Issues Warning When Kawhi Leonard Returns

    After Monday night's victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder, 90-88, George commented on how dangerous the team will be when Leonard returns.

  • Clippers’ Doc Rivers Changes Opinion on New Coach’s Challenge Rule

  • Clippers Paul George Makes NBA History With Go-Ahead Three Against OKC

  • Lakers’ LeBron James Calls It ‘Surreal’ to Have Kobe Bryant in Stands

  • Jay-Z ‘Disappointed’ After Colin Kaepernick’s Workout Decision: Report

  • Clippers’ Paul George Taunts Rapper During Home Debut

    PG taunted Migos rapper Quavo, a well known Hawks fan, and did a little Michael Jordan shrug at him.