‘Bioshock Infinite’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Bioshock Infinite

One of the most anticipated video games releases of 2013, Bioshock Infinite, has finally made its way onto gamers’ consoles. Here’s what you need to know about this game’s plot, development, and the accolades it’s gathered so far.

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1. This Entry Has No Storyline Connections to The Past Games

Bioshock Infinite

Although this sequel shares the Bioshock name, it doesn’t take place in the same universe as its predecessors. This time, the game takes place in the year 1912 during America’s growth period (the American Exceptionalism). Instead of exploring the abandoned underwater city of Rapture, this game places players in the sky as they make their rounds on an airborne city.

The main character you play as, Booker DeWitt, is sent on a mission to rescue a captive woman, Elizabeth, who lives inside the sky city. Booker’s on this mission in order to pay off a past debt to his employers, but he runs into even more trouble when he gets Elizabeth in his possession. Booker is forced to contend with the city’s two warring factions (the Founders who fight to keep the city for the wealthy and the Vox Populi who rebel against them and fight for the common man).

Elizabeth seems to be the central interest for both groups and their conflict. Booker finds himself caught up in all the warfare that takes place around the city. While this conflict is going on, Booker must contend with the “Songbird,” a mechanical creature that was the original guardian of the girl.

2. The Game Is Set On an Airborne City

Bioshock Infinite

Gamer’s will play most of the game upon the sky city known as “Columbia.” This sky city was given it’s name as a homage to the female personification of the United States. The game’s plot explains that Columbia was built in order to symbolize the American ideals of exceptionalism. It was built and initally launched during the U.S. presidency of President William McKinley. Columbia was initally built to be some sort of utopia, but things soon turned for the worse due to class struggles and the government’s rule. The city evokes the images of airships seen in various other video games.

3. The Game Retains Some Gameplay Elements From Past Games

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite may take place in another time period and setting, but it plays a lot like the past Bioshock games. At it’s core, the game is a first person shooter. Different weapons will be available, as well as otherworldly powers that are referred to as “Vigors” (which are similar to the past games’ “Plasmids”). Some of the powers granted to Booker include telekinesis, control over violent crows, and electricity manipulation. Passive upgrades to Booker’s status growth are available, plus the addition of a grappling hook (the Skyline) will let him maneuver around the city on the sky railways.

4. The Game Was in Development For Years

Ken Levine

This game was in development for two and a half years. Irrational Games began crafting the game right after finishing development on the first game in the series. As for the other video game development studios that worked on the game, they include 2K Marin and Human Head Studios. The lead designer on the project is lauded video game icon Ken Levine.

5. Your A.I. Partner Can Hold Her Own Weight

BioShock Infinite – The Revolutionary AI Behind ElizabethCreative director Ken Levine and Irrational's Liz Squad walk us through the AI behind BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth. Subscribe to IGN's channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ignentertainment BioShock Infinite – The Revolutionary AI Behind Elizabeth2013-03-01T17:55:25.000Z

The girl that Booker is ordered to rescue is no slouch in battle. Elizabeth can scavenge any area for ammo and items, plus she’s able to use her powers to open tear’s in the fabric of space and time. These powers create interesting options in battle, such as creating random rainstorms that can douse and confuse her captors. Players won’t get to control her, but she’s more than able to help rather than hide and cower while bullets start flying. The video above explains the artificial intelligence mechanics behind Elizabeth.

6. The Game Nabbed A Bunch of Awards at E3

Bioshock Infinite E3

After E3 2011, the Game Critics Awards ended up giving Bioshock Infinite a bunch of awards – Best of Show, Best Original Game, Best PC Game, and Best Action/Adventure Game.

7. A Free Flash Puzzle Game Unlocks Items in The Main Game

Bioshock Infinite

For players that pre-ordered the game before launch, they were given the exclusive option to play a flash puzzle game called Bioshock Infinite: Industrial Revolution. The game adopts the steampunk puzzle mechanics seen in the game Cogs, which involves crafting devices with gears and pulleys. Solving the game’s puzzles unlocks in-game items for Bioshock Infinite.

8. Downloadable Content Is Expected

Bioshock Infinite

Within the launch period for the game, three separate pieces of single-player downloadable content are expected to be made available. New weapons, gear, and Vigors are also expected to be offered to players as paid-DLC. A season pass for the game will allow players to access the game’s DLC at a lower price than those who don’t purchase/use the pass.

9. The Game’s On Track For Being One Of The Highest Rated Games Of All Time

Bioshock Infinite

MCV UK reported that the game is nabbing a large number of high reviews. As a matter of fact, the game’s on track to be one of the highest rated video games of all time. IGN gave the game a 9.5/10 on PC and a 9.410 on PS3/Xbox 360, Gamespot gave it a 90/100, and Polygon gave it a perfect 10/10. Metacritic currently lists the game at an overall rating of 96-percent.

10. 18 Babies Were Born During The Game’s Development

Bioshock Infinite

Irrational Games released an interesting infographic that lists all the interesting number stats for the game. Check out the pic above.

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