Pokemon Go Ditto Location: Is the Pokemon Currently in the Game?

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Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke was recently asked about how to find Ditto in Pokemon Go. (Pokemon Wiki)

Since Pokemon Go launched in July, trainers everywhere have been searching far and wide for Ditto, wondering if the creature is hidden somewhere in the game. But two months later, absolutely nobody has come close to finding him. So is Ditto ever going to show up? Now, the game’s creator has addressed this issue, albeit in a very vague way.

In a recent interview with Tech Crunch, John Hanke, CEO of Niantic Labs, discussed a variety of Pokemon Go related topics. Just as the interview ended, he was asked how the heck players can find Ditto.

“I can’t tell you how to find Ditto because that wouldn’t be any fun when you did find him if I did,” Hanke said. “But it will happen for you. I promise.”

This statement was vague enough to be interpreted a variety of ways, but some players are speculating that it means that Ditto is indeed in the game right now and it’s just that nobody has found him yet. Hanke could have, after all, simply answered the question by saying that trainers can’t catch Ditto right now but they will sometime soon, which is essentially what he has said about the the legendary birds.

Hanke did also previously say at Comic-Con 2016 that there are a few Easter Eggs in the game that nobody has discovered. Could Ditto be one of them?

The hunt for Ditto is still going strong, with an entire Reddit community called Finding Ditto devoted to this search. Players have especially been caught up in the hunt after the new buddy update, wondering if perhaps Ditto’s release will be tied into this new system. For example, as one player suggested, perhaps Ditto will appear as a copy of a trainer’s buddy Pokemon.

Recently, a video went viral within the Pokemon Go online community that appeared to show a player getting a Ditto from a 1km egg, but this is widely believed to be a hoax. The player claimed to have been gifted the Ditto from Niantic in response to a complaint, but the email he shows as proof contains several spelling errors and simply doesn’t read like something a major tech company would write to a user.

Pokemon Go is expected to receive an update every two weeks, and John Hanke says many more Pokemon will be added down the line.

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