‘Star Trek Timelines’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Star Trek Timelines.

1. Vulcans and Pilots and Romantics, Oh, Myyyy…

Star Trek Timelines

• Away Team Missions are one of the most exciting things to do with your crew in Star Trek Timelines. Once briefed on the mission objectives, you can choose how to handle each challenge that comes up. Will you respond with force, or try to talk your way out? Will you make use of your crew’s considerable engineering, scientific, or medical expertise? The choice of action, as well as the choice of WHO will perform the action, is yours. Each Away Team Mission has three Mastery Levels (Normal, Elite and Epic) and the higher the Mastery Level, the better your rewards. Higher Mastery Levels are unlocked once all Rare Rewards have been obtained on the lower Master Levels. If the Rare Reward you need is on a locked challenge, however, they can be harder to obtain.

• There are three types of locked challenges: locked by trait, locked by succeeding at a previous challenge, or locked by faction reputation. Trait-locked challenges are the most common in Star Trek Timelines, so it pays to take a closer look at your crew and ensure you have a good spread of traits. You might have plenty of Vulcans and Klingons, but do you have any Borg? Sure, Quark might be your Bartender and Morn might be your Smuggler, but do you have anyone truly Desperate or Resourceful? Wesley Crusher might be your key to succeeding at that Prodigy trait-locked challenge.

2. Need Chronitions, Training or Boosts? Ask the Cadets

Star Trek Timelines

• You may think only Rare, Super Rare or Legendary crew are worth your time and energy. While it’s true that characters with higher star power ultimately have the highest stat potential, don’t dismiss your Common or Uncommon crew so quickly. Common and Uncommon crew are the only ones eligible to participate in Cadet Challenges, which is Admiral Riker’s personal initiative to ensure all of your recruits are up to Starfleet’s standards. Each challenge is aimed at crew with a certain trait (ex, Starfleet) and each challenge offers different, valuable rewards not obtainable anywhere else in the game (at least, not for free). Six times per day, you can send your Common and Uncommon crew out to bring back chronitons, training programs, or shuttle boosts at no cost except for a single Cadet Ticket.

3. Merits Are Your Best Currency

Star Trek Timelines

• When time and space are turned upside down, things aren’t always where you left them. That’s equally true for things as well as people, and you’ll find yourself searching the galaxy for the weapons, tools, uniforms, and other equipment your crew need to perform their duties. But there’s a way to find these items that doesn’t require you to spend credits, dilithium, chronitions or even a great amount of time – all you need is a little luck and a lot of Merits.

• Merits are an in-game currency awarded for doing nearly anything in Star Trek Timelines – leveling up characters, equipping items, completing missions of any type, making purchases in the Time Portal etc. What you may not know is that Merits are redeemable in any faction shop, and often for exactly the item you’ve been scouring the galaxy to find. If the item you’re looking for isn’t available right now, don’t despair: faction shops refresh daily with a new assortment of items.

4. Freeze Crew, Save ‘Em For Later

Star Trek Timelines

• Picture this (or maybe you’ve been there): you’ve just found your favorite once-in-a-lifetime crew, but your Crew Quarters are full and you don’t have the credits or the dilithium to purchase more slots. What’s a captain to do? Send someone to the Cryostasis Vault, of course. This recently released feature allows you to safely dismiss a maxed out (or Immortalized) crew member without losing them forever. If you need them to return to active duty, you can reactivate them for Merits – sweet, sweet, easily obtainable Merits – once per day. The more Immortalized crew you have, the more slots you can free up in your Crew Quarters at a moment’s notice.

5. Answer Distress Calls, But at the Right Time

Star Trek Timelines

• Episodes tell the story of Star Trek Timelines: a chaotic collision of timelines which have several factions on the brink of war. As a Starfleet captain, you move throughout the galaxy dealing with each of these factions in turn, picking up clues on what caused the temporal anomaly crisis along the way. Naturally, the challenges you face are greater the deeper you go, and Episode Four will be significantly more difficult than Episode One. How can you ensure your crew is prepared for what’s next? Enter Distress Calls, narratively standalone collections of smaller problems which nonetheless demand the attention of a Starfleet crew. Distress Calls unlock alongside or just after completing an Episode of similar difficulty, and should be completed BEFORE attempting the next Episode. Responding to Distress Calls when they appear can be the difference between succeeding at your next mission, or failing spectacularly.

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