‘Pokemon Go’ Egg Distance Not Updating: How to Fix

'Pokemon Go' is available now for iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

‘Pokemon Go’ is available now for iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

In Pokemon Go, one of the more frustrating glitches players have been encountering is one in which the game suddenly stops registering the user’s distance right as they’re about ready to hatch an egg. How can this be fixed?

Usually what will happen in this glitch is that on a particular egg, the distance is stuck just a little bit short of the goal. The first and easiest solution you should try is simply to restart your phone. For a significant number of players, turning the phone off and on again is really all it takes to get the distance tracker back up and running.

But if the issue persists, another solution that works for a lot of people is to open up the journal, and then walk whatever distance you have left to go. That’s because opening the journal will force the game to save your location. Then, when you’ve walked the distance required, open up the journal again, and it should register your new location and give you those few extra steps.

Finally, it could potentially be a problem with your phone’s cellular connection, so to test that, you could try walking a bit while connected to Wi-Fi.

One of these solutions should work in cases where the phone has completely stopped registering your distance, but it should be noted that the distance tracker still isn’t anywhere near close to perfect. The way it works is that the game pings your location every few minutes and then registers the distance between pings. The result is that if you’re not walking in a completely straight line, the game won’t quite pick up the correct amount of kilometers you have walked. It doesn’t work like a pedometer, unfortunately.

There’s also the fact that there’s a speed limit over which the game will not register any distance. It’s generally believed to be about 10.5 km/hour, so if you’re trying to track distance while in a vehicle, riding a bike, or even just running a bit too fast, the app likely will not pick that up. It could be, then, that your distance doesn’t seem to budge not because of a glitch, but because you’ve been going too fast or because you’ve been traveling in circles and this has confused the tracker.

In addition to hatching eggs, this distance tracking system is also used to register how far you have walked with your buddy Pokemon.