‘Prey’: Where is Lorenzo Calvino’s Keycard and Safe Code?


In the world of Prey, players will encounter a plethora of fascinating technological advancements, but one of the most curious are the Looking Glass monitors. These can be found all throughout Talos I, however, their most interesting application is during your pseudo side quest with Lorenzo Calvino. While this character has a role within the main quest of Prey, he actually has a hidden safe that can be accessed after a bit of detective work in his office. Here’s how to get both his Cabin Keycard and the code to his personal safe in the Crew Quarters section of Talos I.

Calvino’s Keycard Location

Prey Lorenzo Keycard

Unlike other crew members on Talos I, Lorenzo does not actually keep his keycard on him or in plain sight like others. Instead, thanks to his paranoia, Lorenzo has actually hidden this item somewhere in his office behind a small puzzle that you will have to solve. To start, proceed to his office in the Hardware Labs like you normally would to restart the Looking Glass software. Instead of just leaving after the program is rebooted, hang out by the command console in the middle and watch the second video on file.

On it, you will see Lorenzo saying goodbye to one of his co-workers before waiting for her to leave him alone in his office. He will then go over to the left side of the room where the small workshop table is and set his thermos on what appears to be a hotplate. After this, a secret panel will open up and Lorenzo will be able to get at his hidden items without any worry. Once the video ends go to your right and grab the thermos off the workbench and carry it across the room to where the hotplate is. Stick it on top and the panel in the wall will slide open allowing you to grab his Crew Quarters Keycard and nab the “Coffee Break” trophy.

Calvino’s Safe Code

Prey Lorenzo Safe

Later as you progress through Prey, Morgan will be tasked with exploring the Crew Quarters to advance the main story. When you enter this section, take a left at the gravity lifts and head towards the crew cabins. Hang a right and enter the areas marked as “Crew Cabins B” by the Fitness Center. Calvino’s private quarters will be the third door on the left by the Hibernation Pods entrance. Enter the room, go to his desk by his bed and read the note that’s lying by his monitor.

Remember the date listed as this will be the code to his safe, with the month being the first 2 numbers and the day being the last two. Our code was 0523, however, it’s possible that like some of the door codes this will not be the same for everyone. Now turn around and begin bashing the Looking Glass to reveal a hidden safe behind the screen. Input the code to unlock the safe and nab the lovely contents within such as some Neuromods.

Looking for all of the different passenger’s Crew Quarters keycards is quite important in Prey since their individual cabins contain a plethora of useful items and goodies.

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The first part mentions that the thermos in one a work bench is wrong! It your facing the looking glass it’s to the left on the floor slightly behind you.

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