Pokemon Go: When Does the Coin Bonus Timer Reset?


In Pokemon Go, players can receive bonus coins for having Pokemon stationed in gyms, but they are only allowed to collect 50 coins per day. So what, exactly, does the game consider to be a day? When does the timer reset?

It appears that the coin bonus timer resets every night at midnight. Originally, a lot of fans thought that it would reset every 24 hours, but that does not seem to be the case. After all, players have had the experience of collecting a few dozen coins late at night and then more coins after midnight, with this adding up to more than 50 coins. This suggests that it can’t be a 24 hour clock, and the timer must reset at midnight local time.

Unfortunately, you can only receive the coin bonus when your Pokemon returns home from the gym, and that’s something that is completely out of your control. After all, it’s not possible to recall Pokemon, and the only way they can come back is if they are defeated by other players.

This creates a situation where if, for example, a Pokemon returns home with 30 coins at 9:00 a.m, and then another Pokemon returns home with 30 coins at 3:00 p.m., you will lose out on 10 coins, as your limit for coin collection that day is 50.

The new 50 coin limit is something a lot of players have had complaints about, although it would not be surprising if Niantic ends up changing this. They already changed how the coin system worked about 24 hours after launching it; originally, Pokemon wouldn’t collect any coins at all until they were in a gym for more than an hour, but now, it only takes 10 minutes. In addition, Niantic’s website used to specify that there is a coin limit of 50, but this section has since been removed, suggesting they might be preparing to make some changes once again.