Agents of Mayhem: Is There a Multiplayer Component?

Collin MacGregor

The newest action/adventure game Agents of Mayhem has officially released and it’s looking to bring a ton of chaos to a virtual Seoul, South Korea. Developed by Volition, this game focuses on a special agency that’s made up of various heroes that all possess special traits and skills. These can range from turning invisible to frightening enemies to creating a digital boom box that makes everyone dance. ¬†While Agents of Mayhem is largely a single player game, there is a small multiplayer component added into this title.

To be clear, there is no true in-game co-op or PvP (Player vs. Player) activity in Agents of Mayhem at the time of writing this. You will never see another agent during your playthrough and the only way to test your skills is against the hordes of A.I. soldiers looking to fill you with lead. Yet, there is a pseudo co-op mode that is focused around groups of people coming together to meet specific requirements.

Found under the “Missions” section of The Ark, players can select the Contracts tab to open up the online portion of Agents of Mayhem. Once in here, users can pick from a variety of different activities such as killing 15 enemies while at low health with Joule or obtaining over 18,000 in cash. All of the active challenges can be completed at any time, but if you want to finish the Daily challenges there will be a time limit.

This is where the multiplayer part kicks in as users can all join a single Daily Challenge and work together to complete it. These objectives will typically be rather large like obtaining 4,000 resources, so it’s best if you tackle it together with others. Users can see how many people are attempting the challenge under the time limit, along with the current progress made towards finishing the various goals. If completed, players will be rewarded a lot of cash and an Upgrade Core to use.

We highly recommend always joining the Daily Contract, simply because it’s one of the best ways to earn loot for simply playing Agents of Mayhem.