BlizzCon 2017: Times for Pre Show & Opening Ceremonies

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The best time in LA this weekend isn’t going to be at some celeb’s house party. It’s not going to be at a gala or some movie premiere. No the best time to be had is at BlizzCon 2017 and it’s hard to wait even another minute for it to begin. It doesn’t help that Blizzard has a running clock, like it’s doomsday, on every part of their website, but speaking of clocks. Here is the schedule of events and the official start time for tomorrow’s opening ceremonies.

3 Places To Watch The Opening Ceremonies & It’s On Three Stages

Celebrate 25 Years with Blizzard Entertainment | BlizzCon 2016 (Official)25 years ago, a small group of gamers set out to create the kinds of game experiences they loved playing—and Blizzard Entertainment was born. Since then, the team at Blizzard has transported millions of people around the world to fantastic worlds of fantasy and science fiction. Subscribe to GameSpot!

It’s about the epic adventure. You heard the announcer in the video. It’s about the Blizzard universes you love and the games your girlfriend get’s mad at you for playing late into the evening. Just remember it’s what you look forward to all year and it’s only a few hours away.

Featured in the Arena, the North Hall, and Hall D; this years BlizzCon opening ceremonies will be live on 3 stages. Tune into the Pre Show at 10 AM PT and then buckle in for the opening ceremonies at 11 AM PT.

If your from my neck of the woods and are bad at math; the ceremonies begin at 2 PM ET.

You Can’t Set Fireworks Off Inside So Look To Gameplay

Conan Plays "World Of Warcraft" At BlizzCon '13Conan provides color commentary for the championship game — which he doesn't understand in the slightest. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on TBS & Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos: For Full Episodes of CONAN on TBS,…2013-11-21T10:29:31.000Z

Tune in to Blizzard Entertainment’s annual convention, BlizzCon, at the Anaheim Convention Center and get ready to smack that GG Button. Your favorite games are ready. The best casters in the world are ready to call them.

It’s time to grab your costume, your energy drink of choice, and go cheer as loud as you can. Wait, where is your costume? It’s at the dry cleaners! Okay, fine it’s death by snu snu.

There will be quite the show on November 3-4, 2017, because there is action enough for everyone. The Heroes Global Championship Finals conclude in dramatic fashion. It’s out of this world how quickly this game has grown but remember it’s a MOBA. That means get ready to blame everyone else, in the crowd, when your team loses.

Also, in case you forgot, the Overwatch World Cup is up and running. If your from the USA it will be the only world cup action around, so cheer on your favorite country. It’s an exciting format for esports and it’s one of the hottest game out there. I just want everyone to know that flat out I’m voting for Canada and my mate @pokelawls.

If that doesn’t do it for you maybe you’ve heard of the StarCraft II WCS Finals. If your fingers don’t blister from the APM, you retinas will probably burn seeing the whole world’s best, on the biggest stage. Just watch out for buried banelings;they’re still a heart-breaker.

Wait, we didn’t even get to the tavern brawl! The Hearthstone Inn-Vitational is on the docket as well. The WoW Arena World Championship too.

It may just be that there is just too much awesome gaming action in one place at one time. Too many fans celebrating their love of the fantastic games Blizzard Entertainment has produced over the years.

The laughter, the happiness, the buzz of the crowd, the many great costumes, custom videos, and amazing fan art. Simply put, it’s BlizzCon 2017; you better be ready.

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