Monster Hunter World: All Weapon Combos

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Monster Hunter World has a ton of weapons to master. Not only that, but each weapon has often tricky combos to pull off different moves. To get the most out of each weapon, you’ll not only have to learn how to do each combo but when to use them in battle.

Here’s a list of every weapon combo in the game. Be sure to share weapon tips in the comment section below if you have them.

Note: A dash indicates when buttons are pressed in sequence and a + indicates when they are pushed at the same time. Also, button prompts will be listed with the corresponding button for PS4 and then the one for Xbox One.

Additional research from the Monster Hunter World Wiki.

Sword & Shield

The Sword & Shield strikes a great balance between offense, maneuverability, and defense, making it the perfect weapon for beginners.

Chop – Triangle/Y

Advancing Slash – Triangle/Y + Circle/B

Note: Performing an Advancing Slash uphill or toward a ledge will result in a terrain-specific attack.

Guard – R2/RT

Note: You can use items and the Slinger even with the sword and shield drawn by holding R2/RT.

Shield Attack – Left stick + Circle/B

Guard Slash – R2/RT + Circle/B

Rising Slash – R2/RT + Triangle/Y

Charge Slash (Midcombo) – Left Stick Down + Circle/B (Hold)

Falling Shash – Triangle/Y after successful Charge Slash

Falling Bash – Circle/B after successful Charge Slash

Note: The Falling Shash has a chance to mount a monster if it connects while the Falling Bash does blunt damage and has a chance to stun.

Basic Combo – Chop – Side Slash – Sword/Shield Combo

Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Basic Combo (W/ Advancing Slash) – Advancing Slash – Short Shield Bash – Chop – Side Slash – Sword/Shield Combo

(Triangle/Y + Circle/B) – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Basic Combo (Out of Guard) – Guard – Rising Slash – Chop – Side Slash – Sword/Shield Combo

Hold R2/RT – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Note: Start the basic combo from a guard to add one more attack to the combo.

Powerful Combo – Lateral Slash – Return Stroke – Roundslash – Backstep & Advancing Slash

Circle/B – Circle/B – Circle/B – Circle/B

Note: Combos involving the backstep allow you to evade enemy attacks and then counterattack.

Powerful Combo (W/ Charged Slash) – Lateral Slash – Return Stroke – Roundslash – Backstep & Charged Slash

Circle/B – Circle/B – Circle/B – Hold Circle/B

Combo Used to Stun Foes – Shield Attack – Shield Bash – Hard Bash – Backstep & Advancing Slash

(Left Stick + Circle/B) – Circle/B – Circle/B – Circle/B

Combo Used to Stun Foes (W/ charged slash) – Shield Attack – Shield Bash – Hard Bash – Backstep & Charged Slash

(Left Stick + Circle/B) – Circle/B – Circle/B – Hold Circle/B

Long Sword

A close range weapon that specializes in fluid combos and evasion. It cannot be used to guard but you can use attacks to charge up the Spirit Gauge and unleash powerful attacks.

Hits with Spirit Roundslash change the Spirit Gauge’s color while increasing attack power. The Spirit Gauge changes from white to yellow to red.

Step Slash – Triangle/Y

Thrust – Circle/B

Fade Slash – Triangle/Y + Circle/B

Spirit Blade – R2/RT

Spirit Thrust – R2/RT + Triangle/Y

Spirit Helmbreaker – Triangle/Y after successful Spirit Thrust

Note: Spirit Thrust is powerful but expends one Spirit Gauge color level. But if it connects, the gauge begins to fill automatically and is fastest when the gauge is red. The power of the Helmbreaker is at maximum when the gauge is red and hits multiple times as the user leaps and slashes downward.

Foresight Slash – R2/RT + Circle/B

Note: The Step Slash lets you advance towards the enemy to attack. The Fade Slash lets you attack while backstepping and avoiding attack. Use the thrust attack for a quick poke at long range. The spirit blade attacks are powerful so long as you have enough spirit gauge. The Spirit Gauge goes up as you use regular attacks. Foresight Slash provides a long invulnerability window and can be performed mid-combo, so use it after dodging to fill the Spirit Gauge before doing a Spirit Blade attack to chain into a Spirit Roundslash.

Step Slash into Basic Combo – Step Slash – Overhead Slash – Thrust – Rising Slash

Triangle/Y – Triangle/y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Fade Slash into Basic Combo – Fade Slash – Overhead Slash – Thrust – Rising Slash

(Triangle/Y + Circle/B) – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Thrust into Basic Combo – Thrust – Overhead Slash – Rising Slash

Circle/B – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Note: You can repeat the basic combo however many times you like just by pressing the Triangle/Y button. Start with either a Step Slash, Fade Slash, or Thrust and then keep hitting the Triangle/Y button.

Spirit Blade Combo – Spirit Blade I – Spirit Blade II – Spirit Blade III – Spirit Roundslash

R2/RT – R2/RT – R2/RT – R2/RT

Fade Slash Spirit Blade Combo – Fade Slash – Spirit Jumping Slash – Spirit Blade III – Spirit Roundslash

Triangle/Y + Circle/B – R2/RT – R2/RT – R2/RT

Note: You can do a Spirit Thrust or Foresight Slash in the middle of a combo as well as after Spirit Blade III as a combo ender instead of a Spirit Roundslash.

Dual Blades

Dual Blades lets you get right in the enemy’s face with a flurry of blows and then turn up the heat by going into Demon Mode.

Double Slash – Triangle/Y

Lunging Strike – Circle/B while moving

Note: Triangle/Y and Circle/B can be chained together freely.

Demon Mode – R2/RT

Note: Activate Demon Mode for stronger combos and altered movement and evasion at the cost of gradually decreasing stamina. It also makes you immune to knockback. As you connect hits in Demon Mode, the Demon Gauge fills up. Completely filling it up activates Archdemon Mode, which enhances some actions and increases attack at the cost of draining the Demon Gauge.

Cartwheel Attack – Triangle/Y after jumping from a ledge in Demon/Archdemon Mode

Blade Dance – Triangle/Y + Circle/B while in Demon/Archdemon Mode

Basic Combo – Double Slash – Double Slash Return Stroke – Circle Slash

Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Lunging Strike Combo – Lunging Strike – Left Roundslash

Circle/B – Circle/B

Lunging Strike into Basic Combo – Lunging Strike – Rising Slash- Double Slash – Double Slash Return Stroke – Circle Slash

Circle/B – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Note: You can also do a basic combo after a Left Roundslash in a Lunging Strike Combo.

Lunging Strike Chain Combo – Lunging Strike – Left Roundslash – Double Slash – Repeat

Circle/B – Circle/B – Traingle/Y – Repeat

Note: You can constantly move forward while attacking with the above combo.

Demon Mode Basic Combo – (In Demon Mode) Demon Fangs – Twofold Demon Slash – Sixfold Demon Slash

Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Blade Dance – (In Demon Mode) Triangle/Y + Circle/B

Note: You can do a Blade Dance after a Demon Mode Basic Combo for massive damage. Just try not to leave yourself vulnerable.

Great Sword

Great Swords sacrifice your speed and mobility for powerful, wide blows.

Overhead Slash – Triangle/Y (Hold to charge)

Wide Slash – Circle/B

Rising Slash – Triangle/Y + Circle/B

Note: You can do a Rising Slash in beginning, middle, or end of a combo. Same goes for the Overhead Slash.

Guard – R2/RT

Kick – Guard (R2/RT) + Triangle/Y

Basic Combo – Wide Slash – Tackle – Jumping Wide Slash

Circle/B – Circle/B – Circle/B

Note: Tackle makes you immune to flinching or being knocked back. Use it while a monster is attacking to continue your combo. You can also do a tackle while charging a Charged Slash and will get more powerful depending on whether you do it during a Charged Slash, Strong Charged Slash, or True Charged Slash.

Basic Combo while Staying in Place – Wide Slash – Rising Slash – Wide Slash

Circle/B – (Triangle/Y + Circle/B) – Circle/B

Rising Slash into Overhead Slash – Rising Slash – Overhead Slash

(Triangle/Y + Circle/B) – Triangle/Y

Charged Slash Combo – Overhead Slash – Side Blow – Charged Slash

Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Note: You can also do a Side Blow after a Jumping Wide Slash.

True Charged Slash Combo – Charged Slash – Strong Charged Slash – True Charged Slash

Hold Triangle/Y – (Left Stick Forward + Hold Triangle/Y) – (Left Stick Forward + Hold Triangle/Y)

Note: There are three tiers to charging your blade. As you hold down the button, you go through each tier till you reach the third one. You’ll know when you reached a tier when your body glows red.

Basic Combo out of Guard – Guard – Kick – Tackle – Side Blow

Hold R2/RT – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y


Hammers are heavy weapons that have you attacking monsters at point blank range, dealing massive damage and potentially stunning them if hit in the head.

Overhead Smash – Triangle/Y

Big Bang – Circle/B

Note: The Big Bang can be repeated up to five times if each attack hits, with each one dealing more damage.

Charge Attack – R2/RT (Hold to charge)

Power Charge – Circle/B while charging

Note: Power Charge boosts attack and stun power, and also makes you immune to flinching while charging. It also changes the motion of your Charged Attack. This effect lasts until you either sheath the hammer, are hit by an enemy attack that causes you to flinch, or are hit with an attack that sends you flying.

Side Smash – Left Control Stick + Triangle/Y

Basic Combo – Overhead Smash I – Overhead Smash II – Upswing

Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Basic Combo from Side Smash – Side Smash – Overhead Smash II – Upswing

(Left Control Stick + Triangle/Y) – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Note: The Side Smash is faster than the Overhead Smash but not as strong.

Combo from Tier 1 Charge – Charged Side Blow – Charged Follow-up – Overhead Smash I

Hold R2/RT Until Tier 1 Charge – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Combo from Tier 2 Charge – Charged Brutal Upswing – Side Smash – Overhead Smash II – Upswing

Hold R2/RT Until Tier 2 Charge – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Charged Brutal Big Bang – Hold R2/RT Until Tier 3 Charge (Cannot follow up with a combo)

Dash Upswing – Release Tier 2 charge while moving.

Spinning Bludgeon – Release Tier 3 charge while moving

Spinning Side Smash – Triangle/Y after 1st spin of Spinning Bludgeon

Spinning Followup – Triangle/Y after 2nd or 3rd spin of Spinning Bludgeon

Spinning Strong Upswing – Triangle/Y after 4th or 5th spin of Spinning Bludgeon

Cannonball Spin – Release charge while jumping off a ledge

Hunting Horn

Hunting Horns are a heavy weapon that can provide buffs for you and allies.

Note 1 Attack – Triangle/Y

Note 2 Attack – Circle/B

Note 3 Attack – Triangle/Y + Circle/B

Note: All three of these attacks can be chained with themselves and each other.

Perform – R2/RT

Note: Performing after doing a specific combo will create buffs for all hunters in an area. Doing multiple combos and then performing will create multiple buffs. Combos are listed in the top right corner of the screen. You can store multiple song combos and choose which ones to activate.

Perform Melody 2 – R2/RT + Triangle/Y

Perform Melody 3 – R2/RT + Circle/B

Strong Combo – Circle/B – (Left Stick + Triangle/Y + Circle/B) – (Triangle/Y + Circle/B) – (Left Stick + Triangle/Y)


Lances are slow yet strong and wide reaching weapons. They are better at guarding than any other weapon and allow you to poke at the enemy from a distance while backstepping to avoid attacks.

Mid Thrust – Triangle/Y

High Thrust – Circle/B

Wide Sweep – Triangle/Y + Circle/B

Guard – Hold R2/RT

Note: Guarding an attack while your shield is up will make you do an automatic counterattack. You can quickly tap R2/RT rather than holding it for a Cancel Thrust.

Counter Thrust – Hold R2/RT + Circle/B

Guard Thrust – Hold R2/RT + Triangle/Y

Dash Attack – Hold R2/RT + Triangle/Y + Circle/B

Cancel Thrust – Tap R2/RT + Circle/B

Power Guard – R2/RT + X/A

Pressing R2/RT + X/A while charging a Counter Thrust or during guard reactions will activate Power Guard. This will reduce the stun time from guarding greatly until your gradually depleting stamina runs out, allowing you to counter attack quicker.

Guard Dash – Hold R2/RT + Left Stick Forward + Triangle/Y

Dash Attack – R2/RT + Triangle/Y + Circle/B

Cancel Dash Attack – X/A during Dash Attack

Finishing Thrust – Triangle/Y during Dash Attack

Two-Step Finishing Thrust – Triangle/Y after Finishing Thrust

Jump – Left Stick Forward + X/A during Dash Attack

Dash Attack Jump Combo – Dash Attack – Jump – Dash Jump Thrust – Dash Jump Finishing Thrust

(R2/RT + Triangle/Y + Circle/B) – (Left Stick Forward + X/A) – (X/A + Triangle/Y) – Triangle/Y

Turn Around – Left Stick Back + Triangle/Y during Dash Attack

Reverse Attack – Triangle/Y after Turn Around

Side Dash – Left Stick Left or Right + X/A during Dash Attack

Backstep – X/A or X/A + Left Stick

Mid Thrust Combo – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

High Thrust Combo – Circle/B – Circle/B – Circle/B

Wide Sweep Combo – (Triangle/Y + Circle/B) – (Triangle/Y + Circle/B) – (Triangle/Y + Circle/B)

Note: You can mix and match Mid Thrusts, High Thrusts, and Wide Sweeps together in a three hit combo. You can also backstep during or after a combo.

Closing Attacks While Guarding – Guard Dash – Leaping Thrust – Mid or High Thrust

(Hold R2/RT + Left Stick + Triangle/Y) – Circle/B – Triangle/Y or Circle/B

Endless Thrusting Combo – Cancel Thrust – Mid or High Thrust – Repeat

(Tap R2/RT + Circle/B) – Triangle/Y or Circle/B


Gunlances are similar to Lances but with slightly less effective defensive capabilities and much stronger offensive ones with shelling attacks that provide additional damage at the end of combos.

Lateral Thrust – Triangle/Y

Rising Slash – Triangle/Y + Circle/B

Shelling – Circle/B

Reload – Hold R2/RT + Circle/B

Note: You can shell after a combo for extra damage. You can do this five times before needing to reload.

Lunging Upthrust – Left Control Stick + Triangle/Y

Note: Use the Lunging Upthrust to close the gap on an enemy before going into a combo.

Guard – Hold R2/RT

Guard Thrust – Hold R2/RT + Triangle/Y

Wyvern’s Fire – Hold R2/RT + Triangle/Y + Circle/B

Note: Wyvern’t Fire sends out a powerful charge of energy after a short while. The weapon will need to cool down by sheathing before it can pull off the move again. You can move the direction of the blast as you’re charging.

Jumping Rising Slash – Triangle/Y while sliding downhill

Jumping Thrust – Triangle/Y after Jumping Rising Slash

Aerial Burst – Circle/B after Jumping Rising Slash

Note: You can use a Wyrmstake Cannon attack after landing from an Aerial Burst attack by pressing Circle/B when you land.

Jumping Smash – R2/RT after Jumping Rising Slash

Lateral Thrust Combo – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Lunging Upthrust Combo – Lunging Upthrust – Thrust – Thrust – Shelling

(Left Stick Forward + Triangle/Y) – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Circle/B

Burst Fire Combo – Rising Slash – Overhead Smash – Burst Fire

(Triangle/Y + Circle/B) – Triangle/Y – Circle/B

Wyrmstake Cannon Combo – Rising Slash – Overhead Smash – Wide Sweep – Wyrmstake Cannon

(Triangle/Y + Circle/B) – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y or Circle/B

Wyrmstake Cannon Shelling Combo – Shelling – Shelling – Wyrmstake Cannon

Circle/B – Circle/B – Circle/B

Note: The above two combos are powerful and hit multiple times but you will need to reload before you can do it again.

Switch Axe

A transforming weapon that lets you swing around a powerful and wide range axe while charing up to transform into a faster sword mode with explosive finishers.

Morph – R2/RT

Note: You can morph between modes mid combo. You can use Sword Mode so long as you have enough charge in your Sword Guage. The guage is charged automatically in Axe Mode.

Axe Mode

Side Slash – Triangle/Y

Wild Swing – Circle/B

Note: Wild Swing can be repeated over and over until you run out of stamina by repeatedly pressing Circle/B.

Wild Swing (Continuous) – Circle/B Repeatedly

Rising Slash – Triangle/Y + Circle/B

Forward Slash – Left Control Stick Forward + Triangle/Y

Fade Slash – Left Control Stick Backward + Circle/B

Basic Combo – Side Slash – Rising Slash – Overhead Slash

Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Basic Combo from Forward Slash – Forward Slash – Side Slash – Rising Slash – Overhead Slash

(Left Stick + Triangle/Y) – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Wild Swing Combo – Wild Swing – Overhead Slash

Circle/B – Triangle/Y

Wild Swing Morph Combo – Wild Swing – Morph Sweep

Circle/B – R2/RT

Sword Mode

Overhead Slash – Triangle/Y

Double Slash – Circle/B

Element Discharge – Triangle/Y + Circle/B

Note: Tap Triangle/Y rapidly to build up energy after the Element Discharge connects to unleash it in an explosion that does massive damage at the cost of the phial meter.

Overhead Slash Combo – Overhead Slash (Triangle/Y) – Right Rising Slash (Triangle/Y) – Left Rising Slash (Triangle/Y)

Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Double Slash Combo – Double Slash – Heavenward Flurry

Circle/B – Circle/B

Double Slash Combo into Element Discharge – Double Slash – Heavenward Flurry – Element Discharge

Circle/B – Circle/B – (Triangle/Y + Circle/B)

Note: You can chain Overhead Slash Combos, Double Slash Combos, and Element Discharges into each other and repeat them so long as you have enough charge in the gauge.

Zero Sum Discharge – Triangle/Y + Circle/B while Elemental Awakening meter is full

Note: The Zero Sum Discharge stabs the monster with the sword and then climbs up onto it to unleash the phial’s explosion.

Charge Blade

Charge Blades let you build up charge as a sword with mobile attacks and strong guarding before unleashing power in its strong axe mode. You build up Sword Energy as you attack in sword mode. If you build up too much, your attacks will bounce off. Perform Charge Phials while the gauge is yellow or above to fill a phial, which can be used in axe mode to perform powerful attacks.

Sword Mode

Weak Slash – Triangle/Y

Charge Slash – Circle/B (Hold to charge)

Forward Slash – Triangle/Y + Circle/B

Guard – Hold R2/RT

Morph Slash – R2/RT + Triangle/Y

Charge Phials – R2/RT + Circle/B

Note: Some sword mode attacks have blocking frames such as the end of Spinning Slash or the start of Morph Slash. You’ll block automatically if an attack hits while your shield is facing forward.

Basic Combo – Weak Slash – Return Stroke – Spinning Slash

Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Forward Slash Combo – Forward Slash – Return Stroke – Spinning Slash

(Triangle/Y + Circle/B) – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Combo to Condensed Elemental Slash – Charged Double Slash – Charge Phials – Condensed Elemental Slash

Hold Circle/B – (R2/RT + Circle/B) – Hold Triangle/Y then release

Note: Condensed Element Slash and Charged Double Slash will not work properly if you hold down the button for too long. Be sure to release the button at the right time.

Sliding Slash Combo – Weak Slash – Sliding Slash

Triangle/Y – Left Stick Forward + Circle/B

Combo into Element Boost Spinning Slash – Charged Double Slash – Shield Thrust – Amped Element Discharge – Element Boost Spinning Slash

Hold Circle/B – (Triangle/Y + Circle/B) – (Triangle/Y + Circle/B) – R2/RT

Note: Using Element Boost Spinning Slash with at least one phial will add an Element Boost to your shield and increase axe mode attack and guard. It will also upgrade the Amped Element Discharge to the Super Amped Element Discharge. If you block while activating blocking frames during a sword mode attack while Element Boost is active, it will automatically yield a Phial Counter which will deal damage of the corresponding element at point blank range.

Axe Mode

Rising Slash – Triangle/Y

Element Discharge – Circle/B

Amped Element Discharge – Triangle/Y + Circle/B

Elemental Roundslash – R2/RT during the start of Amped Elemental Discharge

Note: The Elemental Roundslash stores phials in the shield and charges it while switching you back to sword mode.

Dash Slam – Left Control Stick + Triangle/Y

Morph Slash – R2/RT

Basic Combo – Rising Slash – Overhead Slash

Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Element Discharge Combo – Rising Slash or Dash Slam or Element Discharge I – Element Discharge II – Amped Element Discharge

(Triangle/Y or Triangle/Y + Left Stick or Circle/B) – Circle/B – Circle/B

Smash Combo – Element Discharge I – Element Discharge II – Smash

Circle/B – Circle/B – Traingle/Y right after your character backs up

Element Discharges while staying in axe mode – Rising Slash – Element Discharge II – Rising Slash – Element Discharge II

Triangle/Y – Circle/B – Triangle/Y – Circle/B

Insect Glaive

The Insect Glaive lets you vault into the air to attack enemies and control Kinsects that harvest extracts from monsters to boost abilities.

Rising Slash Combo – Triangle/Y

Wide Sweep – Circle/B

Thrust – Left Control Stick + Triangle/Y

Leaping Slash – Left Control Stick + Circle/B

Vault – R2/RT + X/A

Midair Evade – X/A while vaulting

Jumping Slash – Triangle/Y while vaulting

Jumping Advancing Slash – Circle/B while vaunting

Note: Can chain Midair Evade into Jumping Slash or Jumping Advancing Slash. Midair Evade can only be done twice and costs stamina. Aerial attack does mounting damage and hits multiple times if initial attack connects. The Jumping Advancing Slash hits multiple times if initial attack connects and resets dash count.

Aim – L2/LT

Mark Enemy – Hold L2/LT + R2/RT

Harvest Extract – Hold L2/LT + Triangle/Y

Recall Kinsect – Hold L2/LT + Circle/B

Melee Mark – R2/RT mid-combo

Note: Marking enemies makes Kinsect follow the target. You gain extract when tagging a monster with a Kinsect, and you gain a different extract by targeting certain body parts. Red improves attacks, white speeds up movement, orange prevents knockback while attacking, and green restores health. You can combine multiple colors for hybrid effects. Kinsect attacks will release Kinsect Powder and striking this releases an explosion with different effects depending on the Kinsect.

Basic Combo – Rising Slash Combo or Thrust – Strong Reaping Slash (Triangle/Y) – Strong Double Slash (Triangle/Y)

(Triangle/Y or Left Stick Forward + Triangle/Y) – Triangle/Y – Triangle/Y

Overhead Smash Combo – Wide Sweep or Leaping Slash – Overhead Smash

(Circle/B or Left Stick + Circle/B) – Circle/B

Note: Can chain Basic Combo into Wide Sweep Combo and vise versa. Tap Triangle/Y after an Overhead Smash for a Thrust.

Basic Combo (W/ Red Extract Stocked) – Leaping Slash – Strong Rising Slash Combo – Tornado Slash

(Left Stick Forward + Circle/B) – Triangle/Y – Circle/B

Midair Combo – Vault – Midair Evade – Jumping Advancing Slash

(R2/RT + X/A) – X/A – Circle/B


Aim – L2/LT

Fire – R2/RT

Note: Holding down R2/RT will charge the arrow up in tiers and costs stamina. Dodging after firing and then firing again also charges arrow tiers.

Charged Shot – Circle/B after firing

Note: Charged Shots fire the same arrow as the last one but at one charge tier higher.

Special Shot – Circle/B

Dragon Piercer – Triangle/Y + Circle/B

Select Coating – L1/LT + X/A or Triangle/Y

Load/Unload Coating – Triangle/Y

Note: Coatings do not need to be reloaded. Coatings will be used until they run out, are unloaded, or another coating is loaded.

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