Overwatch League: Dallas Fuel vs Seoul Dynasty Recap

The final match of the night is certainly going to be one of the most intriguing to watch. Tonight we get to see if Dallas Fuel can take down the giant that is Seoul Dynasty. This will certainly be the closest match of the night, as both teams are sporting a roster of fantastic players. This is going to be the match to watch and perhaps the West’s best chance to dislodge the South Korean dominance in the competitive scene.

We are going to consistently update this post as the match continues so you don’t miss a single thing.

Game One – Junkertown


Round One

The match opened up with Seoul on defense with them running a quad tank set up and Dallas Fuel starting with a Bastion, Widowmaker, Orisa, and Hanzo for their main damage dealers. The game opened up with Dallas quickly eliminating Seoul’s Winston allowing them to push the payload to the first chokepoint. Dallas had a hard time trying to get on the point during the second push, but they managed to get their Bastion onto the payload. This allowed them to push the payload to the first point and Seoul swapped off the quad tank set up for a triple tank with Junkrat.

Widowmaker was swapped for Reaper on Fuel’s side, but a big Graviton Surge from Seoul let them slow the western team down. Fuel dropped a Supercharger which gave them some breathing room, but it wasn’t enough and Seoul stopped them once again. The third push was more successful thanks to Harryhook’s Bastion who kept shutting down Dynasty’s tanks. With that, Dallas secured the second point and pushed into the third point with a Death Blossom ultimate.

Seagull swapped to the Junkrat which let them consistently keep the pressure on Seoul during their game. After a solid Death Blossom and Whole Hog on the side of Dallas, they secured the point with a 1:03 on the clock.

Round Two

Dynasty decided to run a Reaper, Widowmaker, and Reinhardt on the first attack with Dallas using a more traditional set up in Orisa, Junkrat, and Roadhog. Fleta quickly took down the Fuel Widowmaker and opened up room for Dynasty to push the cart. Dallas attempted to contest the point but were wiped out by a Death Blossom on the side of Seoul. Securing the first point, Dynasty kept pushing the cart and were about to be blown up by a Junkrat tire until ryujehong destroyed it with Ana.

Nano Boosting Reaper initiated an attack, but it wasn’t enough as Dallas Fuel held the second point. Once again Fleta picked off the western Widowmaker, but he was caught by Fuel’s Roadhog and killed. The next push saw Seoul massacred by a RIP Tire / Orisa combo that forced them out of cover. The next push saw Seoul’s Munchkin tear through Dallas’ support as Reaper, allowing them to keep pushing the cart. With only a minute left, Fuel decided to commit to the defense.

Seagull claimed two with a RIP Tire and Dallas forced Dynasty to go into Overtime. However, Seoul barely secured the second point but lost their Mercy ultimate in the process. The next fight was far more decisive as Seoul quickly killed multiple players. Fleta continued to prove an issue on the Widowmaker, but it wasn’t enough. Dallas Fuel secured the first game against Seoul Dynasty.

Dallas Fuel – 1, Seoul Dynasty – 0

Game Two – Temple of Anubis

Overwatch Anubis

Round One

Opening this round was Seoul on defense once again who decided to run the Orisa / Widowmaker high ground defense. On attack, Seoul ran a D.Va, Roadhog, Orisa, and a Widowmaker as their primary DPS. Fuel opened by pushing left to deny Dynasty a sightline on them, allowing them to pick off three players on the side of Seoul. This lets Dallas quickly take the first point and let them apply pressure on Seoul. Things only got more out of hand from here with Dallas’ Widowmaker, Effect, killing three people letting them force their way inside. Seoul didn’t last long in the firefight and Fuel secured the second point with a staggering 6:14 left on the clock.

Round Two

Dallas decided to run their Orisa defense on the normal mid ground and Seoul ran a traditional dive composition. Seoul quickly pushed in and dropped Dallas’ Soldier: 76 almost instantaneously. The Dynasty team managed to put some serious pressure on Dallas and forced them back temporarily. However, Seoul was cut in half and they had to regroup with their Tracer and Genji behind Fuel’s defenses. Harryhook delivered a powerful Tactical Visor, but it wasn’t enough to stop Seoul from capturing the first point.

Seoul moved to the next point with five ultimates, but Miro died early on his Winston to Dallas’ DPS. Turns out that Seoul didn’t need him as they quickly took the point from Fuel with a little more than four minutes on the clock.

Round Three

Seoul was on the attack for the second time and decided to run their usual dive composition. Switching things up, Dallas decided to run a Junkrat as one of their DPS. This was not enough and Seoul quickly picked apart the Dallas Fuel defense. Securing the first point, Seoul pushed onto the second point but lost their Tracer to a RIP Tire. Seoul’s Tracer wasn’t down for long as their Mercy resurrected him allowing this Tracer to continue applying pressure. Dynasty secured the second point with 3 minutes left on the clock.

Round Four

Dallas opened up with a very aggressive attack that let them force Seoul off of the first point quickly. A lot of this was thanks to the great tank work from Fuel who focused both the DPS and Support players on the side of Seoul. Taking the first point, Dallas snowballed their momentum onto the second point and began the engagement by quickly picking off a player before the fight even began. Even though Seoul offered a strong defense, Dallas Fuel’s aggressive nature overwhelmed Seoul. Fuel took the second point with around 4 minutes on the clock.

Round Five

Dallas continued to run their normal defensive position and Seoul stuck with their dive set up. However, Dallas was more spread out, but Fleta killed four players on Dallas Fuel with his Genji. Dynasty took the first point with just under three minutes left on the clock. Dallas decided to bring out a Sombra on the second point defense, but they were not able to keep the momentum going. Fuel managed to stabilize by killing the DPS on the side of Seoul.

The second push from Seoul was strong as they managed to force their way onto the point. Fleta activated his Dragonblade, but it was quickly countered by Fuel’s Zenyatta. Now losing the point, Dallas began to stall as much as possible to whittle down the clock of Dynasty. The match ended with Seoul having 11 seconds left on the clock when they captured the second point.

Round Six

Seoul secured the high ground with Orisa, Widowmaker, D.Va, and Zenyatta on defense. Dallas decided to run a triple tank set up and moved right once again to dodge the sightlines of Seoul Dynasty. However, their push was no successful and Fleta picked Dallas apart with his Widowmaker forcing a retreat. The second push from Fuel wasn’t any better as they were surrounded and ripped apart by Dynasty’s defense. Establishing a crossfire on both high ground positions, Seoul was able to quickly pick them apart before they make their way to the point.

Seoul continued to dominate thanks to Fleta consistently weakening every attack from Dallas. Fuel had a hard time establishing a strong foothold this round until the very end. Thanks to a Dragonblade from Effect, Dallas was able to take the first point and pushed to the second control area with 30 seconds on the clock. Taimou took down Fleta with a Tactical Visor and a massive brawl ensued on the last point. The dust finally cleared and Seoul /finally/ secured victory against Dallas on Temple of Anubis.

Seoul Dynasty – 1, Dallas Fuel – 1

Game Three – Ilios

Overwatch Ilios

Round One

The first level on Ilios was Lighthouse and Seoul decided to run a Pharah to switch things up. Dallas went for a dive comp with Taimou on the Widowmaker. The first battle opened up with Dallas quickly killing Miro when he dived their supports. However, this wasn’t enough and Seoul was able to turn the fight around and secure the control point first. Dynasty’s Pharah flanked behind Fuel, but failed to deliver an effective Barrage. Despite being down a player. Seoul managed to stall Dallas from taking the point until it hit 83%.

Fuel and Dynasty had a scrappy fight that resulted in multiple players trading on both sides. However, because Fuel was fighting off the point Seoul was able to flip the point and force the game into Overtime. This was too much for Dallas and they lost the first map on Ilios.

Round Two

Well is the second map in this game and both teams ran largely the same team compositions. Seoul opened up with an impressive dive that quickly shut down Dallas Fuel and allowed them to secure the point. A McCree was then picked up by Dallas, but it wasn’t enough to stop Fleta’s Pharah who used Barrage at point-blank range to devastate Dallas. Fuel’s second push was a bit stronger with Taimou landing a mid-air grenade on Seoul’s Pharah. Yet, the stall from Dynasty was too strong and they were able to zone Dallas’ players. Seoul masterfully separated and picked up Fuel’s attack causing them to take Ilios.

Seoul Dynasty – 2, Dallas Fuel – 1

Game Four – Numbani

Overwatch Numbani

Round One

Seoul opened up this match on defense with a mix of dive tanks and a more stable, forward damaging DPS duo. Dallas decided to sport a traditional dive comp with the exception of Taimou who was using Soldier: 76. Pushing straight down the middle, Dallas managed to work their way into the backline of Seoul. This allowed them to collapse on Dynasty from all sides and quickly take the control point from them with little effort. Taimou pushed up and helped apply pressure while his team pushed the payload. Munchkin killed two with his Tactical Visor, but it wasn’t enough to Dallas from pushing the card further along the path.

Once they got to the second point, ryujehong slept the Dallas’ Winston and Seoul dropped a D.Va Self Destruct to instantly kill him. This allowed Dynasty to stabilize and hold the point for this and the next attack that Dallas made. On the third push, Taimou managed to pick up three kills with his own Tactical Visor, letting Dallas take the point with three minutes left on the clock. Ryujehong swapped to the Zenyatta allowing them to become even more aggressive. Forcing Dallas back, Seoul stalled the push onto the third point.

Another big fight took place where both teams ended up using their support ultimates to try and keep their teammates alive. However, Fleta showed a lot of patience and waited out the various support ultimates before using his Dragonblade to secure the hold. The next fight saw Fleta die quickly and Dallas finally regain some momentum on the payload. Seoul was taken apart, but they managed to keep trickling in and stall the point into Overtime. Fuel secured their attack, but will only have thirty seconds if they attack again.

Round Two

Dallas decided to use Torbjorn on defense who was backed by a strong dive composition. Dynasty ran that troublesome Pharah which let Seoul overwhelm Dallas. In under a minute, Seoul secured the first point and Dallas swapped the Torbjorn for a McCree. Expecting this, Dynasty dropped the Pharah for a Widowmaker. Seoul was briefly stalled pushing to the second point, but they were able to force back Fuel’s defensives. Fleta swapped off the Widowmaker for Doomfist, which surprised Dallas and let Seoul take the second point with little resistance.

The third push saw Dallas breakout the Reinhardt and Zarya which stonewalled Seoul’s first push. Another team fight broke out, but Taimou shutdown a peaking Munchkin with his High Noon. Seoul found themselves struggling to take control of the point and decided to bring their own Reinhardt. Doomfist was also swapped to Reaper. This is what Seoul needed and it let them push the payload a bit farther. Fuel regrouped and forced Seoul back, making sure to hold onto both of their support ultimates.

Making another push with only a minute left, both teams used Graviton Surges that forced out both Zenyatta ultimates. Thanks to some great tank work, Seoul pushed the payload to the final point while in Overtime.

Round Three

Seoul was back on defense and Dallas decided to just jump right onto the point. This was highly ineffective as the defense of Dynasty tore them apart. Much of this was thanks to Fleta’s Pharah who simply rained down death while the rest of his team counter-dove. Dallas Fuel’s second and final attack, they were once again stalled and killed. Dallas failed to capture any ticks on the control point and they were placed on defense.

Round Four

Dallas on defense again, they decided to run only one support (Mercy) and hoped the Torbjorn was going to help kill the Seoul Pharah. Dynasty was more patient this time and decided to wait until the last second to dive onto Fuel. Yet, they wasted too much time and were killed by Dallas’ defenses. Unable to secure a tick from Fuel, Seoul ended the round with 0% on their control point. This caused a draw on Numbani and ultimately gave Seoul the win.

Winner: Seoul Dynasty – 2

Dallas Fuel – 1

One Draw