How to Buy Clothes on PUBG Mobile (Updated!)

how to buy clothes in pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile took off like wildfire when it launched and it has been going strong ever since – and for good reason. Unlike Fortnite on mobile, PUBG Mobile benefited from a team of developers who adapted controls and gameplay from PC to mobile so smoothly that there was hardly any hitch at all.

As such, PUBG Mobile feels and looks exactly like the PC version. Each match gives even the most inexperienced players a fighting chance to be in the top ten with map design and easy to learn controls. Team-based matches with friends are just as much fun, providing yet another option for gamers that might not have a PC or an Xbox.

Not everything is the same, however. A rather unfortunate change from the PC version to PUBG Mobile is the lack of clothes provided at the start. Your default set covers the important bits, but that is about it. So, if you’re looking to get similar items to what you have on Steam, here is a guide on How To Buy clothes in PUBG mobile.

Daily Log-In

Whether or not you’re playing at that moment, it is important to open up the app and log-in anyway. This will give you steady rewards and clothes without having to play even one match. You will be mostly dressed in about a week, even if the clothes may not be your ultimate choice.

Pants, apparently, take a little longer to come by. The daily log-in rewards change every week to keep you coming back and getting the items you really want. Logging in every day will also earn you Battle Points, which you can use to open certain crates or reset your appearance.

The Soldier’s Crate

Once you have earned enough Battle Points (BP), then you can open the soldier’s crate. This is usually a gamble of every clothing item in the game, so be ready to receive random items that you may not want. The soldier’s crate will increase its price exponentially if you try to open it more than once a day so it might be best to wait for it to reset before you try it again.

Battle Points are earned through the daily log-in rewards, daily missions and events, and just playing the game. The more experience you get, the more Battle Points you will earn and the more soldier’s crates you can buy.

Spend UC on PUBG Crates

The only way to earn UC is to buy them through microtransactions. Once acquired, you can spend them on special crates. The special crate currently available is the current PUBG Crate, which features an orange prison outfit and a school uniform. The PUBG Crate costs 150 UC, which will run you about $3 USD.

The rates for UC are as follows (bonus units not included): $0.99 for 60 UC, $2.99 for 180 UC, $10.99 for 600 UC, $26.99 for 1,500 UC, $54.99 for 3,000 UC, and $108.99 for 6,000 UC.

Daily Events

Completing Daily Events will earn you experience points, which you can exchange for clothes, crates, and BP. These events are usually quite simple and easy to earn, like complete two matches with friends in Arcade Mode, or survive for a total of 30 minutes.

If you really don’t like the clothes you have, you can destroy them and earn silver fragments. Once you have enough, you can exchange them for different clothes, like sunglasses and pants. At the moment, sunglasses cost 150 silver fragments, pants are 80 fragments, boots are 40 fragments, a shirt is 120 fragments.

Daily Missions

Daily Missions are a bit like stamp card, if you do enough of them, you will earn increasingly valuable crates. The idea, of course, is that you can finish all of them in one day and earn at least one crate for your troubles.

Daily Missions are also very easy to achieve with tasks like joining a match, complete two matches with friends, rank in the top ten, deal 500 damage to enemies, and plenty more. All of these are tasks all players can do, no matter how inexperienced. Just play the game and do your best, you will earn these rewards and the clothes you want eventually – without spending a dime.

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