New Pokemon in ‘Pokemon Go’: Is ??? a Shiny Ditto, Beldum, or a Bug? [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]


Twitter/The Silph Road What's this new Pokemon in Pokemon Go? Is it a bug?

A strange new Pokemon has been reported in Pokemon Go, and players aren’t sure if it’s a glitch, the Beldum they’ve been hearing about in leaks, a shiny Ditto, or just a placeholder for the end of Community Day in some regions that were never changed. It’s just labeled with question marks (“???”) and no one is sure what to think. As of Saturday morning, more than 12 hours after the “glitch” happened, Niantic still hasn’t issued an official answer yet to what’s going on, but it’s appearing more and more like this is NOT just a glitch but is something intentional. Here’s what’s been reported so far by players about the Pokemon they have nicknamed “Nutto” or “Nutty”, and what we know. If you’ve seen this strange new Pokemon also, leave a comment at the end of this story and let us know what you experienced. You can also tweet or email the author with your photo of the Pokemon to include in this story.

The New Pokemon Appeared After Community Day in the APAC Region & It Was Everywhere

The new Pokemon was reported by trainers in the APAC region right after the three-hour Community Day window concluded, but then people in the United States started reporting it too. The Silph Road tweeted about the Pokemon as if it really is a new Pokemon and not a glitch. Some people are still reporting capturing the creature and seeing it on radar, and it’s appearing more and more like this was not a glitch.

Trainers in the regions where the new Pokemon have emerged are saying that at first, it was pretty much everywhere. Redditor _Corvus_ was one of the first to note it on The Silph Road subreddit, sharing the following photo:


Some people reported late last night that the glitch was already gone, but this appeared to not be accurate. About 30 minutes after Community Day ended, the Pokemon stopped appearing everywhere. But it’s still very present in the game and appears to be everywhere in the world, from Japan to Australia to the United States and more.

The Global Marketing Lead for Niantic in Japan Tweeted About the Pokemon, Making It Seem More Likely To Be Official & Not a Bug

Here’s an interesting twist. Kento Suga, who is the global marketing lead for Niantic in Japan, tweeted a screenshot of this Pokemon.

Why would he do this if the Pokemon wasn’t official?  This makes it seem more likely that the Pokemon isn’t a glitch. His tweet linked to a hashtag of others asking about the Pokemon.

It Looks a Little Like the Beldum that Leaked, But Isn’t Acting Like a Regular Pokemon

It bears some resemblance to the Beldum that was leaked.

It’s not an exact match, but a little too similar to ignore.

Matthew Verive on Twitter/ Silph Road on Twitter

Beldum is a Steel/Psychic Pokemon that evolves into a Metang, which then evolves into a Metagross. It’s a robotic Pokemon with a long body and claws that stick out of its rear, and one large red eye in its center. Some trainers reported that it looked like a red string of some sort was sticking out of the bottom of this new Pokemon. And it does look like it has an eye in its center.

However, the strange new Pokemon is changing into a Ditto in most cases, but sometimes also a Chikorita after it’s caught. So it wasn’t acting like you would expect a new Pokemon to behave. And it doesn’t have a transformation animation. You simply catch it and then it appears to be a different Pokemon once caught.

(Read Heavy’s story about the Beldum leak here to see what we’re talking about.)

Some Trainers Say It Moves Around Like a Regular Pokemon Until It’s Caught

Some trainers believe that this just can’t be a glitch. The Pokemon jumps around and acts like a regular Pokemon until it’s caught.

Kamptia wrote to Heavy in the comments below: “Those tiny guys were popping out for half and hour after Chikorita event (at 14:30 straight all of them disappeared from nearby list and from the map). I caught around 20 of those thinking that maybe it turns to different pokemons each time but every time it turend out to be a Ditto. Since – as I heard – this was happening in all regions then I think it wasn’t a bug. Hexagonal creature had it’s own movements and attacks against being caught. So it seemed… well… planned ;)” [sic]

Here Are Videos of the Pokemon

Here’s a video that shows someone catching the Pokemon, which is just labeled “???” and then shows the Pokemon being labeled as a Chikorita after it’s caught. Click here to watch it. You can watch another video here.

This tweet also shows the strange Pokemon:

Redditor Charizardmain also shared this YouTube video from when he caught the cute Pokemon:

ditto bug (feature)2018-09-22T06:35:15.000Z

Here’s another look at the Pokemon:

Here’s another video:

Pokémon Go: Community Day mit unerwartetem Ende: Ditto Glitch !Das Ende vom Endivie Community Day war etwas seltsam. Von 14 Uhr bis ca 14:30 spawnte nur das neue Pokémon 891 aus der 8. Generation. Alle wurden zu Ditto. Habe dann Ditto Bonbons gefarmt. Leider war kein 100% dabei das wäre es noch gewesen.2018-09-22T13:43:11.000Z

Trainers Reported Seeing It in Multiple Countries & Saying It’s Usually Turning into Ditto

Trainers reported seeing the Pokemon in areas including the following. This list is long, and even more trainers are reporting additional locations in the comments at the end of the story:

  • Melbourne, Australia (Duskcsgo commented below that they caught 22 and all turned into Ditto)
  • Malaysia
  • Perth
  • Bangkok
  • Darwin, Australia
  • Korea
  • Taipei
  • Saitama
  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • Berlin, Germany (reported by commenter Marlon below)
  • Spain (reported by commenter Martin T below)
  • Hawaii (reported by commenter Matthew Moran below)
  • Philippines
  • New Zealand
  • Ohio, U.S.
  • New York City, U.S.
  • La Habra, California
  • Spokane, Washington & Seattle, Washington
  • Oregon
  • Michigan (an anonymous commenter noted below that they caught two which turned into Ditto)
  • Kentucky (Brandon reported in the comments that he and his wife caught one after 3 a.m. and both turned into Ditto)
  • Indiana (David and his friends and wife caught it after 2:30 a.m. and it turned into a Ditto, he said in a comment below)
  • Fairbanks, Alaska (shared by a commenter below)
  • Houston, Texas (Syllabelle commented below that they found one that turned into a Ditto)
  • Southern California (Phil found two that turned into Ditto)
  • David (South Bend and Mishawaka Indiana around 4 a.m.)
  • Far North Queensland Australia (A commenter caught 8 that all turned into Ditto, and were the only Pokemon on the radar at the time)
  • Pennsylvania (ForcedUnknown caught one at 4 a.m. that was a Ditto)
  • Mexico (Robert Medino is our first sighting from Mexico. His also turned into Ditto.)
  • Wisconsin (Sepansan caught one around 10 a.m. that turned into a Ditto)
  • Knoxville, Tennessee (Suzanne Rodger told Heavy she caught one around 2:15 a.m. just after Community Day started and it turned into a Ditto.)
  • England (Lizzie caught one at 7:24 p.m. local time and it turned into a Ditto)
  • Italy (Another commenter caught two in Italy around 9, within 15 minutes of each other, and both turned into Ditto.)
  • Holland/Netherlands (Sjoerd noticed all the Chikoritas turned into this Pokemon just after Community Day and were very tiny spots on the map. Caught 10. The first two changed into Chikorita and the rest Ditto. Still sees some on the radar eight hours later.)
  • San Francisco (Taylor’s turned into a Ditto)
  • San Antonio, Texas (Kalvin Martinez saw one on the radar)
  • Poland (three turned into Ditto, a commenter noted below)
  • Garden City, Idaho (A commenter and her husband caught them and they turned into Ditto)
  • Fort Worth, Texas (Turned into Ditto)
  • Amity, Arkansas (Turned into Ditto)
  • England (turned into Ditto, right after Community Day ended)
  • Barstow, California (Found them around 10:25, all turned into Ditto, no shinies, Andrew Wood noted)
  • Veenendaal, Netherlands (Turned into Ditto)
  • Poland (Seven, all turned into Dittos, MV reported)
  • Denver, Colorado (8 a.m., Ditto)
  • Bristol, CT (Midnight, three, all Dittos)
  • Vietnam (Jess505 noted they caught 10 and all were Dittos)
  • Missouri (Luc noted they started appearing last night on 9/21)
  • Northern California/Sacramento (Hannah’s turned into a Ditto, around 8:45 a.m. PST)
  • Waterloo, Ontario (Chris, turned into Ditto)
  • Manhattan, New York (Jesse)
  • Montana (Th3Revreant)
  • Finland (two, both Dittos)
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Smyrna, Georgia north fo Atlanta (turned into Ditto)
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Michigan (Bob Lazar caught his before Community Day even started)
  • Sikeston, Missouri (Garrett Stevens, both Dittos)
  • Sweden
  • Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Batavia, Illinois (hidden next to an Abra)

It appears this is might be a glitch that extended beyond Community Day, but that’s currently unclear. The longer it lasts, the more it feels intentional.

Theories Abound, From a Bug to a Shiny Ditto to a Teaser for a New Game & More

Theories abound about this strange new Pokemon. Some are saying that they thought this was a new kind of Unown at first, but that’s not the case. Others were wondering if it was supposed to be a shiny Ditto. And still others are thinking it’s just a bug or maybe a teaser for a new game.

By the way, this little Pokemon does apparently have a red tail. You can see a video of it here.

Chikorita Theories

Some trainers are saying that this Pokemon only turns into Chikorita if you shiny-check it before it changes. They are saying that it will turn into Ditto unless you tapped onto a different Pokemon before catching it, in which case it will turn into that Pokemon. (Which, since it’s emerging after Community Day ends, is a Chikorita for many trainers.) This isn’t confirmed yet. In the vast majority of cases, it’s a Ditto once caught.

Some Say It’s a Bug or a Placeholder Because of the Leak

Another theory is that this a  bug from the Chikorita event. Trainers like u/Comquack are wondering if there were simply spaces reserved for Chikorita spawning during Community Day, and this was a placeholder that took over when those spawns didn’t clear out.

Others Say This Might Be a Teaser for a New Game

Another theory is that this may be a strange Pokemon called Boltergeist that will not stay in Pokemon Go, but will be part of the new Switch game, and it’s just a teaser to get people interested.

For example, The Silph Road subreddit suggests this might be a cross-promotion for Pokemon Let’s Go, which launches in about two months and will let people transfer Pokemon from Go to Switch.

The Audio File Matches Kecleon

Meanwhile, The Silph Road has reported that the audio file for this new Pokemon matches Kecleon:

The Silph Road has not updated its Twitter account with any more details since sharing this information. But on its subreddit, the Silph Road suggested this might be a way to introduce Kecleon, a chameleon Pokemon, since some Kecleon spawns have turned out to be Dittos in disguise too. They’re suggesting maybe it was supposed to be Kecleon but a bug messed that up.

Have you caught this strange new Pokemon? What was your experience? At this point in time, it’s not known if it’s some weird kind of glitch or a legitimate new Pokemon. But since some people are reporting that it’s no longer appearing, it might have just been a bug. We might get more hints if this happens against after Community Day ends in other regions. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

This is a developing story.

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