Sinnoh Pokemon Are Coming to Pokemon Go

sinnoh pokemon

The Pokemon Company

Sinnoh Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Go, The Pokemon Company announced.

The brief trailer released Tuesday teases the three starter Pokemon, Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup, as well as the Legendary Pokemon Giratina.

The Sinnoh region is the location of the fourth generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. The generation introduced 107 new Pokemon including 22 new evolutions for existing Pokemon according to Eurogamer, so plenty more Pokemon from the four teased in the video are coming.

A specific release date for Sinnoh Pokemon hasn’t been announced yet, but we have a theory. The Halloween event for 2017 introduced ghost-type Pokemon from the Hoenn region, so it’s possible that ghost-type Pokemon from the Sinnoh region will be released for this year’s Halloween event. Backing this up is the fact that Mewtwo is leaving regular Raid Battles on October 23. It’s possible that it will be replaced with the ghost/dragon-type Giratina.

Sinnoh region Pokemon were first teased by Developer Niantic in a piece of promotional artwork celebrating the second anniversary of the game’s release. Looking closely at the image below, you can find the three starter Pokemon from the region.

In addition to the new Pokemon, significant changes to Pokemon spawns and battling are coming to the game, The Pokemon Company confirmed.

Pokemon that have their spawn rates boosted by certain weather conditions will not have their spawn rates as boosted as before. As you explore an area over time, you’ll see an increase in the variety of Pokemon that spawn and they will start spawning at different rates. Parks and nature reserves will see an increase in the variety of Pokemon.

As for how Pokemon will change for battle, CP values will be rebalanced and the gap in HP values between Pokemon will be closer. Defense and stamina stats will also be rebalanced, allowing Pokemon with high defense to better outlast attacks. However, defense stats will be slightly lowered across most Pokemon.

The arrival of the new Sinnoh Pokemon is anticipated to change the metagame of Pokemon battling as well. GamePress predicts that Rhyperior and Mamoswine will be top tier attackers thanks to their impressive stats and access to strong attack moves. Pokemon like Tangrowth, Electrive, Honchkrow and more are set to be competitive fighters as well.

What’s your favorite Pokemon from the Sinnoh region? Let us know in the comment section below.

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