How to Make Ill-Fortune Cookies (Petra’s Gift) in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Ill-Fortune Cookies Petra

The newest event for Destiny 2 has officially begun, so it’s time to get out there and start baking some treats. In order to complete specific bounties and obtain Powerful Gear during this event, you’ll need to give out gifts to different vendors across the solar system. One of these gifts is the Ill-Fortune Cookies which are given to Petra at The Dreaming City.

In order to make Ill-Fortune Cookies, you will need 1 part Dark Ether Cane, 1 part Impossible Heat, and 15 Essence of Dawning. You can obtain Dark Ether Cane by killing Scorn anywhere in the game. Every Scorn you slay will have a chance of dropping this crafting material. We recommend doing the Lost Sector in The Dreaming City’s Divalian Mists. There are a ton of Scorn in this area, so it’s pretty easy to farm this material.

For Impossible Heat, you will need to kill enemies with Solar Abilities or Solar Weapons. We have had the most success with using our Supers, but it is possible to just use a Solar gun and obtain this ingredient. Try to use a Solar weapon that isn’t an Assault Rifle or Machine Gun since those will give you the Bullet Spray ingredient sometimes.

Finally, you can obtain Essence of Dawning by completing activities, challenges, or bounties in Destiny 2. Public Events appear to be the most consistent and fastest method of farming this material. You can also just do the Ether Ritual since this is a Scorn-focused Public Event and get all the materials needed.

Once you have all the ingredients just put them in your portable oven to make the Ill-Fortune Cookies. Now just head over to Petra and give her the gift to receive your reward – a Rare item. Gee thanks, Petra.

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