5 Angry Birds Dream Blast Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Angry Birds Dream Blast – Now available worldwide!Life is a bubble-popping dream in a new puzzle game with a gameplay style never-before-seen in the Angry Birds world. Join the young Angry Birds flock to take on tons of dream bubble puzzles and help the birds catch some Zzzs, far from the clutches of the pesky pigs. ★ Download for free! rov.io/PlayABDB_yt ▶︎…2019-01-24T10:58:23.000Z

The Angry Birds crew is back!

And this time, they’re a bit younger for their next mobile game adventure. The deep slumber each baby bird has fallen into has sent them into a colorful dream state. This neon-colored plane of existence has exposed them to a world full of bubbles that need to be popped across several head-scratching puzzles. Angry Birds Dream Blast is a lot deeper than most match-three puzzlers, which is why we’ve constructed a tips guide full of advice for beginners and advanced players.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Angry Birds Dream Blast:

Download the Angry Birds Dream Blast APK here.

1. Know Your Stage Goals and Always Keep an Eye out for Bubble Matches That Are Larger Than Three

Angry Birds Dream Blast throws you into a ton of varied puzzle situations. You’ll need to pop a certain number of colored dream bubbles, clear out ice blocks by popping bubbles next to them, get eggs to the bottom of the stage, and open Pig Locks by popping a predetermined amount of dream bubbles. You’ll also be tasked with getting rid of Pig Balloons by activating any of your special bird power-ups next to them and clearing out a Nightmare Cloud by popping any dream bubbles that happens to be trapped within them.

• Since you only have a certain number of moves allotted to you, you’ll need to look for big matches during every turn. Completing a stage with a few moves left over should be your primary goal. Performing this task means you’ll need to make matches that result in three or more bubbles getting popped. This method helps you acquire the three different bird power-ups, which leads to big combos that helps clear out even more dream bubbles. This method works well within every puzzle type – creating huge dream bubble matches will push you closer to victory in just a few moves if you carefully map out your strategies.

2. How to Get Special Ability Birds and When You Should Use Them

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Rovio Entertainment Oyj

• Speaking of power-ups, there’s three of them that you can create just by making big matches. Popping four or more bubbles of the same color helps create Red Birds. Red Birds are capable of clearing out any rows that its arrow is pointing towards. Small Red Birds are created through four bubble matches and big Red Birds are created through matches that are bigger than four. Yellow Birds (Chuck) are produced when you manage to put two Red Birds together. Yellow Birds can simultaneously clear out a row and a column.

• The best power-up of ’em all is the Black Bomb Bird. All you need to do to get one is to combine two Yellow Birds together. Once activated, a Black Bomb Bird can clear out a whole bunch of bubbles and obstacles. It’s always worth creating a whole bunch of power-up birds on a puzzle so that you can create huge bubble clearing opportunities. Activating two Red Birds, two Yellow Birds, two Black Bomb Birds, or any other combination of power-up birds are valid moves to make.

3. The Best Times to Activate Each Booster

• You can get yourself out of a bad situation with three different boosters – the Shooting Star, Slingshot, and Shuffle. The Shooting Star should be used to clear out any bubbles that need to be cleared when you have five moves or left remaining to finish a stage. The Slingshot comes in handy when you need to clear out any annoying stage obstacles that are blocking your progress when you don’t have many moves left (like ice blocks, for example).

• And the Shuffle power-up comes in handy when you need to create a better bubble matching opportunity for yourself when you can’t find one within your current stage situation. The coins you get for your hard work help you purchase more power-ups – these coins are given to you by opening gift boxes and watching video advertisements. You can also pick up more boosters from those two methods, too. If you happen to rank high by the end of a Chuck Challenge, you’ll be gifted with more coins and boosters as well.

4. Level Up and Make Sure You Complete 10 Levels Per Day

• We mentioned how leveling up helps you get your claws on gift boxes. These gift boxes also come your way by completing 10 stages at a time. So by completing 10 stages on a daily basis, you can acquire the experience points you need in order to level up. And by completing the 10th, 20th, 30th etc. stage of your daily play session, you’ll walk away with an extra gift box. This daily routine should help you place high during a Chuck Challenge and net you the coins and boosters you need.

5. Take Advantage of Your Unlimited Hearts When You Get ‘Em

Angry Birds Dream Blast

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• One of the best rewards you can receive is the Unlimited Heart power-up. This power-up lets you retry a stage as much as you want before it eventually runs out. Once you acquire an Unlimited Heart retry, take advantage of it by playing as much as possible. Once you run into a tough stage, you’ll have a better chance at completing it since you have the unlimited retries needed to tackle it over and over until you beat it. This power-up works well during your daily routine of knocking out 10 stages every time you log-in.

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