5 Idle Theme Park – Tycoon Game Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Idle Theme Park - Tycoon Game

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Running a theme park (on mobile, that is) has never been more fun!

Running the day-to-day operations for your own personal theme park is a blast on Idle Theme Park – Tycoon Game. It’s up to you to keep your park patrons happy as you decrease your entrance waiting times, build better attractions, and improve those attractions so they abide by today’s modern standards. We know a thing or two about running a successful mobile fantasy land, which is why we’ve constructed this how-to tips guide for such an addictive game. Now let’s get to work!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Idle Theme Park – Tycoon Game:

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1. Spread Out Your Spending on Upgrades Evenly

Idle Theme Park - Tycoon Game

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• Once you’re given the keys to your grand theme park and are allowed to run things on your own, you’ll be tasked with earning profits and using those profits to upgrade your theme park. During the early portions of your theme park’s life cycle, focus on upgrading its “Parking” and “Entries” sections. Making sure your park is filled with visitors goes hand in hand with how much available parking you have and how optimized your entrance operation is.

• Once both those sections are upgraded to a sufficient level, switch focuses and upgrade your attractions. Throw all your profits into upgrading/building one of your rides’ various stats at a time – once the money well runs dry, let it refill before you repeat the aforementioned process with another one of your attractions. Check in with the “Management” tab every now and then to see if you have enough funds to build a new attraction. Try to save some of those funds every now and then so you can purchase a new ride and earn even more income for your theme park kingdom!

2. Be Prepared to Watch a Lot of Video Advertisements to Claim Various Rewards!

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Theme Park Idle Tycoon goes out of its way to gift you with extra advantages via video ads. Once you see an random icon pop up on the right side of your screen, be sure to tap on it to see what offer has just become available to you. Chances are you’re given the chance to view a quick video ad that gifts you with one of the following – an express lane boost, a speed boost, a instant increase in incoming customers and faster rides.

• You should also keep an eye out for the helicopter than lands on your park’s helipad – tapping on it gives you the chance to earn a ton of money once you watch the video ad attached to it. And finally, you should never pass up the chance to watch a video ad to double your income after logging off and logging back into the game. So every time a video ad pops up, watch it ASAP and reap the rewards! You’ll progress a lot faster thanks to the goodies these video ad watching opportunities grant you.

3. Completing the Tasks Listed Within Your Missions Tab = MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS!

Idle Theme Park - Tycoon Game

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• The green check icon at the top right of your screen is home to the game’s collection of in-game achievements. Completing any of the tasks listed here helps you acquire big cash rewards. You’ll also be able to get your hands on the game’s premium currency, which happens to be tokens.

• Check in with this tab on the regular to collect all the cash and tokens you need to keep your theme park running smoothly. By the way, you should only spend your tokens on the “Epic Vending Machine” – since tokens are hard to come by, you’re much better off attaining the amount needed to buy some really good figures from the VIP machine! There’s no need to waste your tokens on the regular Vending Machine. You’ll end up collecting better figures from the Epic Vending Machine that blesses each section of your park with epic upgrades.

4. Once a New Island Becomes Purchasable, Start Over Immediately!

• The map icon at the top right portion of your screen is home to the “Islands Available” section. After you earn enough funds to purchase a new island, your progress resets and you’ll need to earn everything back once more. While this process may sound like a headache, it’s far more helpful than you might think.

• Activating a reset on a new island usually means you’ll get an instant boost in earnings, which helps you make some much needed progress at a faster rate. New islands also feature new spaces for more rides, which means even more money will come your way at your newly purchased location. So every time a new island becomes affordable, activate that status reset ASAP!

5. Make Sure You Utilize the Max Time Limit for Your “VIP Campaign” Every Day

• Within the Management tab lies an extremely beneficial booster known as the VIP Campaign. Watching a video ad gives you an hourly boost that doubles your income. Every time you log into the game, the first thing you should do is make sure you fill the VIP Campaign’s accumulative maximum time meter to the max.

• You’ll always want to start your day of theme park operations off with a seven-hour revenue boost. By the way, be sure to watch three video ads in a row so you can get a spin on the vending machine. That way, you can get your hands on some new figures that attach even more amazing benefits to your theme park’s ongoing operations! This free spin on the vending machine option become available again after a 24-hour wait period.

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