Fortnite Servers Status: Is Fortnite Still Down?

fortnite servers status

Epic Games via Twitter The new Total Control Set in Fortnite's Item Shop

Fortnite is still experiencing issues with matchmaking, according to Epic Games.

The Epic Games website currently says that matchmaking is experiencing problems, and that they’re working to fix them. You should check there for the latest updates.

Update: Epic Games implemented a fix into the game, according to the website. They are monitoring the results.

About an hour ago, the developer tweeted that they were aware of an issue causing players to wait in a queue for a long time.

Reports of Fortnite being down peaked at 3,112 reports at However, those reports seem to be slowing down. According to the live outage map, the reports seem to be coming mostly from Europe and especially around London, Paris and Berlin. The two most affected areas in North America appear to be New York and Montreal.

Epic Games resolved a problem causing errors and preventing some people from logging into Battle Royale on July 10.

Fortnite recently rolled out its V9.30 Content Update #3. The update includes a new Air Strike item that functions like a grenade only instead of just exploding it calls down a hail of missiles onto whatever area it was thrown onto, according to the Epic Games website. They also updated the Team Rumble Limited Time Mode by reducing the amount of eliminations required for a Victory Royale from 150 to 100. Creative Mode got four new galleries: Car Gallery B which has more car color variants, Snow & Mud Floor Gallery, Grass & Sand Floor Gallery and Lava Floor Gallery. The De-Atomizer 9000 was released into the Save the World Weekly Store. The weapon launches an energy projectile that splits into 15 smaller projectiles in all directions.

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