Teamfight Tactics Twisted Fate: Release Date & More

Teamfight Tactics Twisted Fate Release Date

Riot Games Twisted Fate is almost here.

Riot Games is set to introduce a new Champion into Teamfight Tactics called Twisted Fate.

If you’ve played League of Legends before then this character will be well known to you but if you’re just a TFT player then he will be brand new.

His addition will bring the roster of Champions to 51, which is still a far cry from where League of Legends is currently at but we’re getting there.

Twisted Fate has been playable on the PBE, along with ranked mode, but not everyone has been trying him out there so we’re compiling all you need to know about him in one spot.

Let’s dive in.

Twisted Fate Cost

Riot GamesTwisted Fate brings the roster up to 51.

Twisted Fate Release Date

Twisted Fate will be coming with the same patch that is set to introduce ranked play into the live game.

This patch is 9.14 and it’s coming on July 17. That leaves players with just a couple of days left with the current roster before it expands.

Now that we know when he’s coming, let’s find out what he brings to the table.

Twisted Fate Cost and Type

Twisted Fate Cost and Type

Riot GamesTwisted Fate is a Pirate.

Twisted Fate will still feature his card-style of combat from League of Legends but he will come with the Pirate and Sorcerer tags while costing two gold.

One thing that will definitely let him shine is the fact that he is a cheaper Pirate than Gangplank so it will allow you to get the Pirate buff out quicker and accumulate gold faster.

It will also allow you to get the Sorceror buff quicker, so he’s a pretty versatile early-game Champion at the very least.

It’s hard to say where he’ll end up in the end but he’ll definitely be a popular pick once he officially releases due to him being so new.

Whether he will be an effective Champion remains to be seen but it’ll take a while for us to definitively put him in a tier.

Teamfight Tactics is out now on PC through the League of Legends client.

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