Dead by Daylight Stranger Things Release Date & Contents

Dead by Daylight Stranger Things chapter

BHVR Stranger Things meets Dead by Daylight.

After much fan speculation, it has finally been confirmed that Stranger Things content is coming to Dead by Daylight.

This new chapter will do what none before ever did and that’s bring two new survivors and a new killer all at once.

As a result, this easily becomes the biggest chapter Dead by Daylight has ever seen and it will create a lot of excitement for fans of both the hit Netflix show and the game.

Who Are The Survivors?

Stranger Things Dead by Daylight Crossover

BHVR / Netflix

Instead of having the kids become a survivor, the two characters being lifted from the show are Nancy and Steve, which makes a lot more sense than having a little kid running around in a game where killers chase you.

The big news here is that there are two survivors, meaning players will have a lot of grinding to do to level them up.

What About The Killer?

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While people get excited for new survivors, the main draw of each update is usually the killer as he or she has the potential to greatly shift the meta of the game.

This new killer is the Demogorgon, and outside of it looking downright amazing, there’s not a whole lot to share at the moment.

We do know it will bring three new perks and a power to the game, but that’s about it. We’ll have much more information about the killer and survivors once the patch hits the PTB.

The same goes for the new map, which is the underground complex in the Hawkins National Laboratory from the show.

When Does The Stranger Things Chapter Release?

Dead by Daylight Freddy Rework

BHVRFreddy wants to play with the new blood.

If you were expecting an immediate release following this announcement, then you’re out of luck.

However, we don’t have to wait terribly long for the update to hit as it’s targeting a September release date.

Dead by Daylight releases September 24 for the Nintendo Switch so that seems like an excellent time for the update to arrive simultaneously on all platforms.

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