Where to Find Glitched Foraged Items in Fortnite

Fortnite Glitched Foraged Items

With less than 24 hours remaining, the next set of Fortnite challenges has been leaked online. Tied to the Junk Storm mission, these challenges largely revolve around killing enemies or landing in hot zones. However, one of these challenges requires users to consume 5 Glitched Foraged Items. Unlike other consumables like mushrooms and coconuts, Glitched Foraged Items will have a visual flourish around them as they bounce between realities.

You can find Glitched Foraged items in the destroyed indoor soccer stadium in grid location C5. This is the massive patch of land between Tilted Town and Snobby Shore. Going here you’ll see a bunch of Glitched Foraged Items such as peppers, apples, and mushrooms scattered throughout. All of these items appear to be Glitched Foraged Items, so make sure to consume them when you arrive.  They will be rapidly glitching in and out of the game, making it quite easy to determine which ones you should consume.

There is speculation that this will become a Rift Zone, so expect a lot of players to arrive when the Junk Storm mission goes live. Remember, there is a finite amount of Glitched Foraged Items a game, so you’ll be racing against others to consume them. We recommend landing here right as the match starts and eating as many as possible before you’re killed. To complete the mission you’ll need to eat five of them, so don’t feel pressured to get them all in one game.

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