Street Fighter V: Gill, Champion Edition & V-Skill 2 Reveal Trailer

The Capcom Pro Tour 2019 Regional Finals for the North America region recently came to a close after some entertaining sets were valiantly played.

Afterward, Street Fighter V executive producer Yoshinori Ono stepped out on stage to announce a new slate of content coming to Capcom’s premier fighting game. The first reveal trailer we got for incoming DLC revealed the roster addition of Street Fighter III’s big boss, Gill. The elemental fire and ice warrior retains a lot of his signature moves from his 2D past and also acquires a few new moves along the way. Gill’s first V-Skill is “Divine Comet,” a projectile special that results in an icy spike coming down from the air and freezing an opponent if it connects. His second V-Skill gifts him with “Blocking,” a counter-mechanic that’s clearly a callback to Street Fighter III’s parry special.

As for his V-Trigger’s, Gill’s first option comes in the form of a maneuver called “Primal Fire.” This special move gives Gill access to a fiery arrow projectile that shoots downward at an angle and bounces an opponent back into the air. Gill’s second V-Trigger is called “Ice of Doom,” which gives Gill’s ice-based moves even more power. His upward ice kick becomes more lethal, his rising elbow adopts a stronger frozen status effect and he can send out a column of ice through his hands and feet. And finally, Gill’s Critical Art is reminiscent of his super move from his Street Fighter III days. Gill is set to arrive sometime in December 2019. Arriving alongside him is a new stage (“Sun Chase Moon”), plus his default, battle, story, and Pyron (Darkstalkers) costume set.

Gill’s arrival to Street Fighter V wasn’t the only big reveal Ono brought with him. The last piece of info he gave to viewers was a trailer for the next game update in the form of Champion Edition. Set to arrive on February 14, 2020, this new SFV update brings with it all the content featured in the original and Arcade Edition variations of the game. The biggest additions coming with Champion Edition are secondary V-Skill’s for every character and a highly requested balance update.

SFV Champion Edition


From the looks of things, it appears that current owners of Arcade Edition will get free access to the game’s secondary V-Skill’s, balance update and future gameplay updates. Gill will have to be purchased separately like the game’s other DLC characters, but getting your hands on a copy of Champion Edition will provide players’ access to Gill for free. The entirety of SFV’s roster, stages, and over 200 costumes can be obtained as a full bundle purchase should you choose to buy Champion Edition.

Chances are high that we’ll get one more roster addition announcement on the final day of this year’s Capcom Cup (December 15). Gill is the 39th SFV character, so a final roster addition will even out the game’s roster at 40. Check out this blog post from Capcom Unity for even more information on Champion Edition.

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