Dead by Daylight Tome 2 Reckoning: Skins, Tiers, More

dead by daylight tome 2 reckoning


Beginning today, January 22, Dead by Daylight’s second tome, Reckoning, is now available and it gives players a brand new battle pass to work through.

The first tome was generally considered a success from the playerbase, so it’s no surprise to see BHVR introducing another one.

With this tome comes new skins for the Doctor, the Spirit, Jane Romero, and David King, so if you’re a fan of those characters, you’ll be especially excited for this new battle pass.

The pass will be available for 1,000 Auric Cells, which is a pretty low price considering the sheer amount of contents you’re able to unlock.

If you’re a player who didn’t finish up the previous tome, although it has been closed, you can still knock out the challenges and earn some bloodpoints. You will not be able to claim the rewards from the previous rift, however. Considering how much players rely on bloodpoints in DBD, this is a generous gesture from BHVR.

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For a look at every tier the rift has to offer, go ahead and head to the link here where you’re able to scroll through all of the offerings.

Like the last rift, there will be a free and premium option. The free one will still reward players with some goodies, but the majority of content will be locked away in the premium pass.

There will be 60 new cosmetic items, including 10 new outfits up for grabs in the rift, making it an excellent value.

dead by daylight tome 2 tiers

BHVRDead by Daylight has another rift for players to go through.

In addition, a new collection featuring what has to be considered the best Clown outfit in the game is available.  To celebrate the Lunar New Year, on top of the event, there’s also a new Jake skin that players might want to check out.

Running today through Jan. 28, Tome 2 main characters will be 30% off in the in-game store. You’ll need to get your hands on these characters if you want to put these new cosmetics to use, so make sure you do that.

Dead by Daylight is out now for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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