FaZe Dubs Suspended For Using Racial Slur on Twitch Stream

faze dubs n-word

Epic Games/FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan Fortnite pro Danny ‘Dubs’ Walsh was allegedly caught using the n-word during a stream and is under fire for his actions.

The young Fortnite pro, who was not streaming himself, seemingly uttered the phrase “f**king n*****” to which the person who was actually streaming responded by saying he was live on Twitch.

“Yo, I’m streaming,” the player frantically shouted. “I’m streaming. I’m streaming. I’m streaming, Dubs. I’m being dead*ss. On God, I’m streaming.”

Fortnite fans from all over have either come to his defense or have piled on by saying he deserves the backlash he is getting.

“Context is important, if you’re wanting his career to be over because of this you’re a f**king idiot,” wrote Twitch streamer and YouTuber Scrimzox.

““I’m streaming I’m streaming” what makes it ok to say shit like that off stream. Kinda shows the actions of how all of them act when the camera and mic isn’t on them,” said TeamBH Fortnite pro Kevy.

Dubs has a lot on the line with the game as well as he qualified for the Fortnite World Cup as both a duo and a solo, so he’s one of the best players around and would miss out on a huge chunk of money if he were ever to be banned from the game.

FaZe Clan has suspended Dubs for his actions and will require him and all other members to undergo sensitivity training.

On top of that, Dubs released his own statement and apologized for his actions.

I can’t even describe how sorry I am,” he tweeted. “I did not intend to be hurtful in any way but what I said was still hurtful, insensitive, and wrong. The word shouldn’t have been in my vocabulary and I apologize from the bottom my heart to everyone I offended by using it. You deserve better.”

Although hate speech is against Twitch rules, it appears unlikely the platform will step in and hand out any punishment itself. Enforcement of rules has always been something Twitch has been criticized for, so it’d be interesting to see if they take any action here.

faze jarvis

FaZe Jarvis: YouTubeFaZe Jarvis in his video when he announced he had been banned from Fortnite.

This is just the latest incident of FaZe Fortnite players finding themselves in hot water as back in November, Jarvis found himself permanently banned from the game by Epic Games as a result of using aimbots during a match. While he insists he didn’t use them in any competitive setting, the developers still decided to drop the ban hammer on him.

For somebody who made most of his living playing the wildly popular battle royale title, it was a huge blow. He has since moved on to create other content, but his Fortnite career has ended.

In the leadup to the Fortnite World Cup, it was discovered that the youngest signing for FaZe Clan, H1ghsky1, wasn’t actually his age and was therefore banned from Twitch for being just 11. He had to take his streams to YouTube and there he is only allowed to stream under adult supervision.

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