Resident Evil 3 Demo Release Date Revealed

Resident Evil 3 Demo Release Date

The long-awaited demo for the remake of Resident Evil 3 is right around the corner. Announced today via Twitter, this demo will focus around a small segment of the game where you play as Jill. Capcom explained that Resident Evil 3 is more action-oriented than Resident Evil 2. We suspect this is due to you wandering through Racoon City rather than an abandoned police station. Additionally, an Open Beta for Resident Evil Resistance is also coming later this month.

For those wanting to hop into the Resident Evil 3 demo as soon as possible, it drops on March 19 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you’re more interested in Resident Evil Resistance, the open beta launches on March 27. No end date for the beta was given, so we suspect it’s live until Resident Evil 3 launches in early April.

Resident Evil 3 | Demo Announcement Trailer | PS4March 19th, daylight… the Resident Evil 3 Raccoon City demo will overtake PS4. Plus, an Open Beta for Resident Evil Resistance begins on March 27th!2020-03-16T14:00:06.000Z

Unlike the Resident Evil 2 demo, this one appears to be replayable. In their blog post, Capcom never mentioned if this would follow in the footsteps of their previous “One Shot” demo. This was a timed demo for Resident Evil 2 that only allowed players to experience it once. Naturally, this led to some frustration since the game isn’t always forward about what to do next. Thankfully, it seems we can experience this slice of Racoon City over and over again.

Resident Evil 3 once again sends us back to the zombie-infested streets of Racoon City as we assume control of Jill Valentine. On a desperate mission to escape, she will come across a variety of horrific monsters including mutated mole rats and giant spiders. Of course, the star is the mutated monstrosity known only as Nemesis. Unlike Mr. X in Resident Evil 2, Nemesis uses a variety of weapons, can run, and will literally leap in front of the player.

Alternatively, if you like playing with friends then Resident Evil Resistance might be worth checking out. This asymmetrical multiplayer title lets you control one of four survivors who are attempting to escape a twisted experiment. While these players battle against undead hordes, another user takes control of the Mastermind. When playing as the Mastermind, you can place monsters, traps, and even control the fearsome Mr. X. The match ends with either the survivors escaping or all of them perishing to your twisted beasts.

The Resident Evil 3 demo launches on March 19 and the Resident Evil Resistance open beta is set to go live on March 27.

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