The Final Domino Falls For Fortnite Season 8

fortnite corny complex gone

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We’re at the end of Fortnite Season 7, but before we could get to the conclusion, we needed a few more things to happen.

For a long, long time, we’ve known the aliens would park their Mothership over Corny Complex and abduct it. Perhaps this was delayed because of the FNCS Grand Finals and the fact that teams land at Corny Complex, so Epic didn’t want to blow up their POI with so much money on the line.

Now that the FNCS has reached its conclusion, it didn’t take very long for Corny to begin floating, and that’s exactly what you’ll see if you fire up Fortnite right now.

The days leading up to this were interesting as well because instead of being deep underground in the IO complex, Doctor Slone surfaced and was wandering around Corny. It was likely she was trying to prepare for this abduction, but even she wasn’t able to stop it from going down.

So Long Corny Complex

There’s currently a timer above Corny Complex that counts down to the live event that takes place on this upcoming Sunday.

You’ll also notice that the area is covered by an anti-gravity zone, similar to how Slurpy Swamp and Coral Castle were in the past.

The area will likely be affected even more over the next several days. This will presumably force Doctor Slone to take action against the UFO and fight back. We’ve known for a while that she would be the one that had to fight off these aliens, but it’s interesting to think about because she’s actually a villain.

While she’ll be helping out the island dwellers for this upcoming live event, it’s not necessarily because she cares what happens to the people. Instead, she’s ensuring her underground bunker doesn’t get completely wiped away by the Mothership.

What is Slone’s Plan?

It seems like this upcoming event will be something players get to experience with group of friends, which is a return to form for Epic.

On the surface, it does seem like it’ll mirror the Galactus event where there’s something happening on a massive scale and our character will have to get involved with what’s going on.

The first teaser Epic released for the event shows some sort of jetpack, so we’ll likely be wearing those during the event. We also get a glimpse at what appears to be the layout of the spaceship itself and where we’ll have to hit once it opens up.

It looks like this will be a massive event that should have a big impact on the world of Fortnite. What we need to hope for is an event that will bring map changes to the island because things have certainly become very stale over the past several seasons.

Outside of a few name changes, there hasn’t been a lot going on with the locations themselves, so it feels like we’re long overdue for an overhaul of some sort. What better way to get this done than to have the aliens lay waste to the island?

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