Fortnite Devs Respond to Valentine’s Day Event Criticism

fortnite hearts wild criticism

Epic Games

Typically, Epic Games would give all Fortnite players the chance to unlock a bunch of free cosmetics whenever a holiday event rolls around.

That is still the case here, but it comes down to a bit of luck as the only way to get all of your cosmetics for the Hearts Wild event is to be on the winning team from the Team Battles contest.

Players will be able to get a banner for free no matter what, but it is disappointing that cool cosmetics like a wrap and pickaxe will only be rewarded to certain players.

Usually, everyone would have the same set of challenges to complete to get the prizes, but that isn’t the case this time around.

As a result, we’ve seen several players voicing their displeasure about this, and it finally caught the eye of Epic.

What’s the Issue?

In a Reddit thread from SuitableMammoth, a meme reveals how many people are feeling about this upcoming event as it has gained over 2,000 upvotes at the time of this writing.

It seems pretty clear that many players agree with this and Epic let everyone they are listening to the criticism.

With that said, it sounds like the ship has already sailed.

Epic Responds

“Yep, reading all of it,” says gstaffEpic in a reply. “We definitely appreciate you taking the time to share the feedback and we’re having discussions on how we proceed going forward. When there’s news to share, we’ll make sure to let everyone know.”

It sounds like this event will still go forward as planned, but there’s a chance that future events won’t be using a format like this.

We can definitely see why Epic does things like this because it is a cool way to get the community involved with the streamers and feel like they are helping others.

The issue is that not everyone will have a shot at getting all of the cosmetics, and it will not be any fault of their own, but will instead just come down to them picking the wrong team unknowingly. It’ll be interesting to see how Epic plans on fixing this in the future.

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