How to beat Tetranadon in Monster Hunter Rise

how to beat tetranadon

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Tetranadon can potentially be a roadblock for many players. But if you’re struggling with the monster, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to beat Tetranadon in Monster Hunter Rise.

Before You Fight: Tetranadon Weakness and Best Build

Tetranadon is the most weak to lightning, followed by fire. It resists water and mostly resists dragon and ice.

You can deal the most damage to it by hitting the head (with the neck being the second most effective weak spot to hit), so bring a Hammer to also inflict stun damage. I also recommend the Lance to not only block its strongest attacks but because its slow attacks are easy to counterattack. The Lance is also great at hitting the head with its diagonal thrust attacks.

How to Fight Tetranadon

Tetranadon’s attacks hit like a dump truck, thought thankfully they’re also as slow as one. Each of its attacks has a lengthy windup with easy tells. If it raises and shakes both arms, chances are that it will charge forward. If it’s head shakes, then just it’s head will lunge forward. If it raises one arm, then that arm will swipe at you.

It’s most devastating attack is a butt slam. Tetranadon can launch itself farther than you think and send you flying with each hit.

It can launch watery projectiles from its mouth in a wide spread. You’ll know when these water globs are coming when Tetranadon’s mouth starts watering. The globs can inflict waterblight, so be sure to bring some Nullberries before you fight.

It also has a grapple attack. Wire dodge out of the way before it follows up with a big attack after throwing you.

Tetranadon will occasionally gobble up the ground and make its belly swell similar to the Great Jagras from Monster Hunter World. It’s attacks will have bigger ranges and deal more damage in this state. If you attack the belly enough times, then it will deflate and be vulnerable for a few seconds. The in-game Hunters Notes also mention hitting the belly at just the right time to return it to normal, but just keep hitting it and eventually it’ll deflate.

Due to Tetranadon’s large size, it’s susceptible to attacks from mounted monsters. Try to get another monster to fight it and either Wyvern Ride Tetranadon or the other monster.

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