NBA 2K22 MyTeam: Triple Threat Online Explained


There are a ton of changes coming to the MyTeam mode in NBA 2K22.

Most are not the sort of alterations that would appear to drastically change the mode overall, but one of the most notable new wrinkles is the re-designed Triple Threat Online format.

It will still be an elimination-style setup with rewards and a ball-drop system for in-game goodies, but the focus has shifted from simply getting wins to dominating your opponent with smothering defense.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam: The Better Your Defense, The Longer Your Run

According to the Courtside Report provided on Wednesday and published on Thursday, 2K described the new MyTeam Triple-Threat Online feature as followed:

Triple Threat Online: The 100 One of MyTEAM’s most popular modes, and my personal favorite, Triple Threat Online will be receiving a new way to play this multiplayer 3-on-3 mode. Enter The 100. At the start of each run in Triple Threat Online: The 100 you will receive 100 points. After every game, win or lose, the amount of points your opponent scores against you will be subtracted from your 100. Once you hit 0, run over, and you are reset back to the bottom tier of prizes. This means at a minimum, every player should now get into the second tier of prizes for this mode’s Ball Drops, even if they lose every game. Every possession matters now, and I apologize to everyone I went against in 2K21 doing some live proof of concepts for this mode. It’s time to step up your game, step up your defense! Be sure to check out the defensive sections of Mike Wang’s gameplay Courtside Report. You will need to shut down your opponents to reach those top-tier reward boards. Season-exclusive reward players are returning, and like last year, these Ball Drop prizes will again see regular updates all year long in MyTEAM.

I will have to play TTO this year to say for sure, but I love the thought of being rewarded for my level of domination over an opponent. Also, if I get off to a quick start, and an opponent is losing so bad that they quit, their point total will be lower thus less taxing on your 100.

That does create a question: if an opponent does quit with the score say 5-0 because they don’t believe they have a chance to come back, will they see a minus-5 on their score or will they automatically have 21 removed from their 100?

I sought clarity from 2K and the answer is: “If someone quits, they lose the full 21. If the game is still in progress beyond 21, because of the win by 2 rule, e.g. 24-25, and they quit, they will lose the amount they’ve given up that is higher than 21.”

It makes sense and in all honesty, it should at least slightly discourage people from quitting.

What Does the Ball Drop Look Like This Year?

I was sent several MyTeam images this year, but I haven’t seen the all-important ball-drop screen. If you’re Locker Code user or TTO player, you’ll spend a good amount of time on that screen.

I want to see how quickly the ball drops and what sort of pinball-like elements are present. Hopefully, this will be uncovered in a MyTeam trailer that could be revealed as soon as Thursday.

If that does come through after this article is published, I’ll embed it here.

NBA 2K22 releases for last and new-gen consoles and PC on September 10. Be on the lookout for the full review.


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