Seth MacFarlane is Getting Ready to Bang that Chick from ‘Game of Thrones’

Imagine Ted having sex with Daenerys Targaryen. It’s the erotic union of dude comedy and geek fantasy.

Seth MacFarlan Emilia Clarke

And it’s about to happen in real life after Family Guy guy and Ted creator Seth MacFarlane locked eyes with Game of Thrones dragon mama Emilia Clarke following the Emmys last night.

E!Online published a pic of the 38-year-old dirty dog holding hands — both hands — with the 25-year-old piece at an after-party.

Seth totally has that I’m-gonna-take-you-home-and-f***-the-s**t-out-of-you look in his eye. It’s all very romantic. Here’s the photo:

seth macfarlane emilia clarke

Emilia plays Daenerys Targaryen on HBO’s acclaimed fantasy drama Game of Thrones, which features gratuitous sex and nudity — much of it courtesy of Emilia in Season 1. So you know Seth has a good idea of what he’s getting into. You can almost see his inner Ted humping.