Jennifer Lacy: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Jennifer Lacy, Chamique Holdsclaw, WNBA

Until a couple of days ago, WNBA’s Jennifer Lacy was carving out a nice spot for herself as a forward for the Tulsa Shock, although people who don’t follow women’s professional basketball may not have recognized her name.

That all changed Thursday night, when her ex-lover Chamique Holdsclaw came back into the picture. Lacy and Holdsclaw had enjoyed a romantic and professional relationship when they both played for the Atlanta Dream back in 2009.

Holdsclaw was much more famous — she’d been an All-Star for six years, had an Olympic gold medal, and still holds score records from college. But fame wasn’t enough for Holdsclaw, who is out on $100,000 bond for aggravated assault and a slew of other charges after shattering the windows in Lacy’s car and shooting a gun at it.

Lacy wasn’t hurt — but the publicity she’s getting may not hurt her much, either. Here’s what you should know about her:

1. She’s a Gorgeous Woman as Well as a Professional Athlete

Jennifer Lacy, WNBA, Chamique Holdsclaw, attack arrest

Lacy was named one of the Top 20 hottest WNBA players of 2012 by Bleacher Report. This was her first year for the honor.

2. She was a High School Stand-Out

Jennifer Lacy, WNBA, Chamique Holdsclaw, attack arrest

Lacy graduated from Agoura Hills High School in Agoura Hills, California, in 2001. She was heavily recruited but ended up playing college basketball for Pepperdine, although she was recruited by Arizona, California, UC Santa Barbara and Washington.

3. She Has Played for Three Teams

Jennifer Lacy, WNBA, Chamique Holdsclaw, attack arrest

Lacy joined the WNBA in 2006. So far, she’s played for the Phoenix Mercury (2006–2007), the Atlanta Dream (2008–2009) and the Tulsa Shock (2010-present).

4. She’s Very Tall

Lacy stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 175 pounds, making her a full inch taller than her former lover, Holdsclaw.

5. She Grew Up in a Professional Athlete’s Family

Jennifer Lacy, Chamique Holdsclaw, Lee Lacy, WNBA, attack

Lacy’s dad is former Major League Baseball player Leondaus “Lee” Lacy, who played as an outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, Pittsburgh Pirates and Baltimore Orioles, primarily as an outfielder, from 1972-1987.

6. She’s Played Basketball Overseas

Jennifer Lacy, Chamique Holdsclaw, WNBA, attack

Lacy played for Beijing Shougang in China during the 2008-09 WNBA off-season, alongside other very tall women.

7. The Beijing Team’s Nickname Reflects the Team

Jennifer Lacy, Chamique Holdsclaw, WNBA, attack

The nickname of the Beijing team is the “Great Wall.” It appears Lacy only played for the team for one year — ironically, the same year she was in the ill-fated romance with Holdsclaw.

8. Her 2012 Stats Are Okay

Jennifer Lacy, Chamique Holdsclaw, WNBA, attack

She’s got 2.6 rebounds per game and 8.5 points per game as of the season’s end in September, well before the violence incident took place.

9. Her Team Doesn’t Have an NBA Counterpart

The Tulsa Shock, the Connecticut Sun and the Seattle Storm do not share their markets with an NBA team, and the Chicago Sky is the only other team, along with these three, that does not share an arena with an NBA counterpart. The four teams, along with the Atlanta Dream and the Los Angeles Sparks, are all independently owned.

10. She’s Being a Lady About the Whole Thing

Lacy hasn’t talked much, except on Twitter:


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