CRAZY VIDEOS: The Most Outrageous Black Friday Fights & Brawls 2013



Years ago, the world was shocked when mothers were beating each other up for the last Tickle Me Elmo, but now, Black Friday brawls are so common it’s scary. We’ve assembled for you now, ladies and gentlemen, unequivocal proof of a society in decline. Fists will be thrown, tasers will be deployed, and most importantly, discounted televisions will be won.

So, without further adieu, we give you the craziest videos of Black Friday 2013.

1. A Women Uses a Stun Gun at Philadelphia Mall Brawl

2. A Wal-Mart Fight For a TV That Ends in Arrest

3. A Wild Man at a Store Attacks Girls for Pulling Harmless Prank

4. A Man and a Woman Fight in Wal-Mart

5. Costumers Storm a Store as it Opens

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1 Comment


This is disgraceful but it can happen to the best of people. During the shopping season of 2003 the author of “The Polity of Beasts” and “New York Stories” got into a brawl in a bookstore over a 22 volume set of the complete works of Joseph Conrad.

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