General Michael Carey: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

general michael carey

Although Major General Michael Carey of the Air Force was fired in October, his sins continue to haunt him passed retirement. Today the Air Force released a 44-page report on the findings of an investigation that found that Carey behaved very poorly while visiting Russia last summer. Carey was in charge of the United States’ nuclear arsenal.

Here is what you need to know about this disgraced general.

1. Air Force Began Investigating His Drunken Behavior Only Days After His Return

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The investigation of Carey, the findings of which you can read above, began in July of 2013 and he was notified of the allegations just 11 days after he returned from Russia.

2. He Drank A lot and Met Up With ‘Lovely Ladies’

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According to the report, starting on the first day General Carey was drinking too much and showing up late to events. At a formal lunch he is reported to have drank more than most people discussed “Eric Snowden” and “Lovely Ladies.” After lunch the group was given a tour of a monastery. During the tour Carey is reported to have been slurring his speech and interrupting the tour guide.

That evening, after dinner and more drinks, Carey attempted to force the band to let him play. He returned to his hotel at approximately 3 a.m. after meeting up with the two “hot women” he met the prior evening.

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3. He Was in Russia for a Nuclear Strategies Summit

According to the report, Carey, who had the command of the United States’ nuclear arsenal, was in Russia to discuss how nuclear weapons are to be transported. The objectives were to, “Showcase convoy readiness and transportation security,” including, “highlight training provided to escort personnel, such as drivers, guard units, explosive experts and medical personnel.”

Carney is, according to the report, “responsible for the nation’s intercontinental ballistic missile force.”

4. He Thought the ‘Tobacco Shop Lady’ May Have Been ‘Trolling for Information’

michael carey report

On his final night in Moscow, the report states the Carey was out till approximately 4 a.m. with the “Cigar Shop Lady.” This woman, who sold cigars in the lobby of the Marriot where Carey was staying, was evidently a concern of Carey’s upon his return to the United States.

When he returned to the U.S. Carey gave her business card to the OSI and stated:

And I advised one of the officers that you need to watch out for that because that’s just like our training says, you know, people are trolling for information. And a tobacco store lady talking about physics in the wee hours of the morning doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Most, most, uh, um, store venders are home trying to sleep for the next day.

5. He Was Fired After His Actions Were Deemed ‘Unbecoming’

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Until the release of the report today, the Air Force had merely stated that Carney had been fired for “Personal Misbehavior.” His actions was found “unbecoming as an officer and a gentleman,” and was dismissed.

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